Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Act Of Life

Is the act of a mundane life worth living... I ask myself  odd questions a lot. For example: One thought that always comes to mind is depression and why do people get it? More exact... why do I get it on and off? We walk throughout this life. Some people walk at a steady pace, other's run and some walk slowly. However, we all have one thing in common. We each want something. Whether it be a house, money, a car, the newest electronic, etc. Is not there more important things about life then these? How about clean air, fresh air. What about a home with loved one's? It shouldn't matter what the house looks like. Ask yourself; is home where your heart is or where you lay your head? People now days seem to not appreciate the good things that are left in this world. They are often to busy with their materialistic things to stop and take in the wonder of all the good things around us that do not cost money. It is a shame when a kid does not know how to entertain themselves without a game controller, screen or phone in their hands. It is a shame when all an adult thinks about is money money money. I am aware that bills need to be paid and things of that nature, but take the time out to look and concentrate on other things. Life is worth more then bills. Life is worth more then money. The act of life is priceless and so is the things we should appreciate and love.

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