Sunday, December 27, 2015

Autistic People Are Different From Everyone Else

Is This True?
What Is Autism
          Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child's life. These signs often develop gradually, though some children with autism reach their developmental milestones at a normal pace and then regress. The diagnostic criteria require that symptoms become apparent in early childhood, typically before age three.
          Autistic individuals display many forms of repetitive or restricted behavior, which the Repetitive Behavior Scale-Revised (RBS-R) categorizes as follows. For example, a young boy with autism who has arranged his toys in a row this stereotype is repetitive movement, such as hand flapping, head rolling, or body rocking. Compulsive behavior is intended and appears to follow rules, such as arranging objects in stacks or lines. Sameness is resistance to change; for example, insisting that the furniture not be moved or refusing to be interrupted. Ritualistic behavior involves an unvarying pattern of daily activities, such as an unchanging menu or a dressing ritual. This is closely associated with sameness and an independent validation has suggested combining the two factors.
Restricted behavior is limited in focus, interest, or activity, such as preoccupation with a single television program, toy or game. Self-injury includes movements that injure or can injure the person, such as eye-poking, skin-picking, hand-biting and head-banging. No single repetitive or self-injurious behavior seems to be specific to autism, but only autism appears to have an elevated pattern of occurrence and severity of these behaviors.

Autistic People Are Different
        I had recently been inspired to write about this topic due to a question which was asked by a client. I am not going to go over the details of the reading and what exactly was asked, but this was a topic I wanted to touch base on. This client had it set in their mind that their children was different and they wanted a way to make their children like everyone else. Right from the start I questioned whether or not to proceed, but I followed my heart. It took me an entire day to figure out the best possible answer for this question. Do I go over ways to make their kids normal? Should I list a variety of treatments she should try? Surely her doctor handles that... Then I realized the most obvious thing. This person's children was not the one with the problem, it was the parent for assuming that their children was different. 
           I have the pleasure of knowing a wonderful person who is Autistic and she lives a happy and full life. I have worked as a cashier in the past and have came across people with Autism. I tell you this, they are more "normal" than most "normal" people are. I went into the question explaining how this person's children were no different from any of the other children. I explained to her that she should release that thought, because having a parent who see's their kid as so different from the other's would ultimately not be what's best for the child. Now in no way am I bashing this person, and in no way am I telling this person how to raise a child. I am not a parent. But I do know one thing. If someone who was wheelchair bound for the rest of their life came into a store. Would you see that person as so different from anyone else? Sure they need accommodations for their handicap, but are they "different"? No, they are not different and neither are Autistic people. Sure they learn differently and may experience life differently in ways, but are the literally different? Should they be categorized as not like the rest? Hell No!! 
        I hope this message reaches people who really need this information, and I hope that you accept this view. People with Autism are just like you and me. They shouldn't be treated any differently. Thank you and have a blessed and beautiful night!!

Cosmic Blessings,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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Galactic Calendar From The Federation Of Light, Galactic Information Monthly

Galactic Information Monthly
December 2015

Channeled Message:

           Many good things are occurring here on earth. We are prepared to give you this information, because we know that it will be beneficial to you. Healing energies will be released, and this will be in more than just the physical plane. Your Emotions and Spirits will also benefit from this. This is due to some of our ships being deployed out to send the healing energies around the earth. They will go wherever the energies are the lowest. On another note full global disclosure of information is soon going to be finalized. We are in the ending stages of some amazing things. We acknowledge that many things are happening on your planet, and war is in the minds of some. The governments of humanity believe they have the upper advantage, and we cannot reveal everything. But know that we are on the upswing, and we have plans coming forward. In the coming months many of you will notice events occurring, some of these will be bad, and some will be covered up. Some of these will have to do with “alien” and “ufo”, as you call them, sightings. There will be knowledge coming forward, and you will be safe to know that this is us. We are for the betterment of humanity; we are for global peace and cosmic love. We are here to connect all with the realms of light through way of ascension. Embrace and continue to learn love children!!   

Galactic Calendar:
*Any dates that are not seen are regular days*

Today the moon is in its last quarter, the waning moon. This is when the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This is a time for spells that banish, release, and reverse. This is a time to break bad habits or bad addictions, to end bad relationships. This is a time of deep intuition and a time for divination. Be sure to review endeavors and correct mistakes, settle disputes and make amends.

There will be some light codes released today from the starship being close to earth. They will be releasing energy on this day to prepare us for the entire month ahead.

Crystal energy, coding uploads, and advancements will be boosted tonight due to 2012 WA13 which is an asteroid passing closely by the earth.

Today Comet C/2014 S2 (PANSTARRS) is forecast to reach its brightest in the sky. This will not be visible to all, but this comet will bring some much needed rejuvenation energy for us all. This day brings a coming time when energies will be moving higher.

Crystal energy, coding uploads, and advancements will be boosted tonight due to 2012 VZ145 which is an asteroid passing closely by the earth.

On this day Comet C/2015 S2 (PANSTARRS) will make its closest approach to the Sun. This will be like a boost for shooting the energy around our solar system. This day, and the coming days will be a perfect time for channeling sessions with the Galactics and higher beings. This will be a wonderful time for spiritual purposes. Also the Puppid-Velid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity, about 15 per hour. This shower is known to increase the energies of earth by way of solar waves. Today will be a powerful day. Expect increased energies in the days to come.

Today Comet 204P/LINEAR-NEAT will make its closest approach to the Sun. The Galactics are saying that this Comet will help open a portal to prepare for the energetic uploads to go along with the energy of the New Moon. This will also be in effects tomorrow and the day after.

Today is the New Moon or Dark Moon which is when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun and therefor hidden.  This is a time of new beginnings and new undertakings. A soothing time of rest and planning for new beginnings; new growth; love, the beginning of or renewing of; bringing things in; regeneration; give thanks. Put ideas in motion, become engaged, and make long term relationship plans. This is a time to set new goals and review old ones for both the long and short term, and relates to the planting of the seeds. Crystal energy, coding uploads, and advancements will be boosted tonight due to 1998 WT24 which is an asteroid passing closely by the earth.

Across much of the world the Milky Way’s dwarf companion, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), in Dorado, will be well placed for communication and observation. It is expected to reach its highest point in the sky around midnight local time. It is expected that this portal of communication will remain open for the week after this day.

This day may pose as stressful for those attached to mundane things such as cellphones, computers, etc. There is no bad energy causing this, but there will be some increased solar energies on this day. This will be raising the vibrations of those awakened and lowering others. This shift should only last a day, but the effects may be felt days after. This is ultimately good.

The Germinid Meteor Shower will reach its maximum rate of activity today. Some of the stars are expected to be visible from Dec 7- Dec 16. In a dark location you can see about 100 per hour. This is a very big event. This shower comes from the constellation Gemini. So Gemini’s may feel this a bit stronger, but all should feel its effects very well. A portal of communication will be open and this shower is the key. Medium Channeling with higher entities will be open well and spiritual ascensions and uploads will too.

The open star cluster NGC 1981 in Orion's sword will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. This brings forth feelings of cosmic love to all. Also communication with the Orion high council and all other entities from this area will be strongly opened. This will be like a wormhole of connection. Astral Travelers can take advantage of this and go exploring. Have fun and see what comes up!

The Moon is at First Quarter; Waxing Moon which means the moon is getting larger in the sky, moving from the New Moon towards the Full Moon. This is a time for spells that attract, that bring positive change, spells for love, good luck, growth. This is a time for new beginnings, to conceptualize ideas, to invoke.

Prepare for the days ahead on this day by purging yourselves from mundane things such as technology, even if you can only do this for a few hours. Spending some time outside will also do many people well. If you feel rather clogged emotionally today, then go get some fresh air and meditate.

Today is the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. This time is a Holiday to most, but the Solstice is a Wiccan and Pagan day of celebration. This day will have good energy. Also the Ursid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity today. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from 17 Dec to 25 Dec. But the full moon being close may decrease visibility. This shower comes from Ursa Minor, so keep this in mind for your spiritual needs and intergalactic channeling.

Crystal energy, coding uploads, and advancements will be boosted tonight due to 2011 YD19 and 2003 SD220 which are asteroids passing closely by the earth.

The Full Moon is tonight which is when the moon has reached its zenith, it forms a perfect silvery sphere in the sky. This is a time for spells that transform, increase psychic ability, for fertility spells and invocation to lunar goddesses. This is a time of strength, love and power. This is a very intuitive and productive time in Fertility; Magic; Dreams; Meditation; love; Matters of the home; Beauty; Money; Creativity; Psychic abilities, and is a time of heightened feelings. This is not a good time for major decisions. Major workings should occur now. This is the climax of the moon power. Also Asteroid 27 Euterpe will be well placed for observation, lying in the constellation Gemini. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. This is a good balance to go with the moon energy.

The Puppid–Velid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity tonight. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from 17 Nov to Jan. The maximum rate of meteors expected to be visible from a dark location is around 15 per hour. This will be good for boosting coding uploads and crystal energy.

For all those awakened spiritually, you can expect some good meditations to come through today. This is a gift from the Galactics and higher realms of light. Use this to your advantage and do some vision questing.

The open star cluster NGC 2232 in Monoceros will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. This is a good time for intergalactic channeling from this region of the sky.

The open star cluster NGC 2244, in the rosette nebula in Monoceros, will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. This is a good time for intergalactic channeling from this region of the sky. Crystal energy, coding uploads, and advancements will be boosted tonight due to 2008 CM which is an asteroid passing closely by the earth.


Today and tomorrow will be wonderful days for Astral Traveling. If you are aware of what this is and know how, then take advantage of this energy and do some adventuring in spirit form. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Symbolism And Effects Of The Moon

The moon is a powerful symbol of the Triple Goddess, known commonly in Wicca, who represents spiritual growth of wisdom. These stages are also a reflection of the four lunar phases, the new moon, the waxing moon, the full moon, and the waning. Just as the moon is the mother of the universe, representing the feminine powers of the cosmos, so the sun is opposite and represents the masculine forces that surround us and infuse us with the power of the Gods. Purely in it's own right, the power of the moon and the timing of its phases can either enhance or disrupt our bodily rhythms and our lives. The moon has such a large effect on everything. It makes the waters go from high tide to low, fish spawn by the phases of the moon, and it is a reflection of light in an otherwise dark time. Our bodies are made up of a good amount of water. Thus the moon has a gravitational pull on us, as well as the ocean. The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. It is one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar System, and among planetary satellites the largest relative to the size of the planet it orbits. It is the second densest satellite among those who densities are known. Many things about the moon are unknown. It has been the topic of conversation since the beginning of time. But have you ever considered the spiritual effects of the moon?

New Moon
The dark of the moon, when the moon is invisible, is the most effective for casting spells concerning New Beginnings, and the launch of new projects. It is generally a time for taking new paths and making fresh plans established on the basis of past experiences. The influence of the New moon can also boost ambitions and careers, so it is a productive time for sowing the seeds of success. During the New moon, money spells, and work spells stand a better chance of being fulfilled than at other times. It is generally a good time for spending money and speculating with a view towards the future. Those who have experienced problems should take advantage of the valuable time.

Waxing Moon
The waxing moon is the period between the New moon and Full moon. This is a special time for expansion and growth, and accumulating strength. It is also an appropriate time for preparing your magical spells for the most promising time, which is the three days before the moon is full. The waxing moon aids the accomplishment of any undertakings, whether of a practical or spiritual nature. For witches it is a time for quests for empowerment and a period in which to enhance our magical powers and our perception of the other world. In fact, the closer we come to the Full moon, the stronger and more aspiring are our intuitive powers, which in turn, leads to a new level of awareness.

Full Moon
The Full moon is the most fortuitous time, especially when it's approaching the witching hour of midnight. Your inner strength and magical powers will be at their peak. Casting love spells during the Full moon assures enchanting outcomes, so if you yearn for more love in your life, now is the time to transcend your desires into the cosmos. The full moon is also the most appropriate time to give recognition and to pay tribute to the spirits that guide and protect you. During this period, the extrovert aspects of our character begin to appear more outgoing and receptive towards others. So use this time wisely and crystallize your spells into rewarding experiences.

Waning Moon
This is the period when the moon journeys from Full to New moon. Casting spells for removing problems, eliminating trouble, neutralizing adversaries and causing harm is most effective when the moon is on the wane. Protection spells for yourself, your loved ones, home and material possessions are also best cast at this time. It is also a time when our bodies are most susceptible to cleansing, so it is a good time to cleanse yourself through the process of detoxification. This can be best achieved through healing and herbal remedies, such as healing teas. Diet and exercise also become easier during this time and results tend to last longer.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Two Of Wands Card Of The Day

Two Of Wands
          We see a young man facing two wands that are now firmly placed in the ground, showing that his project has become more established. He looks between them, far beyond into the horizon, contemplating his future plans. The vegetation in health, lush, and vibrant, which brings a sense of optimism. The two deer gazing back at him, with equal contemplation, mirror the two wands. Two can symbolize the possibility of outside influences, perhaps in the form of a partnership. The fork in the road shows future choices and decisions that will need to be made as progression is made. 
        Having moved forward from the energy and ideas that the Ace brought, the Two of Wands shows that the initial stages have progressed to get the project off the ground. While the Ace is a wonderful card in theory, it cannot become significant if the energy is not manifested into reality. As with all new ventures, you need to focus your future plans and put in the required amount of effort to succeed. But the presence of this card shows that the potentiality exists. The energy of the Two may also indicate a partnership; collaborations and negotiations with others may be significant to your project, so these are worthy of consideration. The Two of Wands is a positive card that shows you moving in the direction of your goals and ambitions. 
        Twos of any suit are often about balance. It will be important for you to keep your balance in every way that you can - even to the mundane, boring things like eating right and getting enough rest. These things will be very helpful to you during this time. The two of Wands also often indicates a partnership with one other person. This can be business or personal, or both. In general the two of Wands reminds us to stay mindful of the give-and-take required for all successful relationships. If things are feeling "out of balance" for you in general now, know that they are about to get substantially better. Keep your eyes on the prize that you're looking for, metaphorically, and remain or get positive. You're about to fit things together in new or unusual ways. Work is about to get a lot smoother, and if you're looking for employment, you are about to find the right fit. Don't let anyone knock you off your stride. You're more together and balanced than you might realize, work-wise.
        For matters of love if you're already in a relationship, it's about to get a lot more equal. Pay attention to your ideas about equality and balance and share them. If you're looking for love, someone who could be very good for you is already likely part of your life. Don't judge a book by its cover. If someone is interested in you, give them a chance. This relationship could be just what you're looking for.Your income and outgoing is moving toward a better state of balance. The two of Wands indicates fairness and equality, don't hesitate to ask for what you are truly due or worth. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how much you can improve your financial situation. The theme of balance particularly holds true for this card in terms of health. Energy work aimed at balancing your chakras and/or your body/mind/spirit is particularly effective and helpful health wise now. Are you paying adequate attention to all three? If not, now's the time. The benefits are far greater than any effort you can put out. Your health is most likely in better shape than you fear. A spiritual partnership with just one other person may be greatly beneficial to you now. Remember too that you are also always spiritually in partnership with yourself as well. Remember to take time and space to care well for yourself spiritually and emotionally. This is an essential ingredient to having spiritually successful relationships with others. Start with yourself.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Galactic Information Monthly November 2015, Galactic Federation Of Light Messages

Galactic Information Monthly
November 2015

The following information was guided from the Galactic Federation Of Light, and all those who are for the betterment of Humanity. During this month there is a very good chance of geomagnetic storms near the beginning of the month. These chances lower as we progress into the middle of the month. This is due to a fast-moving stream of solar winds. This will hit Earth’s magnetic fields. This will increase Northern Lights, so be on the lookout for those. But this will also bring a strong heightening of energy waves. This month will be a bit key in spiritual advancements and ascensions as well as coding uploads. This whole month will be a good chance to see meteors and fireballs in the sky. None of these pose much of a threat, but they will aid in the flow of energies. In fact, these meteor showers add to the energy waves. This month many will feel a flow of knowledge coursing through them. This month holds a lot of events, and you will notice a lot of high energy points. For any of the dates that are not mentioned, you can expect these days to be low to normal. The beings from the Galactic Federation Of Light give us this information so we will know the associations of the events in our solar system. With this knowledge we can prepare ahead, and know what is to come. They urge us all to keep our minds focused on the higher perspective. This is a month about separating one’s self from ego and the lower self. For those who are still holding strongly to mundane earthly connections, the Galactic’s want to remind that this is holding back your potential to connection with the higher self. Connection with the higher self is the ultimate form of knowledge and it the destination of where we all should be. Take this month as a chance to aid in your own advancements. During days of increased energy, ascensions, advancements, coding uploads, know that connecting with nature is the best and fastest way to feel these effects come through stronger. There will be many points during this month where opportunities for smooth channeling sessions will be easier. Keep this in mind and be alert to all visions, meditations, dreams, and messages that come through. Log them down so you will remember them!

Spiritual Awakening/Ascension/Advancement Uploads & Coding Days:
November 4th, 20th, and 29th.

Galactic Calendar:
11/1 Today leading into the few days following, the dwarf spheroidal galaxy named Fornax will be open to communication through channeling. This will be harder for beginners. But to anyone who channels regularly, be aware that some information and messages may come through from some of the life forms from this area.

11/3 Venus and Mars will make a close approach of one another today. This brings together the energies of both. Venus is associated with love, beauty, gentleness, and well-being and mars is associated with combative energy, virility, action, courage, and boldness. In addition to those, the moon will be at its last quarter. So when those two make a conjunction it is very strong, but mixing this with the moon’s last quarter it is even stronger! The energy levels of today will be extremely heightened.

11/4 Comet P/1999 R1 will make its closest approach to the sun. This comet will unleash some upload rays which will be carried to us through the sun’s rays. We will be able to feel these over the next few days following this event. In addition, this comet will reach its brightest on this day. However, it will not be visible due to the closeness to the sun.

11/5 The Taurids Meteor Shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on this night. The shower runs annually from September 7 to December 10. The maximum rate of meteors will be about 10 per hour. This shower will be sharing energy waves with us, which will benefit our energy levels. This will boost any advancements or coding uploads that anyone is currently going through.

11/6 Asteroid 39 Laetitia will be well placed for observation, lying in the constellation Cetus, well above the horizon for much of the night. Regardless of your location on Earth, 39 Laetitia will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. In addition, the moon and Jupiter will make a close approach of one another. This brings their energies together. The moon is associated with fertility, imagination, memory, dreams, the unconscious, and moods. Venus is associated with love, beauty, well-being, and gentleness. As these two events collide in the night sky, we can expect much heightened energy to flow through. As 39 Laetitia resides in Cetus, its energy will be aiding in a portal opening. This will help communication from Cetus to flow through. Since the moon and Jupiter has associations which aids in third eye openings and psychic intuition, this should make a smooth ride for channeling sessions with the life forms from Cetus.

11/7 The conjunction between the Moon and Mars will bring these two close to one another. The moon is associated with fertility, imagination, memory, dreams, the unconscious, and moods. Mars is associated with combative energy, virility, action, courage, and boldness. In addition the conjunction between the Moon and Venus will happen as well, which gives the energies of Venus to aid us. Venus is associated with love, beauty, well-being, and gentleness. The Moon will also reach its furthest point along its orbit to the earth, and as a result will appear slightly smaller than at other times, this is called its apogee. These events all mixed together mean that Venus and Mars will have a stronger effect on us than the moon, but each will be almost balanced. We can expect energies to be a bit conflicting during this day.

11/10 Comet 10P/Tempel is going to reach its brightest on this night. This will begin a much needed cleansing energy for us all. This month so far will have had a lot of events, so a cleansing period will be needed.

11/11 The New Moon has come, and this will aid in the period of cleansing for us all. This will be a wonderful time to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters in the night sky because there won’t be any moonlight to interfere. Take a break during this time so focus on rebalancing things.

11/12 This is a small reminder that the Taurid Meteor Shower is still going on. So remember that this will boost any advancements or coding uploads that anyone is currently going through. Remember that this shower is named for the constellation Taurus, because they seem to radiate from this part of the starry sky. So Taurus’s might feel this energy a bit stronger.

11/13 The moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth will carry it to its closest point to the Sun, its perihelion. The moon will show as a crescent shape. This is still a good time for spiritual cleansing, and it a wonderful chance to evaluate emotions.

11/17 Mercury will appear very close to the Sun in the sky as it passes around the far side of the solar system from the Earth. This is its superior solar conjunction. Mercury is associated with intellectual capacity, thought processes, comprehension, learning abilities. In mythology Mercury was the messenger of the Gods. So we can use this bit of information as a hint that many messages of importance will be coming through.
11/18 The Leonid Meteor Shower will reach its maximum rate on this night. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible from November 15th through the 20th. But the peak is on this night. It should produce about 15 meteors per hour at its peak. It is a unique shower because it has a cyclonic peak about every 33 years where hundreds of meteors per hour can be seen. The last of these occurred in 2001. The Leonid’s is produced by dust grains left behind by comet Tempel0 Tuttle, which was discovered in 1986. It runs annually from November 6-30th. Meteors will radiate from the constellation of Leo, but can appear anywhere in the sky. This will bring a strong energy, and we can all expect some energy uploads. Leo’s may feel these stronger. In addition, the Pleiades open star cluster, M45 in Taurus, will be well placed for observation. This will also be a wonderful night for openly flowing channeling sessions with the Pleiadians, and all life forms from this area.

11/19 The moon will be at First Quarter on this night. Channeling sessions and other forms of spiritual or psychic work will have an easier flow.

11/20 Asteroid 192 Nausikaa will be well placed for observation in the constellation Perseus. Regardless of your location on Earth, it will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. We can expect for an energy portal to be open which creates a stronger connection. Channeling sessions with life forms from Perseus will flow a bit easier tonight and a few nights hereafter.  In addition Mars will be at its furthest point to the sun, its aphelion, and this means that associations with Mars will be weaker. Mars brings associations of combative energy, virility, action, courage, and boldness. So if people are not careful, there could be some arguments happening. Choose your words wisely on this night, but for the most part energies will be calming.

11/22 The Moon and Uranus will make a close approach of one another. This brings their energies together. The moon is associated with fertility, imagination, memory, dreams, the unconscious, and moods. Uranus is a dynamic and brutal energy and is associated with independence. Uranus also brings about sudden and unforeseeable changes, new situations, revolutions, and disruptions. So expect some confusing energy flows to be apparent.

11/23 The moon will reach the closest point along its orbit to the Earth, and as a result will appear slightly larger than at other times. This is also considered a Super Moon. Expect the energies of the moon to be very strong. The moon is associated with fertility, imagination, memory, dreams, the unconscious, and moods.

11/25 Mercury’s orbit around the Sun will carry it to its furthest point away from the sun which is its aphelion. Energies from this planet will be a bit weaker. Mercury is associated with intellectual capacity, thought processes, learning abilities. However, the moon will be full on this night. The moon is associated with fertility, imagination, memory, dreams, the unconscious, and moods. So this will overpower the effects of Mercury a bit, and we can expect a heightened urge to embrace spiritual matters over earthly matters. Also sightings will be heightened tonight. Keep your eyes to the skies!

11/29 Venus’s orbit around the Sun will carry it to its closest point to the Sun, its perihelion. Energies from this planet will be stronger. Venus is associated with love, beauty, well-being, gentleness, affections, romance.

11/30 From Earth, Saturn will appear very close to the Sun in the sky as it passes around the far side of the solar system from the Earth. This will heighten the planets energies. Saturn is associated with lessons to be learned, ordeals to be undergone, concentration, ambition, maturity, wisdom, and also brings the message to slow things down.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Following The Spiritual Path

          For those of us on a spiritual path of some kind it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Sure there seems to be a lot of responsibility, but it doesn't have to be unpleasant. Many people hear the term "spiritual work" and feel that this is indeed work. Most people associate work with negative emotions, and being somewhere or doing something which you don't want to do. But for me I do not see my spiritual work as work at all. I feel it is more of a blessing or a duty. For example recently we had some issues with our Dark Secret Creations Etsy shop being down. This really upset me, and I was genuinely upset to be in the predicament which I was in. I could not reach some of my clients, and those who contacted me were very distraught when they couldn't find our shop. Our shop was down for an entire week, and I was very saddened because I could not help those people. I couldn't help them, and that made things so bad. When I found out that while the shop was down they could not even send us an Etsy message I felt even worse!! It was then that I realized how deep my love for my spirituality runs. It wasn't really about the money, it wasn't about those lost sales, it was about those people with very important questions and burdens who were seeking out some assistance and I could not help because they could not reach me. 
        I recently realized all of that and I came upon the realization that this was my full calling, but just because I am a spiritual worker does not mean that I cannot have other goals. In my journey here I have come to realize that sometimes when people think of a psychic, medium, etc. they think that their gifts are their entire life. They see spiritual workers as only being able to do that. It is my understanding that some find it very hard to balance their spiritual lives with the rest of their lives. Yes, I admit, these kind of gifts can be a bit time consuming, but it doesn't have to be stressful and it doesn't mean that you cannot have other things to want to accomplish. 
        For example I have many goals for my website, and I also have many goals for this website. The other aspects of my spiritual calling I also have goals set out for, but this is only one fraction of what is going on inside my head. There is many other things that I would like to accomplish. For some reason I have always wanted to be a waitress, and one day I will get a job doing that. I have worked in restaurants, but never as a waitress. I also want to continue my path of being a writer. I have many book ideas floating around my head. They are each screaming to be written. I would like to see a mountain, and visit other places. The list goes on. But recently I had someone mention to me that they think they have to place their spirituality aside, because they want to pursue other things in their life and they cannot find a balance. 
          To people like this let me say that you are not alone. Many people find these issues within their spiritual journeys. This is a common problem for people just starting out, but its not just an issue for beginners. It can be for people who have been on their spiritual journeys for a long time. There was another I came across before who mentioned that she had to place her spiritual work aside because of certain demanding emotional issues in her life. It is fine to take a break, and it you are one, then do what you need to do to get back on track. But I have also found that people who drop their spiritual journeys sometimes find it hard to pick back up. Life is demanding, but you wouldn't find a Christian dropping their religion just because they were having bad times. Its all about faith, and faith is for everyone and not just churches. Faith is within Wicca, Paganism, Nordic Beliefs, Shamanism. Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim Beliefs, etc. Faith is something that is beautiful, and we all need a reminder to have faith. There has been many times in my spiritual journey when I needed a hard slap in the face from faith, haha. It hurt but I got the hint. So to save you all that slap in the face, try evaluating how much faith you have in your own abilities. It will do wonders for you I promise!!

Cosmic Blessings,

Friday, October 23, 2015

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The Heartmine kingdom is in the world of Willondove, and it is a prosperous land in the midst of a war and confusion. An outside kingdom wishes to invade the Heartmine territory. The heir to the crown, Prince Antony cannot have that happen! Antony is a strong man, but a childhood event still haunts him. He has lost his hope in fate and destiny, and with so many burdens upon his shoulders, he cannot find time to even think of himself.

One day Anthony stumbles upon a mysterious woman named Willow. Her memory is foggy, and she doesn't like to talk about it and wishes to leave it behind. After finding herself sheltered inside the Heartmine Kingdom she finds herself questing for the knowledge of her past.

Will fate unravel itself in this tale of destiny, love, loss, and war? Or can fate be sealed like the lost pages of a book? All awaits with the turn of a page...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dark Secret Creations Shop Updates

         Today I wanted to let all of our lovely regular clients and friends know some important updates for our shop. This also goes out to all of our wonderful new clients who may be passing by. Dwayne and I are currently working with this website to make it better. We want to keep it personal like a blog would be, but professional like an online store would be. This balance is what we are striving to achieve. The reason behind this is because Dark Secret Creations is growing, and we want the best for it. Since people trust in us, we want to give all of you a lovely place to come to browse our shop, read our blogs, or learn about new topics. We are striving to get this done as soon as possible, but quality takes time.
        Why have we decided to do this? Because we believe it would be easier for our clients to not have to come to our website and then be re-directed away to our shop through Etsy. We also do not want to answer to anyone else's personal beliefs about metaphysical items, psychic readings, and spell casts. Cooperations like Etsy and Ebay generally want to stay away from such things. But this isn't about them. It is about us, and what is best for our spiritual work and the shop. You will soon be able to come to this website and read, shop, browse, comment, etc. all in one place!! This is very exciting for us, because we have been trying to find an online shop template or app do use for a while, and finally we have found a nice one. We will also be getting a domain name.
        What else is new? Well I'm glad you asked, haha. We will be having a BUNCH more stuff for the shop. We're talking pendulums, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, metaphysical tools, our PDF Books, our Paperback Books, Spell casts, Psychic Readings, Various Healing through Chakra, Reiki, Elemental, Etc. We will also be offering implant removals and personal coding uploads. I know not everyone is aware of what those are, but I assure you they're important to know. Stay tuned for more about that. But the list goes on and on. We are very happy to be offering this all through our one website.
        One aspect we are going to begin soon is teaching sessions. We will be offering classes for various spiritual topics such as pendulums, automatic writing, channeling, meditation, spirit guide contact, etc. This is something we are very happy about and are excited to begin. We have a few people doing our Spiritual Guidance Sessions, and to those of you who know what that is... it will be simular to that but slightly better!! We will be offering Free PDF Books with the classes as well. Yes this is all time consuming for us, but we are working hard at getting this all together as soon as possible. We are working on balancing our finances to keep this a possibility, and are hopeful that all this comes together smoothly. We are happy to answer any questions anyone may have about the new updates. It won't be that big of a change. Shoppers will be able to pay through a secure checkout or have the option of using PayPal checkout. The only thing that will be different is we will not be through Etsy anymore. We are happy to have Etsy as a partner, but we're even more happy to be going our own way.

Stay tuned for more information on the Shop Updates. We will be posting the news as it comes through. <3 <3 

Visit The Dark Secret Creations Website Now!!

Cosmic Blessings,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tree Magic Spells

Tree Magic Spells
Trees have been closely associated with magic for centuries. These beautiful members of the earth stand for thousands of years and can offer much to us. They tower above the mortal realm, and as such they are symbols and keepers of unlimited power. Trees offer so much to us, and it's a shame how many forests are being cut down for our own selfish needs. But it is within each of us to keep know knowledge alive. The trees with which you cultivate magical relationships are things to be treasured. Be sure to visit them often, even when you have no magic to preform. When you can arrive at the point when you accept the trees as friends, you have achieved a powerful bond between yourself, the Earth, and even the beyond!! 

Image Copyright 2014 Melody Wilson All Rights Reserved
To Break A Bad Habit
Make a picture of yourself or the bad habit on a leaf or piece of bark. Take it to a tree and bury it at its roots. Place an offering to the tree in the hole with the leaf or bark and cover it up. The offering should be something beneficial to the tree. Think about some natural fertilizers like fruit and vegetable extras or even a stone. Pour some water onto the spot and leave it to begin to manifest. 

To Regain Lost Energy
Sit with your back pressed against the tree trunk and let the tree's limitless energy flow into you. This is extremely good if you have been walking or hiking for long distances or if you feel a bit sick. This is also a wonderful tip to help boost immune systems. 

To Divine The Future
Lay under a leafy tree and relax while gazing up into the ever shifting canopy of green above you. Watch the random patterns forming by the win's gentle lifting and pushing of the leaves. This should drowse you to a state where you open up psychically and receive messages concerning questions you have. 

A Tree Love Spell
On a small leaf make an image of yourself. This could be your name or a symbol relating to you. On another make an image of the type of person you wish to meet. Again this could be traits you're looking for in someone else or the symbols associating with what you want. Traditionally this spell requires you to take a green thread and sea the two leaves together so the images are facing one another. However, I feel this is unnecessary as long as you keep the leaves touching one another. Next you'll want to go to a tree that emits a loving vibration and find a natural crevice or hole in the tree, but do not make one!! If no crevices are available, perhaps the place where a branch is joined to the trunk can be used, as long as it's secure. Lodge the leaves firmly into the crevice and say the following as you do.

Tree of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.
Grant me the love that I desire.

Bury an offering at the base of the tree. The offering should be something beneficial to the tree. Think about some natural fertilizers like fruit and vegetable extras or even a stone. Pour some water onto the spot and leave it to begin to manifest.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ocean Spells

        Ocean Spells

        The Ocean carries a lot of power, and many spells can be done on the Ocean. Here are some basics on doing Ocean Spells. 
        It will be important to go at around sunset or at night. During the day you may find more people on the beach as well as draw attention to yourself. Depending upon the size of your spell or ritual, that is something which you do not want to do. You may even think about choosing a night when it is cloudy or a bit cooler. Chances are not as many people will be out roaming the beaches. Basically what you want to do is be secluded as possible, but be sure that you're safe. Do not go alone!! In these times on Earth you never know, so it's always safer to bring a friend and let someone else know where you and your friend will be. This goes for people of all ages. 
       You will also want to check the tides before leaving your home. Traditionally spells of constructive nature, such as love, healing, money, psychic awareness, travel, courage, protection, etc., are performed when the tide is flowing from low to high. Spells which are aimed at destroying disease, bad habits, obsessions, and so on are better with the ebbing tide, which is high to low. But as for me and my own personal practices, I do not see why following rules such as those would completely hinder a spell. Sure, they will aid your spell. But if the only time you can be at the beach is around the wrong tide, do not worry. Do your spell and release your worries. 
        I also think its important to not bring too many items with you. Some witches will haul cauldrons, incense burners, knives, special cups, bottles of wine, food, napkins, books, recorders, cameras, cords, swords, herbs, stones, shells, and whatever else to the beach with them. I think you get the hint... Many times less is better. This is because being outside doing spells brings you closer to nature and the elements. The elements are around you, and ultimately that is all you need. It will also be best to wear something comfortable. You do not need to go out looking beautifully decked in full makeup or anything like that. Men will understand! Go as you are, natural is best!! 
       Before we get into any spells I also want to remind everyone that simple is best. You don't need a bunch of people dancing around a large fire near the roaring ocean or anything like that. If you do have a ritual already prepared, know what you want to say, know how you're going to do it, and keep it inspirational and flowing. Nature magic doesn't need a bunch of beautifully poetic chants and spells to recite. It should be natural and flow with ease. It is also best to respect the earth. No littering. Whatever you bring with you, take with you too!! Be sure to soak in the moment and enjoy it. 
All Rights Reserved!! Copyright Melody Wilson 2015

Ocean Magic Chant

Here between the land and sea, 
Where powers reign,
I create my destiny
And all I would attain.
Ancient ones here my call
Grant the power that I have seen
Here between the land and sea
Take me from this mundane world
Connect me with the powerful light
Help me know your mystery
Let my magic live

Afterwards sit in mediation for as long as you want or feel necessary.

Connection & Healing Ocean Magic

Go to the beach when its not crowded. The more secluded the better. Take off your footwear, and push your feet into the sand. Feel the grains beneath your feet. Walk  to the water, and feel its cool  touch caressing your feet. Feel the water, and know that it is welcoming you into its watery realm. If possible lay down on the sand and use your senses to really feel, see, smell, and experience everything. Feel in tune with the world around you, and let your mind wander. If you want you can meditate or simply lay there taking in the moment. This is best done at night time, but it can be done during the day. Basically what you're doing is connecting your body with the earth, and since you're near the ocean and the wind is all around you as well as the fiery stars above you will be surrounded by all the elements. This is one of the best ways to feel connection and to experience healing. The elements will draw out all negativity from you. 

 Symbol Ocean Magic

Basically in this one you will be going up close to the waves where the sand is wet. This should be done safely, but fast. Take a piece of driftwood, stone, or shell and draw a symbol of your choice for whatever you want to manifest into your life. This could be a rune symbol, a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, etc. The possibilities in this are truly endless. You can even write out the word or phrase or even your name, After its done step back and watch as the Ocean comes up to take away your writings and drawings. This is the Ocean's way of taking your intention and unleashing its power into the Universe. 

Sea Gems Stone, Driftwood, & Shell Ocean Magic

As you're walking the beach pay attention to any shells, driftwood, or stones that may catch your eye. If you see one that calls to you, pick it up and take it with you as a good luck charm. However, you can also go to the edge of the beach and pick a piece of wood, stone, or shell and hold it in your hands. Release all your energy and intention of whatever it is you want to manifest into that Sea Gem. After you are finished, throw it back into the Ocean and your spell or manifestation will be released and come into being.

I want to remind everyone that when doing spells please take into consideration the feelings of others. It is never advisable to cast a spell on someone who you don't have permission from. This will end up messing things up, and even if your spell does work... it will eventually do the opposite. Such as a love spell on someone you like. This is going against their free will, and even if the spell does make them attracted to you for a while... it will eventually fade and make things worse. Think about the wiccan law "ye harm none." Going against someone's free will is ultimately harming them. I know you will find many other witches online that say this is okay, but please do not trust them. So happy casting, and be sure your casting is done either on yourself or someone you have permission from. Never on anyone unsuspecting. 

Remember the law of three. Whatever you give out, you get back times three!!
You hold the fate of your own Karma...

Happy Casting!!

Cosmic Blessings,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Random Chatting With Melody

        Above you will see a video that I recently uploaded. I am discussing recent events in my life, and basically its all random stuff. But I wanted to do this to update all of you on what I've been doing and how life is going. I also do this for my clients because they will be able to see me as I truly am. But since I shot this video some more things have unraveled, and I find it fun looking back figuring out which parts fit into which scenario. Life is funny like that isn't it.
        Well Dwayne and I have been having car trouble. Since the beginning of August 2015 (and right now it's October 4th) we had a coolant leak and couldn't find out where it was coming from. Now if you know us, you will understand that we don't go very far when we leave and having the newest best items is not important to us. The basics are fine. So as long as we can either walk or get a ride to the store it was fine, and we were not going to corrupt our manifestations by worrying about a material possession. However, our physical selves did have moments when we wanted to hurry and fix it, but we knew that it required patience and balance. So we went with the flow. We know now that it was all about a time of cleansing and self exploration. Through us not having our car running, we were able to place a lot more of our attention on our shop, our spirituality, our spiritual work, and our websites. We were able to progress more spiritually because we had the time to put into meditation, channeling, etc. Now that I look back I wouldn't have changed that for anything.
        Now up until recently the car has been driving around town. We are happy about this, because let's face it... bugging people for rides is rather annoying. But the coolant leak is for the most part fixed, and the culprit... the radiator cap. Now all of you out there who know stuff about cars do not laugh at us. LOL We didn't even think to check that dang cap!! But it is a laughing matter for us, because that normally would be one of the first things you would check. But noo we didn't, and Dwayne and I personally feel this has something to do with divine intervention through our Spirit Guides and the higher realms we connect with. We needed some more time to focus on things that actually mattered, and they made sure it happened. Well now we realize that the battery needs to be replaced. Its been in there for 3 or 4 years so it's about time. We have not got the car inspected to make sure its 100%, but it seems fine so far. Send us blessings!! haha!!
        Anyway, lately we have been working on our shops more and trying to progress it to be even better. We have also been trying to progress even farther with our spiritual mission through our spirituality. For us spirituality and our daily life goes hand in hand, and one cannot be without the other. As I type this we are each on a laptops working. So this is how much of our time and effort we put in to our shop and our spiritual life. We want to spread the light of truth and happiness to all through love, compassion, and spiritual progression. If you are one of our regular clients you probably know that we try our best to go above and beyond.

        These are two of the little reasons why I don't mind being home. The black one is names Hershey and the other is Gizmo. They do assist us with some of our spiritual missions such as working with lost spirits. These two cats are AWESOME at spotting out a new spirit and reacting when one needs our help. It is our belief that they were placed into our life for a purpose, other then being our cute little babies.
        Yes working with lost spirits is something we do. The more known term is spirit keeping, but I don't like that phrase. Keeping sounds like it is a hobby, and this is not a hobby and these spirits are not old coins we want to sell one day. They are a part of our spirit family, and we are accepting new ones who need our help daily. I cannot even name how many spirits we have around here, but they are a part of our lives on a daily basis. For those of you who are afraid of ghosts, simply speak with us and we can help. We'd be happy to.
        But spirit work is a part of the reason why we had that life transition not too long ago. We had to progress so we could help them more. Yes some of them are a bit lower on the energy vibrational rank, but that doesn't mean that they have to remain low. We work with them and try to get them to a place where they are comfortable and can do the things they wish, and at that point it is their choice when they are ready to progress into the next level of existence. But we have had some that have chosen to stay and act like protectors and help us on our mission to save other lost spirits. They are no different from us who are alive. We are one and the same, and that is the message I want to get out. I've dealt with this since I was a child, and it is a true blessing of a gift. Thank you for reading and don't forget to bookmark this page or follow me on blogger so you can get the up to date news on me and my shop. If I mentioned anything you have more questions about or want to learn more about please do not hesitate to ask.

Cosmic Blessings,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Rainy Day Experience

        Hello!! This is going to be a very random post. But I wanted to share with everyone the picture to the left. This is of Rehoboth Beach Delaware on September 29, 2015. My husband Dwayne, my cousin Xander, and I went to this coastal town to walk the boardwalk. We went inside I small little shop which had a lot of metaphysical items in there. They had a bunch of beautiful stone beads and trinkets for alter tables and even some jewelry. We enjoyed the shop, even though it was a bit pricey and the owner was a bit of a witchy grouch of a man, haha. But we found a few odds and ends, two of which being Rainbow Ore raw unpolished stones. They were so amazing, and I could not pass them up. Well it was only until we were about to check out when we realized it was pouring outside. This picture merely shows a small portion of what it looked like. As we began to exit the shop we placed out phones in a bag and headed out into the rain. Yeah... sure... we could have stayed inside and waited out the rain, but what's the fun in that!!  As we walked as rained unleashed from the threateningly grey clouds above we noticed everyone was shielding themselves from the rain. Yeah, we were completely soaked from head to toe. Each step made a squish  squish. But the point in me sharing this is the reason why we decided to step out into that rain.
        Dwayne and I had been having a rough few days, and Xander had been having some personal issues with close family. So we each needed a nice spiritual cleansing, and I believe each of our spirit guides placed us there at that moment to experience what we did. At first it was awkward, but it didn't take long before we were casually walking down the sidewalk stepping through large puddles as people laughed and stared us down like we were crazy. We went down some small lanes and enjoyed the wet autumn flowers which were even more aeromatic in the rain. It was a cool rain, but wasn't anything too bad. It was very refreshing, not just for our skin, but for our souls as well.
        Here you will see me looking wild eyed, haha. In this photo the rain had literally just stopped, and we were at the bathrooms getting some paper towels so we could take some photos. This was a moment which we had to document, because of the energy it gave us. That rain on that day touched more then mere flesh. It touched something deep down, and showed me what it truly means to be a human. It showed me how people long ago used to power through whatever they had to do no matter what the obstacle in front of them. Above all it showed me how simple it is to find peace in your life, if only you're willing to step out and take that leap away from the safe shelter. To me, this is what it means to be Wiccan. Living among the elements, and not worrying if you look beautiful. Not worrying if the rain will smudge off your makeup (mask). Not worrying if you look like a complete nutcase.
        To me that day showed a reality that we can each choose to live in. So many people now days want to stay where it is safe from people's judgement. People would rather hide rather than to have a little fun. When will our insecurities stop? When will us humans stop worrying what other people think, and when will we be able to get back to purely loving ourselves, and others around us. This is the symbolic steps we took that day in the rain, and those drops of aqua taught me a lesson. Embrace the elements, embrace my true calling, bring my Wiccan beliefs into everything I do, and above all follow my heart no matter what.


Cosmic Blessings,

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Truth Of The Norse God Thor

Norse God Thor

        You may know him as the son of Odin or as a member of the Avengers. But long before modern day people began portraying him as a hero in television and movies, he was a powerful much beloved being. 
        In Norse beliefs, Thor is a hammer wielding God often associated with storms. He can harness the power of thunder, lightning, and storms. He is also sometimes associated with oak trees and always seen as very strong and protective over mankind. However, some more ancient perceptions saw him as associated with healing, love, and fertility. However, due to the male need for masculine vibes, he was reduced to as only a protector. Some other names he is known as come from the Prose Edda list Nafnaþulur, but are not attested elsewhere. But other names as well known throughout the many sources of norse mythology. He is known for are as follows, Donar, Thunderer, Thunor, Donar, Tor, Asabrag, Asa-Thor. He is a prominently mentioned God throughout Norse beliefs and culture, and was known as the everyday man, or working man's, God. His image and worship was even more popularized in the Viking age, and during the Christianization of the Nordic regions. People clung to their God and their hero and protector by wearing a depiction of his powerful hammer, Mjölnir, around their necks as a sign of their undying faith. The day of the week, Thursday, is an attest to the mighty powerful Norse God Thor "Thor's Day", "Thunresdaeg", or Thunor's Day", "Donnerstag", "Donar's Day", or "Donderdag".
          The traditional image of Thor is not the blond headed man we know from the comics today. Originally, this mighty God was known to have very fierce eyes with blazing red hair and beard. He is known to be very broad, muscular, and strong. I will share with you my own personal depiction of him from my spiritual workings. He generally has dark hair and very icy colored eyes. The ancient Norse people most likely saw him as having red hair and fierce eyes because he indeed has some non-human features. His eyes literally glow with a golden aura, and his hair shimmers like the blazing sun. This is what I see when I connect with Thor in meditations, and it is my belief that this is in fact how Thor looks. He is also known to be associated with the Goddess Sif. She is the golden haired Goddess who isn't spoken of much in the Edda's and traditional texts. However, I know some information I have receieved about her from meditations, but that is for another article. He is also known to have offspring whose goes by the names of Þrúðr, Magni, and Móði.
        Thor is of coarse the son of the mighty All-Father, Odin and the All-Mother Fjörgyn. In ancient texts you will hear about all of his siblings. However, I see this as not necessarily blood brothers and sisters as we know family on earth. In Asgard and the higher places the term family holds a might different and stronger meaning. Family literally is everyone around you, because generally you share a bond with all. Therefore all neighbors are brothers and sisters. In my opinion that is very beautiful, and I wish things were more like that here on Earth. Perhaps they were many many years ago... Anyway, ancient texts portray him as riding a chariot pulled by two goats, Tanngrisnir, and Tanngnjóstr.
          It is interesting that in the earliest records of the Germanic people Thor is frequently referred to as either the Roman God Jupiter, or the Greco-Roman God Hercules. The Roman historian Tacitus's late first-century work Germania (where he writes about the religion of the Suebi which is a confederation of Germanic people)...  In this instance, Tacitus refers to the god Odin as "Mercury", Thor as "Hercules", and the god Týr as "Mars", and the identity of the Isis of the Suebi has been debated. In Thor's case, the identification with the god Hercules is likely in part due to similarities between Thor's hammer and Hercules' club. Thor closely resembles other Indo-European deities associated with the thunder: the Celtic Taranis, the Baltic Perkūnas, the SlavicPerun, and particularly the Hindu Indra, whose red hair and thunderbolt weapon the vajra are obvious parallels. Scholars have compared Indra's slaying of Vritra with Thor's battle with Jörmungandr. Although in the past it was suggested that Thor was an indigenous sky god or a Viking Age import into Scandinavia, these Indo-European parallels make him generally accepted today as ultimately derived from a Proto-Indo-European deity.
        Many people of spiritual faiths and still some from the Nordic regions call upon Thor and the other Norse Gods and Goddesses to this day. It is sad that the early Christians destroyed so many of the Norse people's history, and slaughtered so many people for not wanting to leave their beliefs. But it is good and makes me happy to see that it has not fully been forgotten. I for one am very connected to the ancient ways, and I will strive to keep the ancient history alive. I hope this article has helped you look a bit more in depth into who Thor really is. Yes, the movies and comics are good, but they are a very loose interpretation of a very real God who is still around today in the lives of many. So the next time you are out in a thunder storm, hear that clash of thunder, see that crack of lightning, know that he is near and still very much around watching and protecting. Let's remember this beautiful God here and there throughout our lives, and go forth throughout your knows knowing that each Thursday is his day!! Have a beautiful day, and if you want to know anymore about Thor or any of the other Norse God's and Goddesses I would be very happy to help you. Stay tuned for more information on other Norse God's and Goddesses.

Cosmic Blessings,

Galactic Information Monthly October 2015

Galactic Information Monthly
October 2015

Before we begin this month's update from the Galactic Federation Of Light, I want to explain to everyone why it changed from Galactic Information Weekly to Galactic Information Monthly. Both my husband and I channel and post these messages. So we both decided that it would be easier for everyone to have all of their information in one lump sum. It is to better suit all of you, and we hope that each of you enjoy this new layout. We have got a lot of positive response from these posts as well as our YouTube Video's about these posts, and the both the Galactics and us want this to reach as many people as possible. So without further waiting, I give you the entire month of October 2015!!

The following information was guided from the Galactic Federation Of Light, and all those who are for the betterment of Humanity. It is expected that there will be some Solar Flares occurring this month, and they could get pretty high. None should be extremely threatening, but be aware that this has been confirmed, and the Galactics are working on controlling these from getting too bad. This month holds a lot of events, and you will notice a lot of high and low energy points. For any of the dates that are not mentioned, you can expect these days to be low to normal. The Galactics have been giving the messages to connect more with nature to get more of these coding uploads that are being gifted to us. It is better connected with our bodies and spirits when we are outside. Also this is better for our spiritual advancements. So keep this in mind during this month. The Galactic Federation Of Light wants everyone to know that they are here to help, and if you need them all you need to do is go look out into the sky and call upon them.

Spiritual Awakening/Ascension/Advancement Uploads & Coding Days:
10/1 via Comet C2013 US10 Catalina
10/2 via Asteroid 2000SM10
10/3 via Asteroid  2015SR
10/8 via Draconoid Meteor Shower
10/10 via Asteroid  2000FL10
10/11 via Comet 22P/Kopff
10/18 via Asteroid 2014UR & 2011SE97
10/21 via Asteroid 2001 UY4
10/25 via Asteroid 29 Amphitrite & 22P Kopff

Galactic Calendar:
10/1 On this day M110 which is the Andromeda Galaxy will be well placed for observation, and it will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. Messages from the Andromedians will be more likely to come through on this day. So be sure to check out the Galaxy if you have a telescope, and be sure to connect with them if you are a channeler.

10/2 On this dayNGC253 which is the Sculptor Galaxy will be well placed for observation, and it will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. Messages from the Sculptors will be more likely to come through on this day. So be sure to check out the Galaxy if you have a telescope, and be sure to connect with them if you are a channeler. I know that messages from entities of this region are not widely spoken of, but they do have a lot to teach us.

10/3 Asteroid 15 Eunomia will be well placed for observation, lying in the constellation Pegasus. Regardless of your location on Earth, 15 Eunomia will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. With this comes a large increase in energy waves and vibrations.

10/4 The moon will be at its last quarter during this time, and you will notice much more urgency in completing things during this time. A lot more psychic and intuitive energy will be released on this night. So be sure to remember to take a look up in the sky. You should feel these effects even if the moon is not visible to you and your location. Also on this night we have the Milky Way’s dwarf companion, the Small Megellanic Cloud, or SMC, in Tucana. It will be well placed for observation, and is expected to reach its highest point at around midnight local time. This is a good time for Astral Travelers to go visiting this area, and for channelers to connect with some of the energies coming through from this region of the sky.

10/5 NGC 300 which is a Spiral Galaxy in Sculptor will be well placed for observation, and will be at its highest point at around midnight local time. Again you will feel energies emitting from this area, due to the extremely high energy vibrations from this region.

10/6 The Draconids minor meteor shower will be producing about 10 per hour from the constellation Draco. This will begin today and reach out until the 10th. You can expect connection with the Draco Constellation to remain open during this time, and messages are expected to come through for humanity. There will also be many personal codes sent out,

10/7 The Globular Cluster MGC 362 in Tucana will be in the highest point of the sky at around midnight local time. Be aware that there will be an extra portal of energy open during this time for channelers to receive messages.

10/8 The Conjunction between the Moon and Venus will occur on this night. The moon and Venus will make a close approach and pass one another from our view in the sky of a degree of only .39 of each other. This night will be good for connection with the feminine side of things. Whether this is Mother God, Mother Earth, or the feminine and caring side of yourself. Be aware of this side of yourself during this day, because it will aid you in the days to come.

10/9 The Conjunction between the Moon and Mars will occur on this night. The moon and mars will make a close approach of passing one another from our view of the sky. This night will be good for connection with the masculine side of things. It will be important to find the masculine parts of ourselves during this day. In addition, it will be wise to watch our tempers, because this day may bring increased emotions.

10/10 The Draconids minor meteor shower will be closing tonight, and with it the coding uploads and portals of communication will too. Get in any channelings now, because after tonight it will be a bit harder to reach them.

10/11 The moon will reach the furthest point along its orbit to Earth, and will appear slightly smaller than at other times. This is called The Moon at Apogee. What this time normally brings is a lull in emotions, and calmness throughout everything. Think of how the full moon effects people and raises their emotions. Well this time will be kind of like the opposite. You may also experience a lull in energy as well. Think of this day like a time to relax a bit.

10/12 Uranus will be well placed for observation in the constellation of Pisces. It will be visible for much of the night, and will reach its highest point in the sky around midnight local time. This will bring an increase in spiritual energy.

10/13 The New Moon will rise on this night bringing a time of cleansing and loads of purifying energies along with it.

10/14 The Triangulum Galaxy will be well placed for observation, and will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. This will be a good time to connect with this region of the sky and explore. You may be surprised at what you find!

10/15 The Moon at Perihelion will be on this night which means the moon’s monthly orbit around Earth will bring it to its closest point to the sun. This should bring everyone a feeling of connection with the world around you. It should be a peaceful time, and very little arguments should  arise. For those who are spiritual awakened enough, this will mean a full connection with the world, sky, and high beings above.

10/16 The moon and Saturn from our point in the sky will appear to make a close approach of passing one another. This means that both energies from the Moon and of Saturn will be applied to us. With the moon comes connection with the divine, and with Saturn comes accomplishment and transition. So we can expect today to bring a large energy of spiritual work being finished or worked on. This night will also bring very high waves of energy coming through. Also some shooting stays associated with the Orionis Meteor Shower will begin tonight and begin to peak as the days progress. This will bring in personal uploads and coding which will be custom to each person’s personal level of spirituality.

10/20 On this day the moon will be at first quarter, and will bring in a lot of rejuvenating energy for motivation and to get things done. This whole week you may notice a pull towards getting things accomplished, and setting new goals. This will be a very good time to look ahead.

10/21 The Orionid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity today. You can expect the maximum rate of meteors to be expected in a dim area to be about 25 per hour. The moon may present an interference due to the illumination. But do not worry if you cannot see these shooting stars. The energy emitting from them will be very strong, and should be felt by all!

10/25 The moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth will carry it to its furthest point from the Sun, which is called its aphelion. During this time you can expect energies to be back to normal, and things should be moving at a steady rate. Emotions should be general during this time, and not have too much uprisings. Also on this night the beings of Perseus and the stay cluster NGC 869 will be reaching out to earth. You can expect messages to come through to some channelers who are of high enough vibrations to receive the transmissions.

10/26 Venus will be giving much more energy today than normal. Connecting with the energies of Venus will be good for those who know how to do that. Otherwise, you can expect energies to be very pleasant, and things should be going very well in relation to emotions. Personal Energy Vibrations should be high today. Also the moon will reach its closest point to the Earth today, and will appear slightly larger than at other times. This close approach will occur when the Moon is almost at full phase, and so it will appear unusually large and bright. This is mainly referred to as a supermoon. This will be a very wonderful night for meditation, spiritual practices, and for sky gazing. You can expect energies to be very high, and connection with the Galactics will be at a high during this day. Also for the channelers out there, look for messages coming through from the open star cluster NGC 884 in Perseus.

10/27 The Full Moon is tonight, and being right after a Super Moon than means that this night will be wonderful for energy work. There will also be a few portals opening bringing through some information as well as entities through. You can expect these to be of high vibration, and they will be assisting humanity, but this will be in very discreet ways. Channeling sessions, meditations, and all forms of spiritual work will be very good today.

10/28 Conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. A rare, 3-planet conjunction will be visible on the morning of October 28. The planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will all form a tight 1-degree triangle in the early morning sky. Look to the east just before sunrise for this spectacular event which will bring through much purifying and powerful energy.

10/30 The Orionid Meteor Shower should be coming to a close tonight, and with it the energies and personal advancements will be as well. This will give way to becoming adjusted to all of the information that was given to you.