Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Live?

Have you ever wondered about your life? Or life in general? It seems dull at times. I sometimes thing to myself why do we live in this existence if there is nothing to live for. Then my words get slapped back in my face when I see my husband or my little kitty who is like my child. I then think about God and Jesus. God created us for a loving and beautiful existence with him and his Angels, but we humans messed it up. That is where Jesus comes in. He was our knight in shining armor and saved us from the damnation of sin and death. Can you imagine doing what he done?

Still at times I wonder if there should be more to life then getting up, eating, working, socializing, sleeping, and using the bathroom. Shouldn't their be more?! What about learning... Not school learning, but spiritual learning. What of the people of ancient times who had no schools like we have or modern stores. They had to learn and do everything on their own by the teachings of their ancestors. I feel like life has been hard throughout all of mankind's existence, but what are we destined for? Are we going to be with the angels or stay on this earth? My faith teaches that we will be Heaven Bound, but with all the people slamming other religions and telling you to be tollerant it is hard for anyone to stick to just one belief. I try my best, but even I get side tracked.

This is the good thing though... Even if and when we get side tracked into believing something different, because Jesus (The Son Of God) gave himself for our sins we can repent if truly sorry and be right back on track. Just Like That! Many people would say, "its not that easy. You must blah blah blah first." But if you live a life believing in God, Jesus, reading the bible, following its rules for loving one another, and treating each person with respect then what would be stopping you from entering this paradise called Heaven? If the bible says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16, then why shouldn't this be true for every soul who believes?

Like I stated before, I wonder if life is worth living sometimes, and each time I think that I realize it is worth living. I need to live with my soul mate and husband, I need to live for future people who I will meet and maybe change their lives, future children, sharing God's love, and much more. Even though I feel depressed a lot I know that life is more then gold and worth each and every cent!