Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is Writing Enough

Is writing enough for those of us who wish to do nothing else with our working hours? Will writing put a meal on the table and keep a roof over your head? Is it an unreachable goal only set for those with immense amounts of luck? Can we who want writing as work consciously look forward to the day a paycheck will come and let us know that all of our hard work has been for something? What about those who don't care as much about the money. All they want is to know that someone read their story and liked it. Should that be enough for all of us? I think about how I long to be an author who actually gets paid for writing, but sometimes I doubt this will happen. I try to remind myself that there should be no room for doubt in anyone's mind, but I know I am not alone in these thoughts. Many people out there who love writing the written word long for it to be their job. Instead of slaving away on a job that has no meaning and drains the energy from our bones we wish to do what we love. Is the sacrifice that must be given for this life the amount of money we will receive in life or is money nothing but paper? Again I ask... Is writing enough? I would say yes, writing is enough for me. Even if I never get a paycheck. As long as my stories are being heard then I trust in God for everything else to fall into place. Is writing enough for you?