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Spiritual Progression & How To Find Enlightenment

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Spiritual Progression
*How To Find Enlightenment*

          This is a topic which many people wonder about at one point in their life or another. Spiritual Progression and Finding Enlightenment doesn't have to have a religion. It is not caged by any one form of belief. The beauty of this is that anyone can find the beauty in their life. In fact, this is what we are placed in this physical realm to do. But what exactly is Spirituality and how does one begin to grow spiritually?
          Spirituality can be explained as simply believing in more then they eyes can see. It can be as large as an entire belief system or as simple as a knowing. Spirituality is something we are all a part of whether we realize it or not. This is because we are all spiritual beings whether we recognize it or try to ignore it. You don't have to believe me, but its true. We are more then our physical bodies. We are not only flesh and blood. Deep inside us all each contain our true self. This can be explained as our higher self or inner self. Either what its who we really are. Think about it... Does your body think your thoughts like a robot or does what powers your brain think the thoughts? Who is that voice in your mind? Who is your intuition, and that still small voice which guides you along your journey in life. This is our genuine selves. This is who we really are. Our bodies are merely shells in order to live on earth in this physical plane of existence. Spirituality can be thought of as acknowledging this part of yourself and embracing it for all it has to offer. 
          Progressing spiritually is something that will change your life forever. This will brighten your existence ten fold. Its so beautiful that I can hardly express to you the beauty of spiritual enlightenment. It brings more joy into your life. It will help you in the dark times of your life by helping you to see the silver lining. It will also help you to better connect with the real you, and help you to understand why you are really here. Enhancing your spiritual self will also brighten your inner light, and help you to be able to shine that light upon others. This will also help you to attract good situations into your life. Once you are on your way spiritually, you will find that opportunities to enlighten other people whom you meet will arise. Take these engagements as a sign from your guides and the angels that you are on the right path.
          With all this being said I bet you're wondering how you can help yourself to grow spiritually? Well just like a flower growing in spring, it takes a lot of love, light, and nourishment. This is a process that takes some time, and one cannot expect results over night. Consider this like loosing weight. You wouldn't expect to loose 50 pounds over the coarse of 24 hours. It would take a lot of dedication, self love, hope, faith, and belief in yourself for you to loose that weight. This is basically the same with Spirituality.
         Before I toss out any tips, I want to explain how you can begin your spiritual journey. This is for those who may not know how to. If you're already aware and have begun your path already then just bare with me for a moment. To begin your spiritual journey all it takes is that moment when you choose to go down the path of enlightenment. Once you decide to work on your spiritual progression, then you're already on your way. Remember this, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Now that you have chosen the path, all there is left to do is learn and incorporate it into your life. 

Now for a few pinpointed tips

  • Slowing Down
  • Learning To Meditate
  • Connecting With Nature
  • Tuning Into The World Around You
          Let's go over these tips so you can better understand what I am trying to explain. Slowing down in your life is very beneficial to not only our spiritual selves, but our physical selves as well. Think about technology for a moment. Its growing at a steady pace, and is taking all of us along with it. Everything is beginning to form right in front of our eyes at the touch of a button. Cellphones, television, computers, tablets. These, among many others, have all been fogging our mind. I know you will find those people who say that technology is advancing our society and bettering us for a brighter tomorrow, but if you stop and think about it... Is it really? I don't believe so.  Sure it is helping in the advancement of medicine, and sometimes it saves people's lives. But for the most part all it is doing is focusing out attention on the wrong things. Instead of learning to progress in the ways of old, technology is diminishing the ancient ways that have brought us to where we are. Its taking all of that and making it become a thing of the past. By slowing down we are helping ourselves to appreciate the smaller things in life. It re-focuses our minds on what truly matters. Instead of worrying about getting the newest model phone, car or computer. We could be sending our time and money on those we love or helping the world. Think about a highway for a moment. the cars are all speeding by. They pass one another without acknowledging those they are around. Their only worry is to get to their destination. But do they pay attention to the beauty of the scenery? Sadly, no. So the first step is to slow down your life, and look for the small things in life. In these we will find what truly makes us happy. 
          Meditation is another form of slowing yourself down. The only time we don't have something on our mind is when we are in bed asleep. Meditation is a way for us to go deep within ourselves to find answers, hear messages, learn, and cleanse. Meditation is very beneficial to our spiritual and physical bodies. It will give us more energy, and clear our minds to make better decisions. Basically meditation can be as simple as finding a spot out in nature without technology or other people. Sit there with the birds, animals, and plant life. Examine everything from the tallest tree to the smallest ant. This is very cleansing. You can also find a relaxing and quiet spot in your home to meditate. Either have silence or some calming music playing. Basically what you do is close your eyes and clear your mind. You can find many meditation techniques on the internet. Work with a few and see which one you respond to best! 
          Connecting with nature and tuning into the world around you are close to one another. Connecting with nature is basically just as it sounds. Go out in nature and spend some time there. Whether it be walking in a park while your kids play, going to a state part to walk a trail, sitting on the beach, or relaxing in your own back yard. Connecting with nature can be done easily. Just be sure to be relaxed and not distracted by any technology. Even your phone can be turned on silence. If you use your phone or blare music in your ears when trying to connect with nature then it is canceling what you're trying to do out. Turn the phone off or on silent, and really give your all to nature. After all nature is earth and earth is where we live. Mother Nature is our home, and she loves it when we pay her some attention. Now in comes tuning into the world around you. Pay attention to everything! The sky, the ground, everything! You can tune into the small sounds of life. Sit in your room or outside and listen. You may hear the TV, family talking, birds chirping, cars passing, but if you continue this you will begin to hear things you never did before. If you do this at night it is especially nice, and out in nature can be the best! Another way is when you get a chance instead of looking forward or having your face plastered against your cellphone take a look around you. See the birds perched on the power lines or trees, see the animals or insects living their lives, hear the wind rustling the trees and plants, smell the air, listen to the sounds and see the world around you. 
          All of these are basic techniques, but they are good for everyone to remember. It doesn't matter how long you've been practicing spirituality or if you are a beginner. These tips and techniques are beneficial for us all to remember. After all, in these times we live in its very hard to remember these small things. Stay tuned for more updates in this blog on future parts of Spiritual Progression. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to receive all the updates or bookmark it in your browser. If you happen to have any questions please feel free to ask me. I welcome any and all. I'm sending many blessings your way.

Much Love & light,