Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heartmine Destiny: The Heart Of The Writer

          Have you ever had a story in your mind and not knew what to do with it? If you have then I am sure you understand the urge to put that story on paper. Its almost as if someone is whispering their life in your ear. The words are there, but its up to you to paint the picture. With me I always want to know more about the people in the story. What were their lives like? Who were they? What were they all about? Where did they live? Why is the story so important to be told? I know, it sounds psychotic. Haha, but if you are a writer than you know what I mean.
          Since I was young I've wanted to write a book. I use to read all different types of books, and would always be entranced by the way the words played out in front of my eyes like a movie. It was better than a movie, and was a way for me to escape reality for a short time. I could be anywhere and do anything.
           Well, years later and after many different tries I've finally finished a book. The title came to me before the story did. What amazes me is when I began writing and developing the characters, how alike certain aspects were to real life people. But than again in other ways everything is 100% different. Its very hard to explain. Anyway, Heartmine Destiny is a romance based in a fantasy world. For me its hard to point out the main characters, because each one is a distinct part of the story. But I suppose the two main characters are Antony and Willow. Antony is the crown prince of the Heartmine Kingdom in the world of Willondove. He has a younger brother named Trevor, and the two of them are very close. Willow is a mysterious woman who is found in a forest, and has no memory of how she got there. Parts of her memories are blurred and she only remembers small parts of who she is. Antony is faced with some big decisions as the story progresses. The Heartmine Kingdom is faced with a war due to people who want to invade and take over the precious land. As much as Antony's father, King Earlton, doesn't want to send anyone out to fight he knows he will eventually have to. Besides the literal war slowly being fought in his land, he has a war raging inside of him. He's engaged to a woman who he doesn't love, because if he is to take the crown he needs to be married. But a woman of his past haunts his emotions. Renedy was a childhood friend, and was who he was originally intended to marry. She went missing when an accident happened. She fell into a portal to another realm and no trace was left behind. That ate at him for years, and he has pushed away those feelings for so long until recent. When Willow is found in the forest he becomes entranced with her. Slowly but surely he is faced with the decision to let love take charge again or hold back his feelings. Along with all of that Willow faces her quest to find her identity. She's faced with a strange world and people she doesn't know. Each look at her reflection reminds her that so much has been lost, and it urges her to find it. So the final question remains, Will fate unravel itself in this story of destiny, love, loss, and war? Or can fate be sealed like the lost pages of a book?
          I am so proud of this book. Its still beings edited for final errors, but is available as an ebook at the link below. After it is fully edited it will be available in paperback too. I ask myself this question though... If nobody ever reads this book will it still have been worth it all? My answer would be yes. I've enjoyed writing this book and learning how the story will end probably more than anyone else could. But isn't that the key to being a writer? You must love the words you write in order for them to mean anything. I end with this statement. If you want to write a book, do it! Don't worry about if anyone will ever read it or if its even good. Just write until you finish and than edit. Once its all said and done I'm sure you will have a masterpiece, even if your eyes are the only ones ever laid upon the pages.

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