Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Afternoon Ramblings

          As the heat beats down outside on this July day I sit in an air conditioned room. Currently I am contemplating all sorts of subjects. My mind seems to wonder at times that I cannot control. I think about past people and how they would be outside on days as this sweating in the enormous heat. I think about how it would be if the human race never built the things we have now. We would all be like the Native Americans were. We would have to rely on the land, our instincts and God to survive. I think about how such a shame we may appear to be to other races of beings that may be watching us from the skies. 
          Again I am pulled to gazing out the window. No people are walking around outside and the hot wind is blowing the trees about. the sky appears to be threatening a storm perhaps later in the afternoon. I look forward to storms sometimes. Not the one's who will kill and destroy things... but the one's that make you feel the energy it gives off. The one's that makes one feel as if they are a small spec in a vast about of knowledge. So often the world appears to be small. However, it is in fact not small. We humans think small therefore the world around us appears to be small. Take a look at the Oceans and the vast amount of species therein which have not ever been seen. Yes, the world is not small.
          I sigh and take in a deep breath. I feel the effects of the hot weather on my lungs and think about getting a bottle of iced water. The things I think about I wonder if they mean anything? Will someone come across this blog and read my writing? Will they realize that they too think about these things and comment on something we have in common? I wonder if I am just rambling and if this means nothing? Sometimes it doesn't matter to me. Ramblings can cause wonderful writing at times and I am happy to get the urges to do so. 

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