Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Things New Again: An Online Shop Specializing in Vintage and Handmade Items

     All things new again is a shop that is new to a website called Etsy. The owner is a woman named Gail who has always been a warrior. She has sold vintage items on ebay before, but wanted to branch out. Soon All Things New Again will have its own website to go along with the online shop. The future plans Gail holds her for shop has no limits. She quotes on her Etsy page 
     "Please come back to visit my shop soon! I'm just now sorting through my stock to set up. There will be lots of great vintage finds and unique handmade items too." 
     A few of her current items which are all vintage are men's shirts, women's blazers, Sandra Boynto Mugs, 
and baby bedding. All of her products she has on her shop are quality items, and have detailed descriptions describing each item. Her photo's let you see what you're getting without being out of focus. All Things New Again is a shop to keep an eye on. Much of her product comes from different places, but mainly is things she has held onto throughout the years. If you would like to know more about Gail and her shop All Things New Again please visit her at the following link. When her website is finished there will be a new post linking to her site.

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