Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heartmine Battle

The following poem was created for a book of mine titled "Heartmine Destiny". It shows a part of one of the battle scenes. If you are interested in reading the book it is posted at the following link. (As of Sept. 2011) not all chapters are finished and posted for preview. However about half of the book is and all are welcome to view. All comments are appreciated. It is updated regularly.

To read all currently posted chapters click the following link!

Heartmine Battle
Fire crashes in the distance
Light of the sun is down as darkness falls beyond
The knights of the battle in Heartmine fight for vengeance
Intruders push their armored bodies though the thick forests
A meadow of fireballs come into view
Heartmine knights are ready
Getting their swords and cannons hot
The intruding warriors fight their way dodging the blazing shots
War is never pretty
Beauty, hardly ever found
But in the middle of fighting it seems right all around
The Heartmine knights are strong with the two Princely brothers in lead
Reward has fallen upon them as intruders bleed.
Their lands are sacred; bountiful in many ways.
Their people are kind, but know when to attack the prey
The Kingdom of Heartmine sings the praise of victory
Safe in their lands the people shout for joy
The intruders are all gone by the tip of the sword.
 Written By: Melody Wilson ©2011