Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Photo taken 2011  

         The place I live wouldn't be considered naturally beautiful without first taking a good look at the small nooks and crannies. Upon a glance you might say my neighborhood appears trashy, and I may not disagree with you. However, I feel that there can be beauty in everything.
         This is why I love gardening. You can add beauty to the ugliest landscapes on the planet. Even in a dense city people plant gardens on balconies or rooftops and create an oasis of wonder. Lately my fiance and I have been thinking about adding a few extra gardens to the front yard. I had the idea of extending the pathway from the front door to the driveway, but we don't have enough materials to fill in the pathway to make it pretty. Money is scarce lately and to go buy a bunch of rocks would be a silly thing to do. Our minds have been pondering how to make this pathway with seemingly nothing to fill it in with. I have thought about going to the beach and getting sand, but this would create a problem on windy days and in rain. I have thought about gathering a bunch of beach rocks, but that would take hours of work and a lot of time. Also, in rain the pebbles may be too slippery and cause us to fall. Not to mention the gas money it would take to get to and from the beach. It would appear that our pathway will have to wait.
          This got me thinking about life. We each have to keep going through life. There will be different roads we can take, but often times there are many smaller pathways too. Some may appear rough and not traveled on much, and others may be dug deep into the ground by the many steps it has witnessed. Sometimes the paths and roads may be filled with beauty, and other times they may be dark and scary. With so many paths to take how do we know which way to go? I think about when I was considering sand and pebbles for our path through the yard. The sand would be hard to walk through and may blow away through a windy day, and the pebbles would be hard to gather or be slippery. Each path we take in life will have good and bad consequences. Before choosing a way we should stop and consider. Of coarse both the sand and pebbles may be beautiful laid down through the green grass, but there are other things we must consider before choosing one over the other. In fact, both might be a bad choice. I thought about taking a chance and leaving the bare dirt, but that would look ugly. However, the bare dirt would be a safer choice then the sand or pebbles.
          I don't know exactly where I am going with this blog post. I simply had an urge to write about this subject. I wonder if through each aspect of our lives and with each step we take is there a deeper meaning. I think there is. We could be riding down the road listening to a song on the radio. The song on the radio could jog a memory and cause us to pick up our phone later and call an old friend to say hello. Calling that old friend could make their day and get them in a happier mood and ultimately help them choose a good decision over a bad one. Of coarse we could be considering adding a pathway to our yard and it spark a thought in our mind. That spark could lead to something amazing and unexpected. Life is funny like that...