Monday, September 22, 2014

Nature Infused Jewelry

As you may know I co-own two online shops with my fiance, Dwayne. One of those shops we sell handcrafted one of a kind jewelry. That shop is called Moonlight Jewelers. The shop is through a website called Etsy where many people sell handmade and vintage items and supplies. Through my travels on that website I've found some really amazing items. Some shops on there blow my mind away with the things people can create! This article is about an online shop owned and managed by my friend Whitney of the CraneGoose shop on Etsy.

This is Whitney her beautiful nature comes out in each of her pieces of jewelry. I got the pleasure of doing some business with her. I received a bangle style bracelet with bells and crystals hanging off. Around the entire bracelet wrapped with copper wire was faux leafy vines. The closure was wire wrapped. The bracelet is stunning and as the appearance of dew drop morning leaves. I also received a pair of dangle cuff earrings with a gemstone hanging from the bottom. That also has a leafy vine running through it. I am in love with earthy items and I am inspired by magic and fantasy. As many of you know I am also a writer and these types of items look like something that sprang straight out of one of my books. Below is the interview I had with her. She was very eager to get started!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your shop?

          I am 24 years old, married, and am an aspiring work-at-home wife. My husband Crane and I don't have any children, but we do have an adorable snow cornsnake named Unicorn. She is full of personality and daintiness, and we love her like family.
          Currently I work part-time in retail, but I plan to eventually work exclusively from home, running this business. My hubby supports me fully in my goals and dreams, and he often offers helpful suggestions and ideas for my shop. He makes an awesome business advisor.
          Both of us us dream of one day travelling all of North America in an RV, in one huge road trip. My hope is that then that day comes, I can continue to bring in an income during our travels with this shop.

        Well, my shop started when I made a couple of flower crowns for myself, and one of my friends really like them and told me I should sell them! So I started making flower crowns and listing them on Etsy. Eventually, as I became inspired by other things, my interest in flower crowns waned and I began making jewelry with a botanical twist instead.
        Every day, I am inspired by materials, color combinations, even music. So many ideas build up in my head that I have to write or draw them down onto a piece of paper. Not every idea is successful, but I have fun trying them out.

          Even though I have ideas written down all over the place, I find that my favorite pieces are things I've created on impulse. With the materials in front of me, and even while in the process of making something else, I'm suddenly overcome with an idea and it has to be made immediately! Like my Gemstone Plant Necklaces. There was no planning for those, they just... happened.
           I also strive to reduce waste and use up as much of my materials as I can, so I save my scraps until I find a way to incorporate them. It also helps me save money by challenging me to use what I have rather than going and buying more and more supplies. I believe that creativity thrives when fed a healthy dose of challenge.

That's amazing what inspirations do you have for your shop, and how would you describe it to a customer?

        I'm inspired by the freshness and vitality of plants. Put a potted plant or a bouquet of flowers in a room, and that room will instantly become a happier, livelier place. Similarly, one would wear my botanical jewelry and feel brighter and better.
        I also love the idea of juxtaposing the delicate appearance of leaves against the hard roughness of natural stones and crystals. Together, I find they play well together. They are both gifts from the earth. I am also deeply intrigued by the metaphysical properties of crystals, and love to incorporate that into my work.
        To a customer, I would describe my items as nature-infused jewelry. I always try to include an earthy element into my jewelry be it crystals, feathers, twigs, acorns, or leaves. No matter what, each one of my pieces will have at least one of these things.

These are some of her items. If you would like to go check out her shop the link is below. Rest assure when you order something from her you will get what you pay for! When I ordered my items they came in the cutest packaging. She really does take her time to present her items so you're happy as soon as you open the envelope! 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stargazing: As Escape From Reality

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          The universe that all life calls home is boundless and beautiful. The wonders that are out there never cease to amaze me. I love taking photos of the night sky. The picture to the left is of the August 2014 Super Moon. The small stars you see around the moon are the actual stars that my camera caught. I simply used a photo editing software to make their light a little brighter for our eyes to see. Of coarse the large star in the top left corner is computer generated, but is still beautiful nonetheless.
          When I first discovered Astrophotography I was completely amazed at how easy it really was to capture these beautiful moments in time. I don't have a camera worth hundreds of dollars. My fiance, Dwayne, got me one a few years back. It was on a super awesome sale for a little over $100. He had a little money left over from college expenses and wanted to do something nice for me. My camera is a Fujifilm Finepix S with 18x optical zoom. I don't have any attachments to increase the lenses for further zoom or nothing. However, as you can see by the photo it does the trick.
          Photos such as the one above are outstanding, because they let us see places that we cannot go as humans. They inspire stories, invoke mystery, and amaze the senses. Even if your not taking pictures of our beautiful night sky you can still see all its wonders with your naked eyes. One good tip when stargazing is to look but try not to completely focus your eyes. When we look directly at something we're using the part of our eyes that are most sensitive to color. However, when we look at something indirectly we're using the part of our eye that's most sensitive to faint light. This is easy simply try looking to one side of the object rather then directly at it.
         So the next time its a clear night try to go outside and see if you can see anything. If you live in an area that has a lot of lights, then chances are you won't see much. But its as easy as taking a ride to a less populated area. Try to get at least 1 mile away from the bright lights of night. You will be amazed at how calming it is. Sure, to some it may sound boring. But that's only because in our lives these days we constantly have things to entertain us. We always have something in our faces telling when to laugh or be sad. Our emotions are beginning to not be our own. Its good to purge ourselves from these things if only for an hour a week. Getting out looking up at the wild yonder above us is the perfect way to calm your mind. There is even free apps for your phones where you can download sky maps. Try using Google Sky Map. That is the best one I've seen so far. Its simple, un-distracting, and easy to use. Now get out there and find something beautiful! Escape from our fake forms of reality and experience the true nature of being human!

Blessings, Light, and Love to you all,