Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heartmine Destiny: The Heart Of The Writer

          Have you ever had a story in your mind and not knew what to do with it? If you have then I am sure you understand the urge to put that story on paper. Its almost as if someone is whispering their life in your ear. The words are there, but its up to you to paint the picture. With me I always want to know more about the people in the story. What were their lives like? Who were they? What were they all about? Where did they live? Why is the story so important to be told? I know, it sounds psychotic. Haha, but if you are a writer than you know what I mean.
          Since I was young I've wanted to write a book. I use to read all different types of books, and would always be entranced by the way the words played out in front of my eyes like a movie. It was better than a movie, and was a way for me to escape reality for a short time. I could be anywhere and do anything.
           Well, years later and after many different tries I've finally finished a book. The title came to me before the story did. What amazes me is when I began writing and developing the characters, how alike certain aspects were to real life people. But than again in other ways everything is 100% different. Its very hard to explain. Anyway, Heartmine Destiny is a romance based in a fantasy world. For me its hard to point out the main characters, because each one is a distinct part of the story. But I suppose the two main characters are Antony and Willow. Antony is the crown prince of the Heartmine Kingdom in the world of Willondove. He has a younger brother named Trevor, and the two of them are very close. Willow is a mysterious woman who is found in a forest, and has no memory of how she got there. Parts of her memories are blurred and she only remembers small parts of who she is. Antony is faced with some big decisions as the story progresses. The Heartmine Kingdom is faced with a war due to people who want to invade and take over the precious land. As much as Antony's father, King Earlton, doesn't want to send anyone out to fight he knows he will eventually have to. Besides the literal war slowly being fought in his land, he has a war raging inside of him. He's engaged to a woman who he doesn't love, because if he is to take the crown he needs to be married. But a woman of his past haunts his emotions. Renedy was a childhood friend, and was who he was originally intended to marry. She went missing when an accident happened. She fell into a portal to another realm and no trace was left behind. That ate at him for years, and he has pushed away those feelings for so long until recent. When Willow is found in the forest he becomes entranced with her. Slowly but surely he is faced with the decision to let love take charge again or hold back his feelings. Along with all of that Willow faces her quest to find her identity. She's faced with a strange world and people she doesn't know. Each look at her reflection reminds her that so much has been lost, and it urges her to find it. So the final question remains, Will fate unravel itself in this story of destiny, love, loss, and war? Or can fate be sealed like the lost pages of a book?
          I am so proud of this book. Its still beings edited for final errors, but is available as an ebook at the link below. After it is fully edited it will be available in paperback too. I ask myself this question though... If nobody ever reads this book will it still have been worth it all? My answer would be yes. I've enjoyed writing this book and learning how the story will end probably more than anyone else could. But isn't that the key to being a writer? You must love the words you write in order for them to mean anything. I end with this statement. If you want to write a book, do it! Don't worry about if anyone will ever read it or if its even good. Just write until you finish and than edit. Once its all said and done I'm sure you will have a masterpiece, even if your eyes are the only ones ever laid upon the pages.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Bible

          "What is the way to the abode of light? And where does darkness reside?" Job 38:19. This is a verse that makes me feel connected with something higher for some reason. We all have questions that we've asked, and chances are that we've all asked the same ones. That is one thing that connects us. The nature of humanity to ask questions. But another thing that connects all of us is the bible.
          Think about it? Its not just words written in a book. The bible is a collection of books that were written by many different people under the word of God. This book has stayed popular for centuries and chances are that most (if not all) your ancestors have either read or heard about the bible. I often read or talk about the bible with the man I am engaged to, Dwayne. It makes us feel happy and connected, I wonder if we had different beliefs would our relationship be this strong? I also often wonder if animals know about God? If some people say that some animals have heightened senses than isn't it possible for them to know about God? Thank you all for listening to my ramblings of the night. I pray that all of you have a wonderful day. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Photo Taken By Melody Wilson 2012
As the rain drips down from the cracks in the gutters above my window, I hear the wind blowing. The trees and bushes outside are being tossed around. The light pattering of the raindrops are heard, along with someone clanging pots and pans in the kitchen. I sit here next to my husband, who is playing a video game, and think to myself what I could do. Boredom is creeping in on me. Should I continue writing on one of my books, how about editing some of the pages? No. Should I play a video game? No. A rainy Sunday afternoon, 4:39pm to be exact. There isn't much to do. I look out the window under a cypress tree in the yard outside. Under is a bird who is probably trying to shelter itself from the rain. One look I take to the screen and back, now its gone. I continue wondering about what to do, and thoughts pass through my mind. I think about my life and where I am. I wonder if I have made any mistakes in the choices I chose. Some may say that I have since money isn't flowing from my pockets, but I say I haven't. In my mind I have made all the correct choices, give or take a few. I have a loving husband, our relationship is wonderful, and way better than my parents relationship. I can take pride in that fact. We are both healthy and have food to eat. Sure, we don't have a lot of money sometimes, but what does that matter? Does money make a person? No. Jesus was pretty much homeless and broke, but he was and still is the most blessed man in existence.
          A quiet Sunday afternoon with rain pouring outside. Sure, we needed the rain, but why do rainy days have to be so sleep? I think about all the animals outside. How do they shelter themselves and their young from the weather. In a bush by the front step is a nest with some eggs inside. The eggs have yet to be hatched, but I wonder if the mother is sitting with the eggs right now? One thing about rainy days is that they sure can make someone go nutty with boredom. Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Photo taken 2011  

         The place I live wouldn't be considered naturally beautiful without first taking a good look at the small nooks and crannies. Upon a glance you might say my neighborhood appears trashy, and I may not disagree with you. However, I feel that there can be beauty in everything.
         This is why I love gardening. You can add beauty to the ugliest landscapes on the planet. Even in a dense city people plant gardens on balconies or rooftops and create an oasis of wonder. Lately my fiance and I have been thinking about adding a few extra gardens to the front yard. I had the idea of extending the pathway from the front door to the driveway, but we don't have enough materials to fill in the pathway to make it pretty. Money is scarce lately and to go buy a bunch of rocks would be a silly thing to do. Our minds have been pondering how to make this pathway with seemingly nothing to fill it in with. I have thought about going to the beach and getting sand, but this would create a problem on windy days and in rain. I have thought about gathering a bunch of beach rocks, but that would take hours of work and a lot of time. Also, in rain the pebbles may be too slippery and cause us to fall. Not to mention the gas money it would take to get to and from the beach. It would appear that our pathway will have to wait.
          This got me thinking about life. We each have to keep going through life. There will be different roads we can take, but often times there are many smaller pathways too. Some may appear rough and not traveled on much, and others may be dug deep into the ground by the many steps it has witnessed. Sometimes the paths and roads may be filled with beauty, and other times they may be dark and scary. With so many paths to take how do we know which way to go? I think about when I was considering sand and pebbles for our path through the yard. The sand would be hard to walk through and may blow away through a windy day, and the pebbles would be hard to gather or be slippery. Each path we take in life will have good and bad consequences. Before choosing a way we should stop and consider. Of coarse both the sand and pebbles may be beautiful laid down through the green grass, but there are other things we must consider before choosing one over the other. In fact, both might be a bad choice. I thought about taking a chance and leaving the bare dirt, but that would look ugly. However, the bare dirt would be a safer choice then the sand or pebbles.
          I don't know exactly where I am going with this blog post. I simply had an urge to write about this subject. I wonder if through each aspect of our lives and with each step we take is there a deeper meaning. I think there is. We could be riding down the road listening to a song on the radio. The song on the radio could jog a memory and cause us to pick up our phone later and call an old friend to say hello. Calling that old friend could make their day and get them in a happier mood and ultimately help them choose a good decision over a bad one. Of coarse we could be considering adding a pathway to our yard and it spark a thought in our mind. That spark could lead to something amazing and unexpected. Life is funny like that... 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is Writing Enough

Is writing enough for those of us who wish to do nothing else with our working hours? Will writing put a meal on the table and keep a roof over your head? Is it an unreachable goal only set for those with immense amounts of luck? Can we who want writing as work consciously look forward to the day a paycheck will come and let us know that all of our hard work has been for something? What about those who don't care as much about the money. All they want is to know that someone read their story and liked it. Should that be enough for all of us? I think about how I long to be an author who actually gets paid for writing, but sometimes I doubt this will happen. I try to remind myself that there should be no room for doubt in anyone's mind, but I know I am not alone in these thoughts. Many people out there who love writing the written word long for it to be their job. Instead of slaving away on a job that has no meaning and drains the energy from our bones we wish to do what we love. Is the sacrifice that must be given for this life the amount of money we will receive in life or is money nothing but paper? Again I ask... Is writing enough? I would say yes, writing is enough for me. Even if I never get a paycheck. As long as my stories are being heard then I trust in God for everything else to fall into place. Is writing enough for you?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Live?

Have you ever wondered about your life? Or life in general? It seems dull at times. I sometimes thing to myself why do we live in this existence if there is nothing to live for. Then my words get slapped back in my face when I see my husband or my little kitty who is like my child. I then think about God and Jesus. God created us for a loving and beautiful existence with him and his Angels, but we humans messed it up. That is where Jesus comes in. He was our knight in shining armor and saved us from the damnation of sin and death. Can you imagine doing what he done?

Still at times I wonder if there should be more to life then getting up, eating, working, socializing, sleeping, and using the bathroom. Shouldn't their be more?! What about learning... Not school learning, but spiritual learning. What of the people of ancient times who had no schools like we have or modern stores. They had to learn and do everything on their own by the teachings of their ancestors. I feel like life has been hard throughout all of mankind's existence, but what are we destined for? Are we going to be with the angels or stay on this earth? My faith teaches that we will be Heaven Bound, but with all the people slamming other religions and telling you to be tollerant it is hard for anyone to stick to just one belief. I try my best, but even I get side tracked.

This is the good thing though... Even if and when we get side tracked into believing something different, because Jesus (The Son Of God) gave himself for our sins we can repent if truly sorry and be right back on track. Just Like That! Many people would say, "its not that easy. You must blah blah blah first." But if you live a life believing in God, Jesus, reading the bible, following its rules for loving one another, and treating each person with respect then what would be stopping you from entering this paradise called Heaven? If the bible says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16, then why shouldn't this be true for every soul who believes?

Like I stated before, I wonder if life is worth living sometimes, and each time I think that I realize it is worth living. I need to live with my soul mate and husband, I need to live for future people who I will meet and maybe change their lives, future children, sharing God's love, and much more. Even though I feel depressed a lot I know that life is more then gold and worth each and every cent!