Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Afternoon Ramblings

          As the heat beats down outside on this July day I sit in an air conditioned room. Currently I am contemplating all sorts of subjects. My mind seems to wonder at times that I cannot control. I think about past people and how they would be outside on days as this sweating in the enormous heat. I think about how it would be if the human race never built the things we have now. We would all be like the Native Americans were. We would have to rely on the land, our instincts and God to survive. I think about how such a shame we may appear to be to other races of beings that may be watching us from the skies. 
          Again I am pulled to gazing out the window. No people are walking around outside and the hot wind is blowing the trees about. the sky appears to be threatening a storm perhaps later in the afternoon. I look forward to storms sometimes. Not the one's who will kill and destroy things... but the one's that make you feel the energy it gives off. The one's that makes one feel as if they are a small spec in a vast about of knowledge. So often the world appears to be small. However, it is in fact not small. We humans think small therefore the world around us appears to be small. Take a look at the Oceans and the vast amount of species therein which have not ever been seen. Yes, the world is not small.
          I sigh and take in a deep breath. I feel the effects of the hot weather on my lungs and think about getting a bottle of iced water. The things I think about I wonder if they mean anything? Will someone come across this blog and read my writing? Will they realize that they too think about these things and comment on something we have in common? I wonder if I am just rambling and if this means nothing? Sometimes it doesn't matter to me. Ramblings can cause wonderful writing at times and I am happy to get the urges to do so. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Act Of Life

Is the act of a mundane life worth living... I ask myself  odd questions a lot. For example: One thought that always comes to mind is depression and why do people get it? More exact... why do I get it on and off? We walk throughout this life. Some people walk at a steady pace, other's run and some walk slowly. However, we all have one thing in common. We each want something. Whether it be a house, money, a car, the newest electronic, etc. Is not there more important things about life then these? How about clean air, fresh air. What about a home with loved one's? It shouldn't matter what the house looks like. Ask yourself; is home where your heart is or where you lay your head? People now days seem to not appreciate the good things that are left in this world. They are often to busy with their materialistic things to stop and take in the wonder of all the good things around us that do not cost money. It is a shame when a kid does not know how to entertain themselves without a game controller, screen or phone in their hands. It is a shame when all an adult thinks about is money money money. I am aware that bills need to be paid and things of that nature, but take the time out to look and concentrate on other things. Life is worth more then bills. Life is worth more then money. The act of life is priceless and so is the things we should appreciate and love.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Questions... Mysteries... The Unknown... History... All people of the human race seem to have an infatuation with their history. Things such as where they came from individually, their ancestry, where humans came from in general, where we started, and why we are here. We all ask these questions. I was thinking about this earlier as I was watching a show on the History Channel about ancient warriors. It came to my mind that we are each born onto this earth with no knowledge. We have to learn everything! However, all the answers are not there. We cannot simply get in the internet and expect to find all the right answers. So where do we get answers? In my opinion for me I try to go to the bible and ask God. Sometimes I also ask myself. Through meditation we can hear answers to many things. It is where the quiet lay that we find true peace and hope. So why not find answers if we are asking the right source. I as a Christian try to be weary of some things for fear that the devil may be behind it. I always try to visit God's light through my meditation. I would recommend this to anyone. However, the questions still remain and pile up. I doubt any of us will ever know all the answers until we pass over into the light. I want to leave you with one thought though... What if you could open a book right now and read all the answers to every question you ever thought of? What would you do if you could know everything now? Would you even truly want to know? I am not sure if I would, it would take the fun out of the mystery!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the Mind of a Character

When I find myself having an urge to write on a story it is almost as if the character is whispering their story in my ear... Of coarse not in a literal fashion, but in a figure of speech type of way. I begin to write and it seems as if everything around me becomes absent. All that is there is me and the story in my mind. Flashes of other places peer across my minds eye. I am almost there... I would compare this to the fact that everyone has a story to be told. I suppose even the characters in stories want to be known. If they could speak what would they say? What lessons would they want to tell others? Which part of their lives would they feel they want to share with others? Where are they from and where might they go? These are all questions that come to my mind when I think of a character. What do you think of? 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Island Of Dreams

Island Of Dreams 
The morning was at ease yet the Ocean was swift
The ship we were boarded on left in winds
All of our lives at stake
How much fright were we to take
Water was rushing from top to bottom
Rain whipping at our faces
A giant appeared and I could not believe
My eyes would not see
The wave was like a wall
Shutting us out of everything we new
He and I holding on for dear life
Nothing but an inflatable raft and safety vests as our guide
As the Seas decreased we realized nothing was in reach
All of everything that was went off in the breeze
After a few days our hope began to fall
Only prayers were left as our call
Night break grew and the stars flew
In the distance we seen our lives change
An island of dreams in range
When the sand touched my feet
The little prayer as a seed grew into a real life scene
On our island of dreams time we did not need
Never had I seen a place so plentiful
We built our shelter now a home from scratch
Through day and night, rain or shine its our safety
The stream flowing through our island we drink
A small waterfall is were we bathe
As the years past the yearning for civilization decreased
This is our Eden, our home, our peace
The only place that we can truly be from hatred and greed
Our love eventually bloomed into a flower lit tree
Our minds, souls and bodies forever intertwined
Everlasting love eternally shines
You see the fear in the beginning of this adventure was only that
The beginning
What was a closed door turned out to be an unthinkably real
Yet hidden window that opened
 Our life begins as we step into our own world
A golden adventure and a journey to pursue  
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2009 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Night Light

Taken By Melody Wilson 2011
Long ago,
There lived a poor woman.
She hadn't a dime in her pocket.
She knew not when she would eat.
Her roof lay a blanket of stars.
Each night,
Lying in the twilight.
Gazing up at the budding moon.
Stars would twinkle as then appear.
Songs of nature she would hear.
This women,
 She had not one fear.
Not like other's scared of night.
The blanket of Heavenly mysteries,
They were her atmosphere.
The moon,
Her beacon of light.
If each night the stars came out.
Just as light fights darkness.
Ways of the world are,
Written By, Melody Wilson ©2011