Sunday, August 9, 2015

Galactic Information Weekly August 2-8 2015

Galactic Information Weekly
August 2-8, 2015

        I just wanted to let all of you know that I also have a video containing all this information on my Youtube Channel. Please click the Video links above. This information has been channeled from the Galactic Federation Of Light to help humanity on their day to day lives. Think of this as a Galactic Forecast to help you better understand the energies around us. Now I present to you the very first installment. Stay tuned for more each week. 

          This week will be a raise in energy. This will be be on a global scale. However most won't notice, because this will be on an inner level. Things such as emotions, intuition, strong urges or feelings, and psychic energy may be increased as well. This is due to the polar geomagnetic storms on August 6th. Solar winds are also increasing. August 15th brings the inferior solar conjunction. Venus will pass almost directly between Earth and the Sun. As it approaches the Sun, the Planet is turning it's night side toward Earth. This will reduce its luminous glow to a thin silver. This will bring increases of love emotions, romance, harmony, marriages, friendships, and unions should be positively effected. Venus has a good attraction energy. So this is why its also about increased pleasure. This may help boost the attraction of our desires. August 6th brings power with Asteroid 2005NZ6. This Asteroid has an Lunar Distance of 76.5 and is 1.4 kilometers in size. With this the Galactic's have placed powerful extra advancements and activation's. There will be much more to come later in the month.

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