Sunday, July 10, 2011


Questions... Mysteries... The Unknown... History... All people of the human race seem to have an infatuation with their history. Things such as where they came from individually, their ancestry, where humans came from in general, where we started, and why we are here. We all ask these questions. I was thinking about this earlier as I was watching a show on the History Channel about ancient warriors. It came to my mind that we are each born onto this earth with no knowledge. We have to learn everything! However, all the answers are not there. We cannot simply get in the internet and expect to find all the right answers. So where do we get answers? In my opinion for me I try to go to the bible and ask God. Sometimes I also ask myself. Through meditation we can hear answers to many things. It is where the quiet lay that we find true peace and hope. So why not find answers if we are asking the right source. I as a Christian try to be weary of some things for fear that the devil may be behind it. I always try to visit God's light through my meditation. I would recommend this to anyone. However, the questions still remain and pile up. I doubt any of us will ever know all the answers until we pass over into the light. I want to leave you with one thought though... What if you could open a book right now and read all the answers to every question you ever thought of? What would you do if you could know everything now? Would you even truly want to know? I am not sure if I would, it would take the fun out of the mystery!

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