Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Photo Taken By Melody Wilson 2012
As the rain drips down from the cracks in the gutters above my window, I hear the wind blowing. The trees and bushes outside are being tossed around. The light pattering of the raindrops are heard, along with someone clanging pots and pans in the kitchen. I sit here next to my husband, who is playing a video game, and think to myself what I could do. Boredom is creeping in on me. Should I continue writing on one of my books, how about editing some of the pages? No. Should I play a video game? No. A rainy Sunday afternoon, 4:39pm to be exact. There isn't much to do. I look out the window under a cypress tree in the yard outside. Under is a bird who is probably trying to shelter itself from the rain. One look I take to the screen and back, now its gone. I continue wondering about what to do, and thoughts pass through my mind. I think about my life and where I am. I wonder if I have made any mistakes in the choices I chose. Some may say that I have since money isn't flowing from my pockets, but I say I haven't. In my mind I have made all the correct choices, give or take a few. I have a loving husband, our relationship is wonderful, and way better than my parents relationship. I can take pride in that fact. We are both healthy and have food to eat. Sure, we don't have a lot of money sometimes, but what does that matter? Does money make a person? No. Jesus was pretty much homeless and broke, but he was and still is the most blessed man in existence.
          A quiet Sunday afternoon with rain pouring outside. Sure, we needed the rain, but why do rainy days have to be so sleep? I think about all the animals outside. How do they shelter themselves and their young from the weather. In a bush by the front step is a nest with some eggs inside. The eggs have yet to be hatched, but I wonder if the mother is sitting with the eggs right now? One thing about rainy days is that they sure can make someone go nutty with boredom. Have a good day everyone!