Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Energy All Around Us

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          Energy is everywhere at all times. Its in the air, out in the universe, in plants, and even man made items. Energy is also within us! I've always been into Metaphysical topics. As a child I would stare into the sky and watch the clouds or I might stare across the way into a forest or whatever was in the distance. I remember doing this a lot. Most of the time I wouldn't be thinking about anything really. At times I would even be in a trance like state looking at what I was seeing. What was I seeing? Of coarse I saw the objects of the seen world in front of me, but I also saw something else. It was like waves in the air and static like on a TV that has the white noise. I never knew what it was. I even asked some people and they didn't know what I was talking about. My mom would always think that maybe I needed glasses. Later on into adulthood I would find out exactly what I was looking at as a child!

          I was seeing energy floating through the air. How I cam about this knowledge is a long story, but to sum it up... I've found myself on a path of spiritual progression through a wide range of means. But mainly it is through progressing my own abilities as a seer or "psychic". I really dislike the term psychic. It makes you sound like some weirdo on a 1800 number. Anyone can call themselves Psychics so be weary on who you trust in the matters of readings. Anyway, Metaphyiscal teachings led me to find out that many of the things I did as a child could be considered a "gift". But we'll get into those on a later post. Energy can be seen by anyone! Its all a matter of focusing your eyes.

          Here's how you do it. Focus your eyes on something in the distance. It may be a wall, tree, flower, the floor, whatever it is just focus. Make sure you won't be too distracted though. Now focus your eyes on the in between. So you're not looking at the object anymore. Your looking at the space between you and the object. You're looking at the air! You may have to practice this for a while before you can get it down perfectly. But it will get easier with practice. Now that you're looking at the air just watch. You may find your mind not even focusing on anything else in the room. It may even seen like you went into a tunnel like state of vision. You will soon begin to see waves and the white noise that's on a blank TV channel. You might even see glistening spec that almost look like stars. This is the energy that's around you! Once you see what I just explained you have now successfully saw the invisible energy that is alive in everything!

        The picture about is of a yellow poplar tree in my front yard. I took this picture with a regular setting on a day when I felt the energy levels were at a high. I then zoomed in on the picture with my camera and noticed the bluish light around the limbs of the tree. You will even see a blur around the tree and leaves. This is the white colored energy. So in this picture you're seeing the natural energy of a tree that looks blue and whitish.
Copyright © 2014 Melody Wilson - All Rights Reserved
          The picture to the left isn't as prominent as the first one, but near the right of the portable speakers and glasses under the remotes you will see the blue color again. This is the energy of the remotes and speakers working. Its amazing isn't it?!

        I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any pictures of information to add about this natural energy please do so in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day!

Much Love and Light! Melody                  

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