Monday, November 11, 2013

Ramblings Of A Night Owl

         I would say my life isn't very interesting. My day job is in retail, I am a Self-Published Author, and co-owner of two online shops (Moonlight Jewelers and Dark Secret Creations). I don't have any children, but I do have a handsome little kitty named Gizmo. There he is sitting on the bed wrapped up in the sheets.
He is no human child, but the little thing sure is needy, haha. Anyway I decided to put a little post on here telling you all a little about myself and my daily life. I usually post updates when it comes to my shops, books, poetry, or if I find something interesting to talk about. But I'm going to try rambling on about my thoughts. 
        One thing I know is I should be editing my second book. I guess you could say its finished, but it needs a few more scenes added in, tweaked, editing done to the grammar, spelling, and plot. The ins and outs of editing is a stressful process for me. I love writing the book, but editing it is an entirely different matter. It seems too much like work, but its worth it. My second book is "The Legend Of The Mystics". I've had this story idea for years! The story behind it is a long one, which I'm sure I'll be posting when its published. But its a story I'm happy to finally get down! Heartmine Destiny was my first book, and will always hold a place in my heart, but The Legend Of The Mystics will be entirely something else. I have so many story ideas, and books in the process of being started. It seems I don't have enough time. One might look at my life and see a young woman without children who has all the time in the world. It doesn't seem that way to me though? Maybe its just a matter of perspective?...
          Dark Secret Creations and Moonlight Jewelers are two shops I am proud to be co-owners of with my loving soon to be husband Dwayne. He has an Associates of Arts Degree in Business and uses it well with these two shops which take up a lot of our time. We cannot rush art or jewelry making. Its a process that has to have time. If you would like to check out the shops the links will be posted at the end of this entry. 
          A few other ramblings I would like to add is two shows that I am currently in love with. One is Ancient Aliens on the History Channel 2. I love this show so much! Its just so amazing to me. The concept of life outside earth is something I am assured of. How can we be the only beings out there. Well if you think about it we're not. Biblically speaking there is other beings out there. God, the Angels of light, Satan, and Angels of darkness. In our earthly perspective wouldn't they (not being earthlings) be considered "Aliens" in our human terms? The second show is Witches Of East End. This show has captured me! Its like Charmed but different. I adore it!
          I hope I haven't bored you to death with my ramblings. If your still trekking along these words I thank you. Please feel free to comment your personal thoughts about anything I mentioned or if you have an awesome show I should be watching on tv.

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