Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the Mind of a Character

When I find myself having an urge to write on a story it is almost as if the character is whispering their story in my ear... Of coarse not in a literal fashion, but in a figure of speech type of way. I begin to write and it seems as if everything around me becomes absent. All that is there is me and the story in my mind. Flashes of other places peer across my minds eye. I am almost there... I would compare this to the fact that everyone has a story to be told. I suppose even the characters in stories want to be known. If they could speak what would they say? What lessons would they want to tell others? Which part of their lives would they feel they want to share with others? Where are they from and where might they go? These are all questions that come to my mind when I think of a character. What do you think of? 


  1. Melody, beautiful blogsite! I love your poetic voice, and I too let my characters tell me their stories. Each chapter plays like a scene in a movie. I like to interview my characters to find out their fears, hobbies, favorite foods, and dreams for the future. Funny how real a fictional character suddenly becomes. Good luck with your blog. So far, so good.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think interviewing characters is a good idea. It probably helps the writer get a better picture of the one their writing about. Thanks again for commenting.


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