Monday, February 5, 2018

Soul Journey Memories Of A Star Being Incarnate

            I think about my soul path, and I know I am an ancient soul. I have been around for a long while when it comes to my soul age. Of coarse when you get into a high enough perspective dimensionally time and age does not apply. We are all eternal beings who sometimes take on physical bodies. So that is how I look at it. But in regards to time in our earthly understanding... my soul would be ancient. I have yet to unlock all of my soul memories, but I have felt much awakening in the past few years. Since my 20's I have undergone so much changes emotionally and spiritually. I have a whole new person it feels emotionally and spiritually. I look back at myself before I began to take my spiritual path seriously and it seems like a past life when in reality it is not.

           But alas this is not about my spiritual awakenings. It is about who I am at a soul level. I have taken on many temporary bodies. These would be like temporary physical suits to use in order to blend in with physical beings like humans. I remember coming to earth and taking on these temporary forms for particular missions. These were not full physical incarnations. Think of the tv show Touched By An Angel. They took on their forms temporarily until the mission was completed. They did not began as children on earth. They walked in as adults. There has been many of these smaller missions on earth and other planets. With each of those I would come in with a small group of my star family or soul family. We would help one another to complete the missions. For example one was in an ancient time in Mayan culture and we had to save a little girl from a situation she was in because she was going to grow up and become a great healer. So she needed to survive and remain on a specific path. So we came in and tried to assist her family and her. Other times would be to help sway catastrophies from happening or getting worse. Sometimes we would remain in spirit form so no humans could see us, and we would go around healing people or gifting them with light vibrations in order to make their happier or to help them in some way. These were smaller missions, but the smaller missions add up and help in big ways.

          I have also assisted the Galactic Federation Of Light and various other Councils of Light in my ascended spirit form. But I have also taken on a star body to assist as well, and this is something that I do remember a lot of. I remember the ships and traveling through stargate portals. I remember the planets we would visit and what traveling through the Cosmos would look like. Sometime it was beautiful, and sometimes it was sort of depressing because it was so dark sometimes. It depends upon how close we were to larger galaxies or constellations. The closer we were, the more beautiful the view. There would be various entities on the ships. Some of the ships were able to travel interdimensionally. I know I have ties to the Orion Constellation near the area of the Belt of Orion specifically, but I feel I've been to other places in this general area as well.

             I also have strong ties to the entities known as the Norse Gods here on earth. These ascended entities are known as Gods and Goddesses on earth, but they're earth ancestors and earth guardians. Much like other pantheons, they have come here to assist humanity. Some have been here since the dawning of humanity. This is a group that I am deeply a part of, and something I cannot deny. It is a large part of who I am at a soul level. I have realized that sometimes humans would confuse Gods. Let's say a Norse God would come to the areas of Greece. The Greek would maybe assume that it was one of their Gods or another God. The humans wouldn't be able to tell who was which. So I use these pantheon names merely for the sake of referece. It has a much higher understanding, that of which I am still working on getting deeper into the depths of.

          I also have connections with the Underworld. This is a part of my soul path that I have newly discovered over the past year or two. But it is one which I am feeling very drawn to. I will explain more on that as it uncovers itself, but I can say that the underworld is very misunderstood and there is so much fear involved with this area and the entities which all that place home that people rarely get to appriciate the wisdom these entities have to offer. So the underworld is one area that I am more newer to discover on my soul path, but it's something that has been there all along, I just didn't always recognize it.

          So in my current incarnation on earth where I am Melody of the east coast in the United States. I am still learning on my path. As of 2018 I am only in my 30's, and I am sure I have much more to go. But I realize that I am here to assist in the global awakening. I was sent here from my ascended star group leaders to assist in the ascension process of earth. But also I have been sent here to realize more about myself. To learn deeper issues and to gain more knowledge along the way. My spirit guides often tell me that they learn a lot from my life as well. It's true with all spirit guides, they learn from observing us and assisting us. So I am happy to have them on my path. I suppose that is all I will share for now, but stay tuned to my website here for more in the future.

Much Love & Many Cosmic Blessings

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Four Powerful But Simple All Purpose Spells

Four Powerful But Simple All Purpose Spells

I wanted to share four simple all purpose spells with you all. Large spells are fine, but sometimes they're unnecessary. I love a simple spell that is still powerful, but is something that I can do without having to use a bunch of items or memorize a bunch of words and steps. So join me today as I share with you four spells from my own Book Of Shadows. These are simple spells, but they work strong if you do so with pure intentions. These are simple spells that you can use in your daily life for purposes such as good energy, good luck, happiness, balance, cleansing, spirit realm connection, attracting love, money, etc. Before each spell cleanse your mind and be clear of any anger or negative energy. 

First Spell-
Earth power, strong and mighty
Water power, ever flowing and eternal
Air power, cleansing and beautiful
Fire power, passionate and blazing
In this moment on the day of ___ in the hour of ____,
I attract to me ___________

Clear your mind of everything but your intention and say that at least once or twice or more. In the blank spots insert the say, time and what your desire is. This is good for simple things. Like I attract good luck to me. I attract love to me. Etc. 

Second Spell-
Light a candle, it doesn't matter what color, shape or size. But white works good for all needs. If you have any gemstones or elements of power then place them around the candle. Elements of power would be solar and moon charged stones, water, earth elements such as sticks or plants, etc. 

Focus on the candle's flame and imagine the warmth of the fire surrounding you. It's not burning you, just surrounding you and warming you with the blazing power of the element of fire. Say the words below at least once, but twice or more works even better. 

Ancient wisdom of the flame come at me with your wisdom
I open myself up to your power
Hear my call, Hear my desire
____ Say your desire ____

Third Spell-
Take a sheet of paper, it doesn't have to be special. It just needs to be blank. White paper works well, but it really doesn't matter as long as it's a blank sheet of paper. There needs to be no other words or symbols on the paper. Take the paper and write down what your desires are. Ask yourself what it is you want?. What do you wish? Remember the old saying, be careful what you wish for. Be very clear about what you want and question yourself if this is something you TRULY want. Also be mindful to not go against other's free will. Would you want someone casting spells on you? Probably not without your permission, right? Okay so write down your desires very clear. Add any symbols you might like. Such as a star, heart, runes, etc. Then burn the paper. Be careful with burning the paper. Once the paper is ignited, let it burn to ash in a fire safe bowl or plate. Take the ashes when they're cooled and sew them into a sachel or put them in a locket or spell bottle. You can also take this spell one step further and bury the ashes outside. This makes use of earth elemental powers. Then place water over the burial spot, and you will have used all four elements. This is a very powerful spell and should manifest fast, depending upon your desires. Again Please be careful with spells. Don't go manipulating people with spells, it will come back on you if you do so for selfish purposes. 

Fourth Spell-
Go outside on a windy day. It doesn't have to be very high winds, but the winds do need to blow at least enough for you to feel it. Face the direction the wind is blowing. Close your eyes and clear your mind and energy. Now once you're cleared, visualize and think about your desire. Make this as clear as you can. When you're ready speak the desire out loud. For example if you want good luck then say, I attract good luck to me.) Or you can use the chant below. 

Winds of change
Element of air blowing from the divine spaces
Hear my words
Help me with my quest
I desire _____ say your desire _____

Hope you enjoyed these four spells. Four is a nice rounded number and is very powerful. So that's why I decided to share four simple all purpose spells. You can use these spells all in one time to make a strong ritual, or you can use only one. Whatever you do, practice your spells safely and be sure to know your intention and desire ahead of time. Be sure to go in with a clear mind and heart. Spells conducted in nature is even more powerful, so if you wanted to add an extra element of power then conduct these spells outside. But it's not necessary. 

Happy Witching!!
Cosmic Blessings, Melody

Friday, December 15, 2017

My Spiritual Path To The Norse Gods

           My spiritual path is something that I honestly feels like it sort of defines me. I take a lot of pride in my path and how far I've come. This isn't egotistical pride. It's the sort of pride that you have when you've accomplished a goal. The kind of pride that you get when you know you're doing something right or that you're on the right path. I can honestly say that I feel I'm on the right path in my spirituality. I connect very deeply with the Norse Gods. Odin I look to as a father figure. He gives me signs of hawks and ravens in the sky always. I enjoy those signs when I get them. Buldr is one whom I am relatively new to connecting with It's only been this past year or so. The introduction came through a dream where he and I was saving lost souls. He is one of my connections to the underworld. Freya is someone who is like a sister to me, and she is constantly there. I feel she is someone I hold tight bonds to in the higher dimensions. Frigg has given me a dream where she was escourting me around a large palace, and I took that as a place in Asgard. She is a motherly figure whom I can bond with and come to for anything. She and Odin go by many names, but they're my Mother and Father God's. Sif is one whom I have soul ties to. Large karmic ties that bond she and I. I feel we are one. I have an affinity for her, she is my Sifjar. The Goddess of Thunder and Lightning. The partner and twin flame to Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning.

           Thor is one whom I also feel deeply passion for, and I have such a flaming desire for him. This isn't sexual nor is it towards romance. I feel a need to say that I am not a Marvel fangirl. This isn't a passion for Thor the character in the movie. I don't even associate Thor with that character. It's like water and fire, that's the differences between real Norse God Thor and Marvel Thor. So if anyone is on here wanting to assume that I'm just some lusty fangirl, then don't even waste your time reading my words. Thor is someone I've talked about a lot here on my website, on my youtube channel, and in my personal life with certain friends. He's someone that's been in my life forever, since birth and beyond. But I found out about him when I first began to connect with my spirit guides. This was when I started to really take my spiritual awakening seriously. I began to reach out to my spirit guides more through divination and meditation. I found out about two at first. One was Amoris who showed herself to me a lot in childhood and when I was a teenager. Lorelei was like a silent guide for a while, but she always helped me be drawn back to my Pagan path. There was always a male figure present, but I didn't connect with him. I chose to connect with my female guides, because I am a female and I guess I just felt more comfortable with them. Even though I know I had a strong bond with this other spirit guide presence. It was around 2012 or so when that spirit guide figure began to come through when I was connecting with my other guides via divination and meditation. It was slow at first, and he introduced me to my Viking roots. I had always loved the Viking and Norse Culture, even in childhood listening to the tales in History class. I even had a pagan friend tell me when we were teenagers that I should connect more with the Viking Gods. I remember her specifically telling me Thor would probably be a good God for me to connect with.

            That was when I was sort of still held by my Christian beliefs, and I was at a phase to not embrace my pagan path as much as I should have been. But I cherish those memories now like signs that I am finally where I need to be. So when this male guide came through, he introduced me to him through the name of Hondor. That's how it came through to me, but it sounds more like Hund Dor. He explained to me how he and I share a past life a long time ago in the regions of the Vikings. It was in the 700's AD. This was a lifetime which did not end in a happy ending necessarily. Long story short, I died well before my time during a storm on a Viking Knarr ship. I fell off the ship during a terrible storm, and it was my death. A death that eats at me even now. I remember as if it only happened yesterday. I recall screaming and the feeling of dread. I remember the icy cold water, and being submerged by darkness and water with only the stars above to give me a little hope after the ship went out of view. I remember hearing the screams of those on the ship calling my name, Hondor calling my name. I remember my name then, it was Fonn. This is something that has haunted me since I was a kid.

          I remember going body surfing with my older brothers. It was so much fun, but I then began to get these terrible dreams of large tidal waves taking me under and washing me away. These monsterous large Ocean Waves consuming me. The Ocean is something I love. I don't fear it. I am a Cancer in astrology, July 5th is my birthdate. I love the water, but seeing large waves gives me this sinking feeling in my heart. When that information came through about my past life it's like it all made sense. The more I embraced my connection to my male spirit guide who had always been ever present. The more I opened my heart to him after all the years of ignoring it, I realized key things that gave me indications that he was giving me riddles to solve. My spirit guides loved to speak to me in riddles, to see if I could figure out the truth. It was like quests they would send me on, and they still do sometimes. They wanted me to learn some stuff on my own instead of just telling me. So I just happened to be coming accross some Old Norse words, and I made the connection that Hund Dor (how I sounded out the word Hondor) roughly translates to Hand Of Thor. Then there was a lot of other key elements, which I will not name here as it would take too long, that led me to the realization that there's more to this male spirit guide then he is revealing.
            So one day I got the balls to ask him the truth, and he revealed to me the truth... He is the Norse God Thor. So Thor took on the presence of a spirit guide figure to me throughout my life so that I could get to know him for him. So that I wouldn't see him for a Godly presence or a Thunder controling, hammer wielding spirit who is seen as a God on earth. He did that so that I could get to know the real him, the deeper true him. I also want to say that in no way am I demeaning anyone else who connects with him. I am merely sharing my own journey. But anyway, I did get to know the deeper him. In fact, he never speaks of his hammer when connecting with me. It's none of those cliche's that the Norse God in the mythologies seem to be associated with. He's very loving, wise, strong, passionate, protective, and powerful. I find comfort knowing that I have such a strong bond with him. It's simular to how a devoted Christian might feel comforted by knowing Jesus cares. That's how much passion I feel for my Hondor... for Thor. There is so much more I could say on this topic, but that's as much as I am going to write. I share this because I feel I've been called to share more over this past year. Perhaps I will learn more from sharing my experiences. Perhaps there is someone else out there with simular experiences, and by me sharing my experiences our paths will cross. I have crossed paths with a lot of great Norse God devotee's by me sharing my own experiences, and I cherish those connections with other devotee's or other Godspouses that I have met. 

              Another whom I have a deep connection with is Loki. This is partly through the underworld, Helheim. I connect with Helheim entities a lot, and those of the underworld are not all bad. Just like Loki, who is seen as evil by many, but he's not. Sure he's mischevious, he loves a good prank sometimes. He can be destructive.... but not in a bad way necessarily. It's in a destructive way so you can rebuild a stronger foundation. My husband has worked with Loki and his spirit guides by overcoming his anger. But in order for him to control his anger, he needed to experience that anger. That can be seen as the destructive side, but through that darkness he was brought to the light through overcoming anger and being more balanced. Loki helped with that. For me he has been guiding me over the past few years to be more open about him and I. So I started to talk more about how I work with him to friends who I thought I could trust. Some of that turned out good, some not. But I learned, and I broadened it. I began sharing my Loki experiences on my YouTube channel. That really showed great benefits for me personally, because I faced my fear of being judged. I didn't want people to look at me as some bullshit fan girl. I cannot say this enough... I do not associate Loki with the Loki from the Thor movies. It's like fire and water, that's how different I see it. Loki has many disguises though.

             One thing I can say for the Thor movies is that they have awakened many people to the Norse Gods, and I see that as a GREAT THING!! However you're brought to them doesn't matters. What does matter is what you do with it. If you choose to dig deeper and learn more about Norse Mythology and more about the Norse Gods. It's like Christianity, people can be brought to Jesus through movies of Jesus. Some people are guided to believing in Angels through movies about guardian angels. It's the same for those who are brought to their Norse God connection their movies or media... it's okay. I will say this though... the Thor movies did help awaken me to learn more about the TRUTH of the Norse Gods. That research is what helped me to really appriciate them even more. Before I would know about them through what teachers in school may have said or through a few tales that were passed down in childhood. But researching about them was so fun. I urge anyone who feels curious about them to do your own research. You'll be led to what you need to.

              Back to my connection to Loki, he is someone I see as a best friend. Someone who is like a kindred spirit to me. I always feel so awakened when connecting with him. The past few years I have began to dig deeper and truly accept my connection to him, and I believe that he and I are kindred souls. He has guided me to many places in dreams, meditations, and astral travels. He has showed me so much, and when I do have an astral journey with him it's always cherished. I remember one journey to a place in Helheim with him, and he showed me a river which was simular to the river sticks in Greek Mythology of the underworld river of Hades. But this place was beautiful in a dark way. When I connect with him about others, he normally always has something good to say about people. Sure he can have a destructive side, and I have heard that some Lokeans or people who are Loki devotees have issues with him ignoring them or having arguments with him. This is also true for some Lokean Godspouses. In my own experiences I can say that I haven't had any bad experiences with Loki. But I am someone who is hard to make angry. I try to avoid confrontation, and that is also something they've been helping me with. So that also could be why I only see his good side. I am sure he can have a negative side, don't we all? I have saw Thor's destructive side before, but not targeted towards me. He's normally very patient with me. But don't let that deter you from connecting with either of them if they're God's whom you admire. I hope this helps someone out there embrace their own journey, because that's why I am sharing it. It's my way of embracing my own journey.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Loki And Thor: My Two Loves Who Guide Me Every Day - A Godspouse Testimony

Loki And Thor: My Two Loves Who Guide Me Every Day - A Godspouse Testimony

          First and foremost I want to begin this by saying that I am not a Marvel Fangirl. I do not associate the actors to the Norse Gods. I am a Pagan and I suppose you could say that I am a polytheist. I see the Gods as very real individuals, who are just as real as you and me, and not as metaphors or aspects of one great God or Goddess. believe in many different dimensions and realms, and I believe that this is where many of the Gods and Goddesses reside. I have been into stories of Thor and Norse Mythology since I was a young girl. I remember it would be in the Summer in the 90's and we didn't have air conditioning when I was little. So when it thunder stormed we would go outside and enjoy the rain as long as the lightling wasn't streaking too dangerously. It was a lot of fun, and I remember the tales of Thor storming accross the sky with his chariot, goats, and hammer. I remember hearing tales of the rainbow leading to a fantasy realm. I believed in elves, fairies, and magic. I saw all of this as real, and I still do. In adulthood I began to research more and more into Norse Mythology, and I realized by connection to Loki. I realized I had visitations from him when I was young.

          I remember being about 3 years old and I was going to a celebration at my older brother's school for a group he was in called Future. I remember seeing a man and a female who looked very different from the 80's fashion styles at the time. The female was to the right of the man and was slightly shorter then the man. She had a darker brownish red colored hair, and the male had black hair that was long and neatly combed. The male stared at me with the biggest brightest smile. I went to walk over to him because he was so welcoming in energy. My mother yelled at me for walking away from her. She asked me who I was walking to. I realized that she didn't see them. I remember saying that I was walking to the man, and she said there was nobody there and to not try to walk away again or I might get lost. I still wanted to walk up to the man, but he waved his hand as if to say no, stay with your mother. So I obeyed. I now realize who that person was. It was the mischevious Loki coming in to say hello.

          I also remember another time when I was about 3 or 4 years old. It was the day I first saw a rainbow. It was a very large and bright double rainbow, and my mom called me outside to see it. She explained to me the story of the rainbow, and how there are tales of the end of the rainbow being connected to a magical mystical land. I saw a face in the sky that day. It was the face of what I now interpret as Thor. I feel very blessed to have these experiences, and these are just two experiences of times when I felt their presence or saw them. It was a great feeling to finally understand those moments when I first began to really embrace my Pagan path. 

         So I suppose techniqually you could label me a Godspouse of both Loki and Thor. But I don't like the label of something that is so one sided. I don't see myself as a spouse of a God necessarily. I see myself as having a deep intimate connection with Loki and Thor. I deeply connect with many other Gods and Goddesses as well. But it is to Loki and Thor who hold my heart. I have made my own connections to Loki and Thor to the Greek Pantheon. I often wonder if all the Gods and Goddesses can be matched up that way. I won't go into those connections I've made just yet on here. I don't feel now is the time to release that, as I still feel it is something I haven't got all the information about for myself yet. I also do not call Thor by the name of Thor. I call him by a name that I personally know him as, and it's a name that bonds he and I together through an experience a long time ago on earth. If other's are reading this right now, you may not believe me... But that's okay because I know it's true from within my soul. I do refer to Loki as Loke. He has shared with me other names he goes by, but I do prefer the term Loki or Loke. I feel it's partially because of my own name. Melody, take away the Me and leave just the Lody. It sounds very simular to Loki, and I like that. I feel like a best frend connection with Loki for so long. It has only been recently when I have feel a stronger romantic bond with him. By romantic I don't mean sex really, even though that has come up. (I feel nervous about sharing this, but I am going to proceed.) It is about the connection that two souls share, and physical sex doesn't have to be a part of that. It's kind of like when you stare into the eyes of a lover or a partner and just know that you both have a soul bond that goes deeper then flesh and bone. It penetrates the soul, and is a link that forever bonds the two. That's what I feel with Loki, and it's a beautiful feeling to have such a connection with another soul. I call them souls, because they are souls, just like us. It just so happens that they have a higher ranking in a way. So I honor that. 

         When it comes to Thor I feel the most powerful sense of wonder, lust, enjoyment, happiness, and pure fascination when I connect with him. When I see him in dreams and astral travels I feel so deeply impacted by the gaze from his eyes. In the eddas it says that Thor has fierce of fiery eyes. That's so true, because his eyes stab you with wonder. They penetrate your soul with mystery and call out to you. When he looks at you, it's like you're looking into the depth of a blazing star that is brightly shining and so amazingly beautiful. It's powerful with strength and you feel it with every sense of your being. That's what I feel when I connect with Thor. Like I said, you could count me as a Godspouse, but I do not personally define myself as a Godspouse. I take my relationships with the Gods and Goddesses that I honor very seriously. 

          Just the other day I was connecting with Thor in my spirit journal. My spirit journal is a journal I have where I write out messages to the spirit realm entities I connect with, such as my spirit guides, the Gods and Goddesses, etc. I also channel messages and log them in there. So I have been led by Thor lately to come to terms with my own opinion of marriage. I feel like I dislike marriage because of my parents marriage. They're married still, but might as well not be. In all of my years here on earth so far I have never saw them me loving to one another. They both have their own reasons and their own faults, but it's something that I feel negative about. When I think of marriage I think of their relationship, and I feel as though I don't want any parts of marriage because of that. I think that's a main reason why I don't want to define myself as a spouse, I don't even like to refer to my life partner, my husband, as a spouse. Techniqually we are not married, but we have been together for over 10 years. We both consider one another as a spouse, and I call him my husband and he calls me his wife. But the actual marriage hasn't happened, and I never wanted a marriage when I was growing up. I certainly didn't want a big wedding. I thought if anything I would elope or something like that. But I realize my reluctance to go get that marriage paper with my husband is because of my negative attachments to the idea of marriage. This has also hindered my deep connection with Thor. Now in recent years with my bonding to Loki, it's also hard. I've told him that I would rather us remain as best friends and perhaps talk about the idea of a deeper bond later. I feel like Thor and my husband Dwayne is enough for now. But I know he wants that deeper bond. I feel it everytime I connect with him, whether it's in my spirit journal, dreams, astral travels, etc. I feel it, and I feel I owe it to myself to figure out how to take away that negative attachment to the label of marriage. I like the idea of being bonded with another soul. I like the idea of life long bondings and partnerships. But it's when the term marriage comes in when I begin to cringe. So I thank Thor for helping me to realize that I have this negative attachment to marriage. I have discussed with my mother about why she's so negative, and it led to intense arguments, most of which has now passed. I know my dad's side. I know why their marriage didn't work. They got married young and for the wrong reasons, but were both too poor to really seperate. My mother has deep emotional issues when it comes to depression. My dad has his own issues, and also Bi-Polar. No I didn't grow up in an abusive childhood, but my dad cussed and yelled all the time. To this day I still dislike the fuck out of aggression and confrontation. But I have got better with dealing with that also thanks to Loki, Thor, and Dwayne my life partner-husband. 

           So this post has turned into my own life issues, but I wanted to include that because that's how deeply bonded I feel with Thor and Loki. They help me out in so many ways, and to me that is intimacy. That is romance. That is love. That is marriage. Being best friends with someone and feeling that deep soul bond. It's not about sex. You can fuck whoever you want, sex isn't even in this for me... even though it has come up and it's a nice thing to experience. But to me marriage and being a spouse, even a Godspouse... it's about being best friends and deeply knowing that other person. It's about partnership and an eternal bonding. What do you think? Leave a comment below, and don't forget to subscribe to this blog using the side panel tab to the right of the page. If you don't see the side panel tab then you're probably viewing this blog on a mobile device. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click to view the website as the desktop version. Then you'll see the side panel to subscribe to this blog.

Cosmic Blessings

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reaching Into My Soul Self - Thoughts

             I yearn to see more when I dream and astral travel. The urge to explore sometimes overcomes me, and it feels like my soul is going to burst out of my body. Like my body is a cage keeping me from my true soul potential. Being tied to this body in this life is a lot to realize when you awaken spiritually. The process of spiritual awakening is ongoing, of coarse. But I have realized, through astral traveling and lucid dreaming, that I have a lot of soul potential. We all do. But once you realize the limitless energy of the soul, and then try to live your physical life... it's hard. I can understand if you think I'm batty. But aren't we all crazy a little? That's what I like to think. Embrace all sides of yourself my loves!! Anyway, the soul within me wants to fly away and break the chains to this body. Don't get me wrong, I like being here alive on earth. I like my life. I like my body. I feel like I have a good amount of self confidence. But the search for the limitless energy of the soul is ceasing in the bounds of physical flesh. It seems equivelent to keeping a bird in a cage. All the bird wants to do if fly, and someday that cage door will open and the bird will be free. That's how I feel.
            I look at the people in my life, and I see how the worries and stress of life get to them. Honestly, it get's to me too. I'm only human right now. As much as I'd like to be more, right now I am bound to this lifetime. So it's something I am working on. I have problems connecting with other people, like friends. Sometimes... not always. I find myself wanting to hermit myself, but I am a Cancer in the Zodiac. So the crab in me wants to hide sometimes. But I feel like connecting with friends. Recently I've been reaching out to friends who I've found myself sheltering away from. It's nice chatting with them about random things. My two friends Cheryl and Theresa are supposed to be visiting Delaware this December. They're twins and live with their family. Cheryl has two daughters. So I'll get to see all of them as long as their plans follow through properly. That'll be nice. I have been talking with another friend also, but she seems like she's hermited herself too. I fixed a citrine pendant of hers that broke, and I need to give it back. She lives right up the road, and since we're both kind of hermit bound, we keep procrastinating the meet up. Haha, got to laugh at this shit sometimes. The hermit bug is going around!! All we can do is try in this life though.
        I have been feeling a lot more connected to my spirit family. These are the one's whom are in the spirit realms who I connect with frequently. I have been hearing the call from my spirit guides Amoris and Lorelei reminding me that they're there. I look at them like they're my sisters. Thor and Loki have been reaching out much more too. I have felt them near, got signs of their presence, and had astral experiences and lucid dreams with them. It's a great thing, and I feel honored that they're stepping up with their signs a bit more. I take it as them trying to help me see that I do have a lot of people who love me, even in the spirit realms. That is nice, because sometimes I do feel depression. It's not a good thing to feel, but I take that and try to grow from it. I feel the growth, and I am happy for it. I also have been feeling increased peace and clarity within my psychic work, which is a good thing; because I can help others a lot more with that increase. I do psychic readings daily, with the exception of Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. I reserve those days for cleansing to better connect with the spirit realms. I take those days to do a lot of my own spirit work. Thus, I am writing this blog post on a Sunday, my own spirit work. I count these posts as spirit work, because I learn from it. It gets the thoughts out of my mind so that I can make more sense from them. Hail to the Aesir and Vanir for assisting me. Hail to Loki for being a loving guide and friend. I feel my heart explode with love for you, and I see you for you as you see me for me. Hail to Thor for being that ever strong presence in my life. Reminding me that I am a strong person too, and reminding me of my divine connections. Thank you for reminding me of my inner Goddess. Hail to you for being such an ever present entity in my life, my flame fires within for you and Loki. Poseidon and Ares, forever truth. Hail to Odin for speaking to me the other day, thanks for the visit. Hail to me means honor, love, and appriciation. So hail to all who is reading this right now. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Pursuit Of Pagan Friendship

             I don't understand friendships here on earth. It's something that I must have lost a luster for, because I am just so over trying to keep friendships going. Whether they be in person friendships or distant friendships. I think my beliefs is a part of what pushes people away, but my beliefs are my own and I guess I can see how that's a lot to take in. I am not extremely open with people about my beliefs, but when I do open up... slowly people end up pushing away from me. It's like what the fuck?! To explain myself properly, I guess I have to be open a little about some of my beliefs. I have a very Pagan lifestyle. It's not a religion to me, it's much more then a belief, it's a way of life for me and my husband. No it's not about casting spells and shit like that, which is fine, but we only do those things when needed. Such as to defend ourselves, protect or cleanse ourselves, or to manifest something. 

           My Pagan side has got me to a point where I try to keep my spiritual focus in daily life. I also channel entities sometimes, not always though, but sometimes. Entities such as Deities, Demons, Angels, Other Dimensional Beings, "Aliens", etc. Yes I said Demons. I like to try to see the good in everyone, because honestly it's about balance. Yin and Yang. I have had positive experiences with entities most commonly known as Demons. But that is also something that I don't discuss with people much, but when I do become open about it... people end up pushing themselves away from me. Christian Fear? Maybe... I don't really know. But what I do know is that I'm tired of trying to hide what I feel. 

           So I'm going to be straight up as I can from now on. And thus I am writing this blog post, being straight up with whoever might read it. I connect with all types of entities, and whether they're catagorized as demons or something else, I have had positive experiences with those that I do communicate with. I don't open myself up to just anyone, there's a process, but those that I do let in are positive ones for the most part. So no I'm not a Satanist, even though I wouldn't mind that label. If I'm going to be straight up, I don't feel Satan is all that bad. What was he guilty of in the bible? Gifting humans with the knowledge of good and evil, oh my God such a terrible thing right? In my opinion no. I think having that knowledge is great, as it helps us to really have free will and to grow as souls. But my point here is that I am not an "evil" person. I try to be friendly with whoever I come into contact with... unless I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day or something. But for the most part I am a positive person. People have defined me as giddy, spacey, and sometimes even bubbley in my personality. I am a loving person, I try to give love as much as I can. Of coarse I have days when I feel like saying fuck the world, but who doesn't? It's like this... I try to be as genuine to myself as I can, and yes sometimes I fall short to that goal. But the thing is I try, and what more can I do then try? I try to help people as much as I can with my Psychic Readings I offer on my DarkSecretCreations shops. I try to share hope with people when I can. I try to see into the silver lining of situations. I try to learn from my mistakes and use those lessons to grow. I try not to fear beings just because of a Christian theory says I should fear them. I try to think outside the box and I try to follow my own path, not the path that is already laid out in front of me. I try to dance to my own Melody, haha pun intended. You get the gyst. 

           But friendships in this world is hard to maintain, because of each person's paths differ so greatly sometimes. Where is my kindred soul? Yes I feel very connected to my spirit family and the enitities I connect with through channeling and divination. Yes I feel connected to my immediate family and my husband. I even feel connected deeply to my pets. But I desire to have loving meaningful friendships in the physical. Why is that so hard when you're on a spiritual path? I have no clue... My husband feels the same. He wishes we had more physical friends of like interests, but thats so hard because we don't follow a predetermined path. We pave our own way spiritually, and it's hard to find people of like interests. Especially when you're open to communing with Demon figures, haha. So at least he and I found one another. I wonder has anyone else had these issues with friendship if you pave your own spiritual path? The saying goes, some friends come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I've had the reason friends. I've had the season friends. Where the lifetime friends? 

          I don't want anyone thinking I'm friendless. I have childhood friends I still talk to. They're great. I also have another I talk with who is sort of Pagan, a bit in between Pagan and Christian. Two live far away, one lives up the road but is often busy with her child. I honor those friendships that I do have. But I'm talking about that kindred soul sort of friend. One that I feel I can be completely open with and share stuff with. Yes I feel that way with my husband and for that I am greatly lucky. But it would be kind of awesome to have a female friend to talk about spiritual stuff with and to hang out with. One that won't judge me for my beliefs or be afraid I'll send them negative entities or energies. One that might even share some of my beliefs, and we can learn from one another. One that lives relatively close so we can meet up or just chill with. But I must admit, I am a bit of a hermit. So I probably do not help the situation with that aspect of myself. I am just venting today. Thanks for reading. 

Cosmic Blessings, Melody

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Astral Sex

          Imagine you're in an astral projection and you're traveling to the spaces outside of earth. You're venturing out into other planets, other realms, and other dimensions. Then you come across an individual who you feel deeply drawn to. Someone who makes your soul feel like it's flying. Someone who makes your energy surge. You feel deeply attracted to this individual, and you both find out that you're deeply bonded. You're soulmates, and then you both want to begin an intimate connection. 

         There is one main topic of this post, and it's Astral Sex. Sex is a topic that some don't want to discuss, but it's a part of everyday life. Even those who are dedicated to celibasy or being sexually abstinent have surely had at least a few thoughts on the topic of sex. But this isn't about physical sex. It's about something known as astral sex. Astral sex basically is an experience with another spiritual being while you are astral traveling. The term sex can be misleading, at is tends to paint the image of physical bodies doing sexual acts, but astral sex is more like an energy exchange. It can be a very intense and intimate experience. While astral sex can be enjoyable, you have to take it as seriously as you would any other type of sex.

         Before we go in deeper I want to explain what an out of body experience can be defined as. It is the process of separating the consciousness, spirit, from the physical body, such that the person and world are observed from outside of the body. Out of body experiences are also known as astral projections. There are several ways people perceive an out of body experience, including dreams, daydreams, and memories. People have reported having out of body experiences while under the influence of drugs or induced by some sort of trauma, as well as near death experiences. Astral projection is taught through books, the internet, and religious techniques. An out of body experience is said to be clearer than a dream or daydream. Those who practice astral projections claim that their senses are enhanced, allowing them to see and feel with more clarity and without physical constraint. This has been practiced for many years in several different cultures. When you are astral projecting, your spirit leaves the body and is capable of traveling through other planes of existence. You're always connected with your body as long as your body remains alive and in working order. It's not as fearly as someone first hearing about it might think. In this state, you can meet with another being. The possibilities are literally endless. The beings you may meet may be another living person who is astral traveling, it may be the spirit of someone between physical incarnations, or it may be a non-human spirit. A non-human spirit can be catagorized as higher dimensional beings, lower dimensional beings, alien beings, and even beings we might catagorize here on earth as Gods or Goddesses, etc.

          Astral sex can be enjoyable, but you have to take it as seriously as you would any other type of sex. Also another important thing to remember it that the transference of energy can have an arousing effect on your physical body, but it takes place on a spiritual level. The energy exchange can be an experience of pure love and joy, it can be tingly and playful, it can be refreshing and rejuvenating, or if not careful it can be unhealthy.

            One of the most important things to consider if you want to have astral sex is who your partner should be. Ideally, it should be an entity of equivalent or higher vibrations. Some people who practice Godspousery will use this as a way to connect with their spouse(s). It should be a being that makes you feel safe and comfortable, and there should be mutual respect and care in your union so that it’s mutually beneficial. Some people seek out soul mates, twin souls or twin flames while astral projecting. You may have not met this individual in this world, but because of your inherent spiritual connection you may be able to find each other on the astral plane. It can be hard to find someone who doesn’t practice astral projection deliberately, but don’t give up as everyone naturally astral projects at one time or another, sometimes it even occurs in dreams. If you keep looking, eventually you’ll be drawn to the person. If you have a lover in this life who you can’t be with physically because you’re separated by great distances, you can agree to meet in the astral plane for an encounter. In this case, it is important for both partners to be skilled at astral travel, but it’s a wonderful way for two people in a long distance relationship to enjoy each other’s affection.

         It's not advisable to initiate this type of connection with just anyone. There are lower vibrational entities, both human and non-human, that may look to have astral sex with you simply to feed off your energy. Some of these individuals can be very tricky and manipulative. This isn't to scare you off, but it's something that must be said in this topic. When you meet these sort of individuals it isn’t so much as an energy exchange as it is an energy rape, or like a psychic vampire. There’s nothing mutual or beneficial about it, and such an entity can simply leech you of your energy, and you’ll come back to your body feeling drained, confused and depressed. It’s best to avoid encounters with such beings. If you do feel one is trying to force you into an encounter you don’t want, you can call on your spirit guides or other trusted members of your soul group for assistance. You can also snap your consciousness back to your body just by thinking of being inside of it again. Astral sex is not good or bad in itself; it’s more about making smart choices to ensure a pleasurable, healthy, and beneficial experience.In other situations this is non-consensual and the living person may not know what is happening. There are beings known as Succubi and Incubi, but there are many more that can do this. Also there is living people who are able to astral project and bilocate who are able to have sex with people astrally or to merely drain people's energies astrally, and this is typically done to the person who is getting drained during sleep. Again I don't want to scare you off of this topic, but we must take the good with the bad. I'm not saying you will go into astral projection and have bad experiences. In fact, you shouldn't go into an astral projection with fear as you may attract these sorts of individuals.

          There are a few ways that spirit sex occurs, and the first we will discuss is through the willing participation of two energy workers who are alive. This means that they have bodies they return to. They would meet in a specific place, or in specific places known for sexual encounters. This may be a group of people who have all read the same books or have the same abilities who found one another or are vibrationally attracted to each who have meetups. This may also be between two living people who maintain a relationship and are exclusive who designate a spot to meet for sexual relations. 

          One of the other ways this happens is to have a Spirit Relationship with a Deity. Like I mentioned about about the topic of Godspousery. In certain beliefs there are ceremonies and rituals performed so that a living person becomes wed to a deity (God or Goddess). This is actually as complicated as a real marriage, because the deity may want to be number one in the living persons life. It depends on the relationship between the person and the deity. But this is a common practice amond those who participate in spirit marriages, spirit relationships, or godspousing. 

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Cosmic Blessings