Monday, November 11, 2013

Ramblings Of A Night Owl

         I would say my life isn't very interesting. My day job is in retail, I am a Self-Published Author, and co-owner of two online shops (Moonlight Jewelers and Dark Secret Creations). I don't have any children, but I do have a handsome little kitty named Gizmo. There he is sitting on the bed wrapped up in the sheets.
He is no human child, but the little thing sure is needy, haha. Anyway I decided to put a little post on here telling you all a little about myself and my daily life. I usually post updates when it comes to my shops, books, poetry, or if I find something interesting to talk about. But I'm going to try rambling on about my thoughts. 
        One thing I know is I should be editing my second book. I guess you could say its finished, but it needs a few more scenes added in, tweaked, editing done to the grammar, spelling, and plot. The ins and outs of editing is a stressful process for me. I love writing the book, but editing it is an entirely different matter. It seems too much like work, but its worth it. My second book is "The Legend Of The Mystics". I've had this story idea for years! The story behind it is a long one, which I'm sure I'll be posting when its published. But its a story I'm happy to finally get down! Heartmine Destiny was my first book, and will always hold a place in my heart, but The Legend Of The Mystics will be entirely something else. I have so many story ideas, and books in the process of being started. It seems I don't have enough time. One might look at my life and see a young woman without children who has all the time in the world. It doesn't seem that way to me though? Maybe its just a matter of perspective?...
          Dark Secret Creations and Moonlight Jewelers are two shops I am proud to be co-owners of with my loving soon to be husband Dwayne. He has an Associates of Arts Degree in Business and uses it well with these two shops which take up a lot of our time. We cannot rush art or jewelry making. Its a process that has to have time. If you would like to check out the shops the links will be posted at the end of this entry. 
          A few other ramblings I would like to add is two shows that I am currently in love with. One is Ancient Aliens on the History Channel 2. I love this show so much! Its just so amazing to me. The concept of life outside earth is something I am assured of. How can we be the only beings out there. Well if you think about it we're not. Biblically speaking there is other beings out there. God, the Angels of light, Satan, and Angels of darkness. In our earthly perspective wouldn't they (not being earthlings) be considered "Aliens" in our human terms? The second show is Witches Of East End. This show has captured me! Its like Charmed but different. I adore it!
          I hope I haven't bored you to death with my ramblings. If your still trekking along these words I thank you. Please feel free to comment your personal thoughts about anything I mentioned or if you have an awesome show I should be watching on tv.

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Dark Secret Creations

Art, Photography, and Digital Art all by the same owners as Moonlight Jewelers. 
Citrine Galaxy
          This shop features some beautiful art and photography. Our Digital Art is a mix of photo software designs mixed with our own photography, fractal designs, etc. Coming soon will be some drawings and painting prints we've created. This shops name is Dark Secret Creations and we are the same owners as Moonlight Jewelers. As you know I am co-owner with my soon to be husband, Dwayne. We are proud to announce this new shop as officially open. Here is a few of our pieces. Some of the pieces are offered as Instant Downloads, and some are offered as physical Prints that will be sent with the option of framing. All prints will be done with Professional Quality Archival Ink and paper for a fade resistant long lasting look. Since we each have a different design when it comes to our art. You will see an array of pieces on here with different looks and designs. Each listing will specify who made the item. If you order a print we will add the title of the piece along with the date printed. Each print will be hand signed on the back. If you have any questions regarding products, specifications, etc please feel free to contact us on our shop site below. We will answer as soon as possible. 
Snowflake Cloth
Mystical Distant Galaxy

Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Things New Again: An Online Shop Specializing in Vintage and Handmade Items

     All things new again is a shop that is new to a website called Etsy. The owner is a woman named Gail who has always been a warrior. She has sold vintage items on ebay before, but wanted to branch out. Soon All Things New Again will have its own website to go along with the online shop. The future plans Gail holds her for shop has no limits. She quotes on her Etsy page 
     "Please come back to visit my shop soon! I'm just now sorting through my stock to set up. There will be lots of great vintage finds and unique handmade items too." 
     A few of her current items which are all vintage are men's shirts, women's blazers, Sandra Boynto Mugs, 
and baby bedding. All of her products she has on her shop are quality items, and have detailed descriptions describing each item. Her photo's let you see what you're getting without being out of focus. All Things New Again is a shop to keep an eye on. Much of her product comes from different places, but mainly is things she has held onto throughout the years. If you would like to know more about Gail and her shop All Things New Again please visit her at the following link. When her website is finished there will be a new post linking to her site.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moonlight Jewelers Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

     Moonlight Jewelers is an online shop that specializes in handcrafted one of a kind jewelry. My fiance and I are the owners. Its a home business based out of Delaware, USA. We've always tried to stay in tune with our creative side, and decided to share one of our outlets with the world. On our website's (link below) about us page we go into full detail about how our shop began, and short bio's on ourselves.
     We have many different styles from a Holiday Collection, Men's Collection (New), Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, and so much more in store. All we're waiting for is the time to make it all. All of the pieces we create are made with time and love. We will never hurry up a product just to make a sale. We also do custom designs upon request. For example: if you see an item in our shop, but would like it a different size or something of the like we will accommodate you. Or lets say you want a specific color bracelet. We can do that too for no extra cost other then the cost of materials and time put into it. Of coarse all that will be discussed.
Here is a collage of some of our current products in our shop. All of them are currently for sale so the pictures are subject to be sold. The rings on the top are all wire wrapped with quality products. The jewelry sets in the middle are so nice and are a lot price of $24 each! So if you are a one of a kind person and would like some one of a kind jewelry go check us out! Browse our store and see what we have to offer.
     Plus remember our September Coupon Code: SEPTEMBER2013 good for 10% off your purchase of $10 or more! All purchases over $20 will receive a FREE handcrafted jewelry gift retailing at the price of $10!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eyes On The Skies

Have you ever had a dream about a meteorite hitting earth? The large celestial rock travels down to our mundane earth, and destroys life as we know it. As your standing on the ground you walk on every day you stare up. The sky is just as it’s always been except for the next second you see a bright object streaking across the sky. At first you think, wow this is a beautiful sight. But then you realize, as it gets closer, how serious the situation is. The next thing you know everything has changed, and what began as a once in a lifetime astronomical event has transformed into a life altering catastrophe.
            Now of course that’s just an explanation of a dream, but it could happen. Nothing is guarding the earth from being hit by something that could ruin everything. Our telescopes are limited to what they can see when it comes to dark objects in the sky, and let’s be real about this. There is a lot of sky to search through for these meteors. Shooting stars occur every day and sometimes connect with the ground, but most of the time it’s over the ocean or in a low populated area. If they’re seen the media doesn't pick up the stories, because there is plenty more stories to cover that may be more interesting to the viewing public.
Recently the news has been talking about a few sky events that have happened. In the western Siberian sky on Friday February, 15th 2013 in Moscow, Russia. A meteor shot through our atmosphere with a blaze. It exploded with a force of 20 atomic bombs, and injured more than 1,000 people. The explosion blasted out windows, which created panic in the large city of 1 million people. Nasa reported that the meteor was about the size of a bus and weighed around 7,000 tons. It frightened and confused onlookers who shot videos which showed its streaming contrails as it came toward the horizon after sunrise.
            This happened about 9:20 a.m. in Siberian time, which was about 10:20 p.m. EST Thursday. It soared at a speed of at least 33,000 mph and once it exploded, it shattered about 18 to 32 miles up in the sky. The trail was about 300 miles long. You may ask what the damages were. Well the shock wave blew in about 1 million square feet of glass. City officials said 3,000 buildings in Chelyabinsk were damaged, and a zinc factory’s roof collapsed in a certain area. About 1,100 people had to get medical attention to treat injuries, and 48 were put in the hospital. The injuries were caused by flying glass from the shock wave  They were hurt because when an intense flash of light came so many people rushed to windows to see what caused it. Some say that the light was momentarily brighter than the sun! The meteorite fell in a reservoir outside Chebarkul, and left a 26 foot crater in the ice.
            Hours before the meteorite exploded in Russia a 150-foot asteroid passed within about 17,000 miles of Earth. This happened over the northern California skies at around 2.25 p.m. EST. The meteor caused no injuries, or at least none that were reported. This asteroid was named 2012 DA14, and came within 17,200 miles of Earth at the closest point. This is closer than many of the satellites that circle our planet! This was the closest approach of such a large asteroid.
            Nasa stresses that asteroid 2012 DA14 and the meteorite in Russia are non-related. Apparently it was a cosmic coincidence that happened on the same day within hours of one another. Hmm…. They also say that little is known about the meteor in the Bay Area of California. They don’t know where it came from. Certain officials say that such things are very faint in the sky and difficult to detect. It’s not impossible, but it’s really difficult.  
            Now could this have caused much more damage? Yes! Is their celestial events that happen like this every day, but simply occur over underpopulated areas or oceans? Yes!  Could they have been unrelated? Yes! I’m not saying that dooms day is here, but what I am saying is that we should all be aware! Let’s say that Nasa knew of a large meteor coming our way, and they thought it would hit Earth. Do you think they would say anything to us, and take a chance on a mass panic? No! I seriously doubt they would. People would be going crazy. I’m not trying to start a government cover-up blog or anything. But all I am saying is that this is creepy. This is two celestial events over well populated areas within hours of one another, what are the chances? What do you think? I know my conclusion.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Heartmine Destiny

I have recently accomplished something that I've always wanted to do. This dream was to publish a book, and with a lot of hard work and help that dream has came true. Heartmine Destiny began as a thought in my mind. Now that its finished I look back and smile. I did that, I wrote that all by myself! Well I did have help from my fiance Dwayne. He had a lot of good tips and ideas along the way, but it was my hands that typed it up. That means a lot to me! Dwayne even took the picture you see on the front cover. It is an area in our front yard believe it or not. So here is the description for Heartmine Destiny below. Even if I didn't write this story I would be a fan of it. Have you ever just had an urge to read a story and couldn't find a book to satisfy that need? Well this is my satisfaction. lol. If you are interested in purchasing this book then the links are below the description.

Heartmine Destiny is a romance that will awaken your need for love. Its based in the world of Willondove where Antony is the crown prince of the Heartmine Kingdom. For much of his life he has lived on the basis of destiny. Whatever happens in life is the result of fate. Until one day when a mysterious woman, Willow, is found in a forest. She has no memory of how she got there, and parts of her memories are blurred.

Antony is faced with some big decisions as the story progresses. The Heartmine Kingdom is coming towards a war due to intruders who want to take over the precious land. Antony's father, King Earlton, doesn't want to send anyone out to fight, but he knows he will eventually have to. Besides the literal war slowly being fought, he has a war raging inside of him. He's engaged to a woman who he doesn't love, because if he is to take the crown he needs to be married. But a lost woman of his past haunts his emotions. Renedy was a childhood friend, and was the woman he would grow up to marry. Until one fateful day when she disappears by falling into a portal to another realm with no trace left behind. This ate at him for years, and he has pushed away those feelings for so long until recent. When Willow is found in the forest he becomes entranced with her. Slowly but surely he is faced with the decision to let love take charge again or hold back his feelings.

Along with all of that, Willow faces her quest to find her identity. She's faced with a strange world and people she doesn't know. Each look at her reflection is a reminder that so much has been lost, and it urges her to find the missing pieces. So the final questions remain... Will fate unravel itself in this story of destiny, love, loss, and war? Or can fate be sealed like the lost pages of a book? All awaits with the turn of a page...

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