Thursday, August 20, 2015

Card Of The Day: Angel Tarot - The Lovers

Angel Tarot The Lovers

          When the lovers card turns up in a reading, of course the first thought maybe that a powerful long lasting romantic relationship is on the way. Often this is the case. However, this is not the type of love that just falls into our lives for a brief. And then fades away. The lovers card is a herald of true and enjoying love, so engagement or marriage is traditionally indicated. The lovers card could also indicate soul-mates or twin flames. Basically it is that long lasting love that we all seek in our lives. The images in these cards normally portray far more than mere words could ever hope to convey. Simply speaking, it represents human love and relationships. Here we have harmony of the combined souls in a perfect union expressing true love. For me this type of love is divinely guided and is more than most of us can even comprehend. This is the kind of love that can live through death, and fight through any storm.

However, non-traditionally it can also mean the love of oneself in the most pure and righteous way. To me this card is encouraging and is a sign that we are on the right path in our current relationships. When this comes up for me in a reading with a client, I normally let them know that they are on the right path to finding love. Of course it does matter what other cards show up in the reading as well. But usually I took this as a very pleasant sign. An older versions of this card, the lovers often depicted three people and indicated choices, with the possible reference to the temptation of a third party. Perhaps for this reason it has often been a common area of misinterpretation. I personally see this as also representing choices. This could be the choice of becoming involved in a new relationship, choosing to make a commitment in an existing relationship, or making a choice that will affect both partners. So like I said before generally the lovers card is very positive unless the surrounding cards say otherwise.

This card reminds us of the influence that heart to heart connection can have all over us. Whether this is being rediscovered or discovered for the first time... we may come to realize the power of that in motion and how it directly affects our every sense of being. If you are journeying through the Tarot from each card this is where the dreamer, or in traditional Tarot The Fool, learns of romantic love for the first time. Even though that is a metaphor, the experience is often very relating to clients in a reading. Our choices can be guided by our emotions. This card shows us that we can be lead in the right direction. Sometimes our heart must be our only sense of guidance like a compass.

This card tends to represent the opposites which is feminine and masculine. You may find in this card that opposites attract. These lessons help us to learn and grow. This is the 6th card in the Major Arcana. The angelic meaning of this number is focused on worldly concerns such as fertility and carrying on the family line. It's worth mentioning, however, that in traditional numerology, the number six reflects caring, love, understanding, and nurturing. The number six represents a true an unflattering concern for those we love.

In Angel Tarot, the Archangel associated with this card is Raphael. He is known for helping love in ancient texts. So his place should be with this card. His name means God heals, and he is also considered to be the healing Archangel that we can call upon for any concerns regarding health. Additionally good lovers card is also ruled by Gemini, which is a sign of communication but also of duality. This is principles of light and dark as well as masculine and feminine. These are all present in this astrological sign. We can also think of yin and yang in this card. It is the mix of two energy which makes this card so amazing. In any tarot deck I think you will find that this card offers peace and is very gentle and pleasant. It shows us that there is always a way back to love. Love can do amazing things and this card is a sign that we should never forget that.

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