Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day Dreams, Random Thoughts, and Spirit Relationships

Lately I have been drawn to many different things, but I must remind myself to stay focused. I need to keep my mind at rest sometimes, because I am always thinking about something. I recently realized why my husband is much better at getting into a deeper meditation, it's because his mind isn't always thinking something. I do not mean that as a blast at men either. It's easier for him to clear his mind I suppose, and that is something that I don't always do. I could be watching a favorite movie and my mind is thinking about something else, even though it's a movie I enjoy. So lately my spirit team have been helping me with this. Thor has assisted me by reminding me to stay focused. He reminds me that there is only so much one person can do at a time or think about at a time, and I need to find my balance. I am one who daydreams a lot too, always have been. 

Funny story, when I was in 9th grade there was a guy in my Radio TV Commercial Writing class who thought I was on drugs and always high because I would stare at the wall zoned out for long periods of time. Believe me or not, I've never taken drugs. During that time I was a completely different person in my actions. I was very shy and withdrawn and went through a lot of depression. So daydreaming and such was a means of escape I suppose. But now it's not like I am daydreaming to escape reality... These thoughts I think about are vast and wide. Sometimes I think about life issues, the world, humanity, our civilization, the higher realms, my past lives, my soul missions, my connection with my spirit team. I think about their lives and their experiences. The list goes on and on. I have recently realized that my oldest brother has the same issues, but to an extreme. He will stress and worry himself into a damn near panic. He is not a chill person. I would catagorize myself normally as a chill person. I'm very laid back, admittedly at times lazy lol, and just a relaxed individual. But my brother takes his racing thoughts to a point of stress and it pushes people away. But that's all I'll say about him. My point is that I don't want to allow myself to welcome in stress and worry because of those thoughts I am thinking a lot. 

Don't get me wrong, they're not negative. Some are from time to time when I think about earth, animals, humanity, daily life issues, etc. But most of them are the types of thoughts one might have when daydreaming with your head in the clouds. That's totally me. And so Thor and my spirit team have been helping me to know when to focus on tasks and when to give time for daydreaming. A balance. I am greatful that I have them to help me.

Over the past two days I have been talking with a female who reached out to me over this blog using the contact me section. She is into Loki and some other deities. She's a nice person. I'm thinking Loki has led her and I to be friends. Over the past year or two I've not had much luck with remaining connected to Loki loving people. Not sure exactly why. I guess we were not vibing. But I thank Loki for leading me to this female for friendship. Speaking of Loki, I have been infrequently reaching out to him. That is another reason I want to balance my thoughts. I have my mind on so many things, and this makes me not have enough time to reach out to all of my spirit team who I love and adore. Loki and all others, I am sorry. I feel I favor Thor. I don't want to, but that's how I feel. I cannot help it. He and I seem to vibe really well. And if you're familiar with me, you'll know in my personal connecting with Thor I do not call him Thor. I call him by a soul name he gave me before. I wanted to mention that, because that's how close I feel to him. Also in no way am I sayin my connection to him or any other deity is better. I am just stating my thoughts here. Got to get them out someway. Thanks for listening. 

Cosmic Blessings

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hateful Comments & Rising Above - Shine Bright!!

Hey there everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I have been having a good week. Nothing too much new here. Go check out www.DarkSecretCreations.blogspot.com for other personal updates. Once there click the blog page. Anyway... I just checked my StarlingsOfLight youtube channel to approve comments that have been posted. I have it opted to approve comments just incase any spammers or religion pushing assholes come through. But I got a comment on one of the videos from a Channeled Message saying that the video was bullshit and they didn't believe it. Well then..... if it's such bullshit then why did they feel obligated to comment about it. If they didn't believe it so passionately then why bother saying so? I deleted the comment since it wasn't worth posting and I blocked them from commenting again. But I feel a piece of them deep down did want to believe it, but the rational part of the brain that always wants proof of everything was stopping them. Whatever the case it bothers me why people feel the need to leave hateful comments. It doesn't bother me personally, as in I'm not necessarily offended. I will continue channeling and sharing those global messages. But it bothers me in the sense that humanity has so much to learn. Sometiimes humanity and life here on earth really messes with me. But I charge on. What else are we to do? I must let my inner light shine brightly. My friends!! If anyone tries to bring you down then let your inner light shine!! Let that person dig their own grave and wallow in their own pain while we shine above the hatred!! 

Shine Brightly My Friends!!
Cosmic Blessings

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Website Updates & My Thoughts On Fear

Website Updates & My Thoughts On Fear

          I have been feeling an urge to write more lately. I don't want to let my youtube channel go, but I find myself unmotivated to do videos on there. For one it's because it's so cold around here lately, and I love doing my videos outside. But another reason is because lately I've been feeling like writing is much more theraputic. I don't go back and watch my videos. But I do go back and read what I've wrote in the past. So the future of my website here is me sharing more of my personal experiences. I will be making use of this website to vent my emotions, share my opinions, etc. I will still be doing videos, but expect much more from this website. If you're with me and want to be notified of updates here then you can subscribe via the side bars to the left or right. 

           Anyway, my thoughts lately have been on a woman who I used to know. She knows I channel differet entities, including aliens. Well this female is one who does not like aliens, especially the greys. She told me before that she feared I was sending the aliens to her. She feared they were getting to her through me. Her reasoning was because if they talked to me when I channel them, then they can get to her through me. As a result of her fear, we no longer speak. We lost a potentially wonderful friendship because of her fear. I have also been thinking about one of my brothers. He is very into conspiracy theories. He takes those things very seriously, and he stresses about it to the point of it affecting his happiness. So he is stressing about it to the point of fear. There was another female I knew a few years ago. She had a fear of opening herself up emotionally. Instead of her facing all sides of her emotions, she pushed the blame and ruined a wonderful friendship while at the same time cutting herself off from spiritual progression. 

             I'm not forgetting myself here either. I have acted in fear. There was many times when I was in school when I walked away instead of taking up for myself. There are times I would hide from my emotion and bottle it up instead of facing it. That was me feeling fear of facing my own true self and fear of facing my true potential. Still in recent times I don't share my beliefs openl with everyone. I fear being judged. So we all fear something. But I have been realizing my own fears lately. This is a part of my own shadow work. It all began with me seeing other people act out in fear. So this got me to ask myself some very important questions. Do I do that? The answer is yes. I do it, you do it, we all do it sometimes. 

            So what do we do when we have these sorts of various fears? I suppose it's about evaluating our thoughts and feelings. Asking yourself questions. What do I fear? Why do I fear it? Is this fear based in reality? Is it a rational fear? Is it connected to my past or a past situation? If so, why and how does that past situation still have an affect on me now? When we fear we give away our power to that fear. When we give away out power, we cannot fully connect with our soul selves, and that makes spiritual progression really hard. So I hope you have found some fondness in my words today. Let's try to remember when we have fear based thoughts, evaluate where that fear is coming from. Through facing our fears we become stronger. 

When is a time you have faced one of your own fears? Let's share our experiences and support one another here. 

Cosmic Blessings

Monday, March 19, 2018

Random Thoughts: Loki On My Side & More

        So I wanted to share my thoughts today, and I thought it would be better for me to write it down as opposed to talking it in a video. If you've come across this blog post please be warned that it will be a bit rambly. I am just going with the flow of my thoughts and venting them here.

          I have been connecting with the spirit realms quite easily lately. It's wonderful. I've been having vivid dreams and visitations in the astral dimension from my spirit family. I am happy about this because it's given me a lot more connection to a few of my soul family in particular. This is Hondor and the Norse God Loki. Both are spirit guardians to me. I've learned a lot over the past month about things in my life.

          Loki has shared with me a few things over the past few days and weeks. He says for me to be aware of a particular person who I considered a friend. This person isn't someone who is good for me energetically. This person can be quite draining. He told me that he is disapointed that it occured that way, and he appologizes for leading this person into my life. He isn't mad at that person, but is disapointed in their unwillingness to be open emotionally. But he tells me this person has a rough life and blocks herself a lot and she doesn't progress because of her emotional blocks and fears.

          But there is a lesson I've learned, to be mindful of who I call a friend, because not everyone is as open to friendship. I honestly try to be open to friendship, but I am coming to learn that I might not want to be as open as I have been. People can take advantage of you if you're too open. I don't want to close myself off to friendship, but I am going to find a balance in that area. Loki saying that he was disapointed in that female made me think that I don't want my soul family to be disapointed in me. I wouldn't want Loki, Hondor, or any of them to be disapointed. I want to make them proud. I don't want them to think that I am using them for spiritual connection. I am not. I see them as family, just as close as my physical family... maybe closer in some aspects. So him saying that this particular female made him disapointed, and he is going to distance himself from her a bit made me feel contemplative. Have I ever disapointed those who guide me from the spirit realms? I hope not, because lately I have been trying to listen to my intuition, hear their guidance, and follow through.

          I have felt some people lately sending negative energy my way. I am very protective of my space, and I won't hesitate to protect myself or my loved ones. Above all, I have a spirit team who I ask to please protect me. They know when to unleash wrath if someone tries to send curses or evil eye energies may way too much. So I feel Loki warning me of this is his way of saying that he supports me in this and they're there for me. That is something very wonderful to know. I dreamed of this particular female last week, and there was another famale who I dreamed of. Both seperate dreams, but they appeared in there and I take it as a sign that they are two who are sending me negative energy. I take it as a warning from my soul family to be mindful of protecting my space. It was their warning to me. I am eternally greatful for their assistance. Let this blog post be my written thoughts as a message to the world saying I love Loki, Hondor, Lorelei, Amoris, Odin, Freya, Ptah, the Galactics and all others in my spirit team, THANK YOU!! HAIL ALL OF YOU!!! To you all I give my pride!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Venting About A Stressful Person In My Life

         I have someone in my life who I recently had some conversations with. I do not want to name this person, but for the sake of this post I am going to be refering to this person as EJ. Well EJ is someone who is into conspiracy theories and many other things. I am someone who is into that too, but it's not to the degree that EJ is. EJ and I had a conversation, and I say conversation... but it was more like EJ talking to me and me listening. Whenever I would try to say something, EJ would automatically discount it. EJ wouldn't listen to my opinion, and if EJ did listen then EJ would end up discounting what I felt as not being correct. EJ won't listen to me in this conversation, and I was looking for a conversation. But what I ended up getting was EJ telling me that what I think I know is bullshit, telling me that I don't know anything spiritually and whatever I have gone through is nothing compared to what EJ has gone through. EJ asked me what have I done this week to make someone truly happy. EJ was fixing the floors in the home I share with family. So EJ was doing that out of kindness, or so I thought. It wasn't until EJ said what EJ said that I realized the bigger reason EJ was helping with a soft spot in our floors was to do good deeds. So I'll get back to that in a moment. 

          EJ asked me what I had done this week to make someone happy. What have I done unselfishly to help someone this week. EJ then proceeded to say, "why do you think I am doing this." By this EJ meant helping with the floor. EJ didn't say this in a peaceful way. EJ said it in an egotistical in your face sort of way. Or at least tat's the way I took it. I didn't respond to EJ. I didn't tell EJ what deeds I may have done. I feel EJ know's about the psychic readings I do, the youtube videos I do. I feel EJ might even know about this website. And so I feel EJ was wanting me to bring up these things. I feel EJ wanted me to say, "I have helped people with psychic readings or with my youtube video spiritual topics." But I didn't say that. I didn't mainly because whatever good deeds I do, I don't feel like I need to pronounce it to the world or to anyone for that matter. I admit there is more I could be doing. I admit I could donate my time to local places. I could do this or that. But can't we all say that? There's always more we potentially could do. But EJ assumed I am just sitting selfishly on my ass waiting for people to give me handouts. 

             I live with my family and so does my husband Dwayne. It's not the most ideal place, but we make the best out of it. We have the choice of staying with his family, and we chose not to because my mother didn't want me to move to another state. She sometimes get's very emotional and very worried about her kids. And so instead of putting her through that, we stayed here. Dwayne and I have goals. We want to buy an RV and live in that. Sure we could get an appartment or something, but an RV would be great for us. We don't have any children. We are still young, and we work from home. What better place then to live in an RV and be able to travel whereever we want? Those are our goals. I explain this because EJ judges. EJ doesn't see that. EJ see's me in the way EJ always has, and EJ bashed my beliefs. I am an ectlectic personal spiritually. I do not agree with organized religion. 

           I have Pagan beliefs. And EJ disagrees with that I feel, because every time I would say something to EJ, EJ would bash it and put it down. EJ brought up the Ashtar Command (a seption of the Galactic Federation Of Light) and I asked EJ what EJ thought of it, and EJ replied as though EJ was open about it all. So then I felt free to say that I completely agree with the Ashtar Command and the Galactics. I told EJ how I like those channelings and how I'm into those Galactic Councils. Then EJ shifted and began talking about how I shouldn't trust the Ashtar Command or anyone like that. It's like EJ wants to play mind games or perhaps EJ controdicts themself and doesn't realize? EJ would ask me something, like do you know such and such, and then EJ wouldn't let me respond. EJ would reply, no I know you don't. EJ has strong beliefs about racism, womens rights, and such that completely go different then what I believe. But instead of being open to my beliefs or words, EJ gets authoritative. I feel sorry for EJ, because EJ has such intense vibes, and I don't mean that in a good way. EJ's vibes are very draining, and EJ is a very stressful person to be around. But I love EJ, EJ is someone who's been in my life and someone I cannot easily get rid of. But if EJ is reading this, you know if you're EJ then I assume you don't like that I am posting about this publicly on my website. But it's my way of venting, because I refuse to debate and argue with you. 

           I don't have to defend my position to you or anyone really. My beliefs are my own, and I must learn in my own timing. But EJ, if you want to teach people what you feel is right, then you need to learn patience. You need to be patient with people. You cannot automatically expect people to understand in the way you feel it should be. We all have different minds, and different emotional processes. Your intensity comes off abrisive, and I know you feel that's a good thing because you feel you need to defend your position... Perhaps you feel you're helping people by spelling things out for them. But you spell it out to them in your own language, in your own thinking. And so not everyone thinks the way you do. And if you want to help people to see your position, then you need to stop with the authoritative stance being all abrasive, because it is a put off. Nobody wants to be demeaned. Nobody wants to be talked at. They want to be talked to. You talk at people EJ. You don't talk to people, and that's why you push people away from you. That's why people get angry with you. We all have ego that we deal with, and I know you're dealing with your own shadows. But demeaning people and not even listening to them isn't the way to go EJ. I vent this out because you're so very stressing to be around, but I do love you so. 

        If you're reading this and are not EJ then this has been quite a confusing post for you to read through. But maybe you have an EJ out there... Someone who puts your beliefs down? Someone who won't listen to your point of view? So maybe you can relate to me? Anyway thanks for reading this whole thing. Much love to you!!

Cosmic Blessings

Monday, February 26, 2018

My Thoughts On The Godspouse Topic

         The term of Godspouse is something that comes with a lot of controversy. If you're wondering what Godspouse means, then please click here to go to another post I did a while back explaining about this topic.  People hear the term and some automatically dispute it as all bullshit. But what's the difference between someone who wants to devote themselves to a particular God and someone devoting themselves to Jesus Christ? In my opinion, not a damn thing. I have been called to discuss the topic of Godspousing, because that is what I feel urged to do. I have a bonding with the Norse Gods, and I feel very drawn to them. One in particular is Thor, and I know I am being called to discuss the topic of Godspouses a lot because this is something that needs light shed onto it. There are many who feel drawn to various Gods and Goddesses, and some might feel a romantic pull, but they don't know how to describe it. So I want to be someone who hopefully can bring clarity and positive light to this topic.

         However, I find myself struggling to really define myself as a Godspouse. I don't see my connection to Thor or any of the other Gods and Goddesses as a marriage necessarily. It's not in the way humans get married. After all the human idea of marriage has been shit on so much in recent years, has it not? With all the divorcing and cheating people do. The marriage bonding is something that humanity seems to be lacking to take seriously. But I am not one to judge. But I am one to take up for those who want to proceed with a marriage (A BONDING) to a God or Goddess because they feel that passionate about their love for that God or Goddess. For many who choose that path it's not about sexual pursuits. Who gives a fuck about sex when it comes to love? Sex isn't love! You could fuck a 100 people and not feel nothing for them. Love is not an equivilent of sex. Marriage is also not an equivilent of sex. In my opinion marriage is a bonding between two souls who want to show their love to one another and want to honor one another with that sort of bonding. And that is what I like about the idea of Godspousing. But honestly I do struggle to label myself with that word, and it is because of the judging people do on it. It's because of the lack of understanding people have for this topic. And so I know that is why I am being called to take up for the Godspouses out there, even though I may not completely label myself as such. I don't like labels anyway, but that's just me. Many people love labels, and to those people who do use the label of Godspouse on themselves, I want to take up for.

          They have a bonding with another soul, even though it may be a God or Goddess. But I have come across those who share that same bond with other spirit entities. I know some who feel a bonding to djinns, demons, nature spirits, aliens, ascended beings, etc. So should I am wondering if there shouldn't be a better word for those individuals. Perhaps Soul Relationship, Soul Bonding, etc. I like those terms. I wouldn't think twice about saying I have a Soul Bonding with Thor or a Soul Relationship with Thor. And so I hope this is making sense... The term Godspouse is very limited in the sense that it's only to a God and it's only a spousal connection. But there are many who feel the connection is much more then spousal. Perhaps that is a part of it, but it is much more and the tern Godspouse to many seems like a hollow term. So I am on a mission to spread the word about Soul Bondings and Soul Relationships. Perhaps even Spirit Marriages.

          After all when do you ever hear someone refer to a wife or husband as their spouse outside of a professional setting? Perhaps in a work environment you'd use that term, but in a casual setting you wouldn't use it. Right? Can you imagine, "Oh this is my Spouse Jane." No they would say this is my parter or wife Jane. Spouse seems like a downplay to a very beautiful connection that two people share. In fact in many successful marriages the two individuals have a great friendship. They would refer to one another as best friends even. I would call my husband Dwayne my best friend, and so I feel the same way about Thor. He's like a best friend who I know I can always count on. Are you a Godspouse? Do you understand what I'm saying? Let's broaden the horizon of the Godspouse term and make the label Soul Bonding or Soul Reationship more popular, because to me the idea of Godspousing is a wonderful concept, but the term needs work. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments, I'd be happy to hear!!

Cosmic Blessings

To view a playlist of me talking about Godspousery on youtube please see below.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Soul Journey Memories Of A Star Being Incarnate

            I think about my soul path, and I know I am an ancient soul. I have been around for a long while when it comes to my soul age. Of coarse when you get into a high enough perspective dimensionally time and age does not apply. We are all eternal beings who sometimes take on physical bodies. So that is how I look at it. But in regards to time in our earthly understanding... my soul would be ancient. I have yet to unlock all of my soul memories, but I have felt much awakening in the past few years. Since my 20's I have undergone so much changes emotionally and spiritually. I have a whole new person it feels emotionally and spiritually. I look back at myself before I began to take my spiritual path seriously and it seems like a past life when in reality it is not.

           But alas this is not about my spiritual awakenings. It is about who I am at a soul level. I have taken on many temporary bodies. These would be like temporary physical suits to use in order to blend in with physical beings like humans. I remember coming to earth and taking on these temporary forms for particular missions. These were not full physical incarnations. Think of the tv show Touched By An Angel. They took on their forms temporarily until the mission was completed. They did not began as children on earth. They walked in as adults. There has been many of these smaller missions on earth and other planets. With each of those I would come in with a small group of my star family or soul family. We would help one another to complete the missions. For example one was in an ancient time in Mayan culture and we had to save a little girl from a situation she was in because she was going to grow up and become a great healer. So she needed to survive and remain on a specific path. So we came in and tried to assist her family and her. Other times would be to help sway catastrophies from happening or getting worse. Sometimes we would remain in spirit form so no humans could see us, and we would go around healing people or gifting them with light vibrations in order to make their happier or to help them in some way. These were smaller missions, but the smaller missions add up and help in big ways.

          I have also assisted the Galactic Federation Of Light and various other Councils of Light in my ascended spirit form. But I have also taken on a star body to assist as well, and this is something that I do remember a lot of. I remember the ships and traveling through stargate portals. I remember the planets we would visit and what traveling through the Cosmos would look like. Sometime it was beautiful, and sometimes it was sort of depressing because it was so dark sometimes. It depends upon how close we were to larger galaxies or constellations. The closer we were, the more beautiful the view. There would be various entities on the ships. Some of the ships were able to travel interdimensionally. I know I have ties to the Orion Constellation near the area of the Belt of Orion specifically, but I feel I've been to other places in this general area as well.

             I also have strong ties to the entities known as the Norse Gods here on earth. These ascended entities are known as Gods and Goddesses on earth, but they're earth ancestors and earth guardians. Much like other pantheons, they have come here to assist humanity. Some have been here since the dawning of humanity. This is a group that I am deeply a part of, and something I cannot deny. It is a large part of who I am at a soul level. I have realized that sometimes humans would confuse Gods. Let's say a Norse God would come to the areas of Greece. The Greek would maybe assume that it was one of their Gods or another God. The humans wouldn't be able to tell who was which. So I use these pantheon names merely for the sake of referece. It has a much higher understanding, that of which I am still working on getting deeper into the depths of.

          I also have connections with the Underworld. This is a part of my soul path that I have newly discovered over the past year or two. But it is one which I am feeling very drawn to. I will explain more on that as it uncovers itself, but I can say that the underworld is very misunderstood and there is so much fear involved with this area and the entities which all that place home that people rarely get to appriciate the wisdom these entities have to offer. So the underworld is one area that I am more newer to discover on my soul path, but it's something that has been there all along, I just didn't always recognize it.

          So in my current incarnation on earth where I am Melody of the east coast in the United States. I am still learning on my path. As of 2018 I am only in my 30's, and I am sure I have much more to go. But I realize that I am here to assist in the global awakening. I was sent here from my ascended star group leaders to assist in the ascension process of earth. But also I have been sent here to realize more about myself. To learn deeper issues and to gain more knowledge along the way. My spirit guides often tell me that they learn a lot from my life as well. It's true with all spirit guides, they learn from observing us and assisting us. So I am happy to have them on my path. I suppose that is all I will share for now, but stay tuned to my website here for more in the future.

Much Love & Many Cosmic Blessings