Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Card Of The Day: Unity Angel Tarot

Card Of The Day
Angel Tarot

          The Unity card asks us to consider the broader implications of our actions. It's also a duality card. When this card shows up, we may find ourselves being called upon to take a traditional route and do things via tried and true methods. Or we may be asked to buck tradition by thinking outside the box and doing things our own way. The way to know which message is being presented by Unity is by interpreting the other cards that surround it or, as always, by listening to our intuition. The Unity card asks us to spend time with like minded iindividualswho can help us develop our spiritual gifts. We may feel called upon to join spiritual institutions or schools where we can grow along with others who feel the way we do. Unity can also indicate that certain rules that have been imposed upon us by society or family no longer serve us. These constraints should be cast off in favor of new guidelines that lead us forward on the path we wish to follow. 
        As humans, we have a tendency to make rules, but what are rules without morality? The Unity card represents a guru or teacher who can help us see the meaning behind our purpose. His wisdom provides us with different guidance from that of those we've met on our journey so far. The mentor on the Unity card challenges us to understand ourselves more deeply. We may know in our hearts that we want to pursue a career as a writer, for example, but how does our plan benefit the greater good? These are questions of profound meaning and deep spirituality. Unity doesn't judge our answers, but merely gives us access to them, helping us grasp what we label as good or bad, and how that correlated to the world at large. This is a search for the meaning of life that not only enriches our souls, but brings light to those around us. 
        In traditional tarot, this card is called the Hierophant. The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus, which is a sign of determination and faith. This is a stable and loyal energy that displays great wisdom and knowledge. It is reliable, and values peace. However, this sign can also be a bit rigid in how it sees things. This matched the Unity or Hierophant card's message. The Hierophant is represented by a religious figure, sitting within a church environment. In fact, in some of the earliest decks, this card is even called The Pope. However, in the Angel Tarot deck this card has imagery that would reflect a broader set of spiritual beliefs. Seven orbs representing various belief systems fly around Archangel Sandalphon. The energy of this card is meant to connect all religions in one harmony. The number seven (the seven orbs) reflects being on the right path and being spiritually aware. Above all the orbs is the one true light of the divine at the top of the staff. Around his waist is a set of crossed keys, silver and gold. They represent the conscious and the subconscious. 
        The Unity card is the number 5 of the Major Arcana. To describe the meaning of this number in one word it could be change. It's all about freedom of ideas and endless curiosity. This is someone who is eager to see what's next in life, and possibly someone who is willing to challenge the beliefs they may have grew up with. This number also likes the company of others, as it can learn so much about the positive changes they might create. 
         Sandalphon is known for delivering prayers from earth to the beyond. He carries our desires to a loving and benevolent Universe. Sandalphon helps those who are seeking to enrich their inner world, and also helps them find others who are also searching. His halo is a beautiful turquoise. He goes well with this card because often this card represents someone challenging their belief system, and seeking more in life. They may be drawn towards the mysteries of life. 
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