Sunday, June 26, 2011


          This is my first post for this blog. I would like to introduce myself a little before I begin anything else. My name is Melody and I am an average person. I have my moments of emotion with the ups and downs of happiness, but who doesn't? I live in a small state in the USA, but I often wonder what the outside of what I normally see looks like. My family for generations have roots set in this same place. As nice as that may seem; I want to explore other area's. Its not to much to ask. I try not to worry about mundane things. I try my best to live by the word as a follower of Christ. I also try to do right by others...
          On this site I will be posting a variety of my own personal writing. I write a lot of poetry and stories. However, I have been known to post articles about other things on my personal website. I hope you continue to follow my posts on this blog and bare with me as I attempt to design the template myself. I will be happy to talk and be friends with anyone as long as you are respectful. Feel free to comment and talk. Thank you for your time in stopping by!

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