Monday, December 29, 2014

Becoming In Tune With Your Inner Self / Higher Self

How does someone become in tune with their inner selves?

          This can be pretty hard to accomplish at times, because we're so caught up with our false realities of this world. All the technology bombarding us constantly. We cannot get a moments rest from it. So how do you know you need to become in tune with your inner self? There are a few key factors to let you know. Well basically everyone should know themselves spiritually. But if you are at constant odds with yourself this is a key factor. Perhaps you have an addiction problem, depression, anger, emotionally unstable, self doubt, self abuse, self discrimination, etc. Yes some of these problems should be taken to a doctor and addressed accordingly if they are severe. But knowing your inner self can stop these things from taking a hold of your life and controlling you. 

What can your inner self do for you?

          Your inner self or you may also know it as Higher Self can do many beneficial things for you if only you learn to listen to its voice. First of all you will have to take a moment each day to dedicate to silence. How can we expect to hear a small inner voice when we constantly have technology screaming in our ears. You can take this moment of silence and reflection while your driving in your car, on a bathroom break, or any time of the day where you can find a quiet area to sit and relax. You don't have to do anything special. Just sit down and enjoy being by yourself and in the company of yourself. Thoughts will begin to manifest themselves. This is good, just let the thoughts come and go as they please.
          Your inner voice can help by telling you things that are wrong. Perhaps you find yourself in a sticky situation. Your inner voice may be able to help you see a way out of it. It will shed light on the places of your life that seems darkest. The more you listen to your inner self, the more beauty you will end up finding in this sometimes dreary world we live in. The silver linings of life will soon become easier to spot. You will also end up having a fond love for yourself and find the longing to love yourself that so many of us have lost. 

What steps do I take to developing this inner voice?

          Like I said before you have to start with taking yourself away from technology for a period of time each day. You can explore various meditations, listen to calming music, spend time out in nature, etc. One very good way to become in tune with yourself is my writing. This is a technique I began to use from an early age. I was in 6th grade when one of my teachers shared this experiment with us. He said to take a moment each day to sit and write. Even if its just 5 minutes a day. Just sit down with a pen and paper and write until your hand hurts so bad you cannot stand it. You write anything that comes to mind. It will be gibberish at first, but the more you continue without stopping the more you will see. You will realize the words that are coming from your hand are streaming from a spot deep down inside yourself. This is the spot where your inner self resides. The words will slowly turn from gibberish into amazing messages.

          I am sure these tips will help you realize how much you need your inner self. Its that small voice deep down inside that can tell you miraculous things. If you follow these small little tips I am sure you will find yourself becoming more in tune with your inner self or higher self. These tips are intended for beginners. If you would like to know more tips if you are advancing with your inner self or have any questions simply ask. I would love to be of assistance to you.

Thank you very much for reading
Much Love & Light To You