Sunday, August 9, 2015

Galactic Information Weekly, August 9-15 2015

Galactic Information Weekly
August 9-15, 2015

          Geomagnetic activity is subsiding on August 8th as earth exits one solar wind stream. But more flare ups could come before the weekend ends as our planet enters a second stream. On August 9th there is a 55% chance of geomagnetic storms. This will lead into the 10th due to solar winds. People of the northern latitudes can expect to see some Aurora’s. This will be a good time for astral travelers to shed their bodies for a few hours and head up to see the shows. Another big impact is sunspot AR2396. It seems to be getting stronger so this should bring extra energy bursts. You may feel this on both a physical and inner level. This week the moon is waning leading into the new moon on the 14th. This week will be good for completing project because the flow of energy will be more subtle. Paying attention to detail will also be good as you are heading into this week. Decluttering unnecessary spiritual blockages and clogs will be the aim of this week. You can also physically clean up both your surroundings and your life or attitudes. You will be more naturally inclined to let go this week. On the 14th, the new moon will bring a time to complete and prepare. There’s a natural lull in energy levels, similar to the waning moon making it an ideal time to organize. This new moon may also bring sudden insights. Therefore many advancements and downloads will be given during the 14th. Also be on the lookout for the inferior solar conjunction on August 15th. Venus will pass almost directly between Earth and the Sun. This will show Venus as a crescent shape. This will bring increases in romance, psychic insights, intuition, and calmness within relationships of any kind. If you do feel any bad vibes, they should be on their way out. I also want to give a shout out to Asteroid 2005JF21 coming on August 16th. It has a lunar distance of 20.1 and is the size of 1.6 KM. This will bring a new wave of information in our next Galactic Information Weekly. But there is a message I have for all of us from the Galactic’s (Galactic Federation of Light). This is a collective message from all.

          “There is much energy coming through. These will be on a large rise in the times to come. This is a time of purging negative vibes and energy. Also increases in strength will come to help with daily issues. A time of preparation is upon us, and the transformation is now. Connect with the simpler things so you can be more receptive to them (us) and their (our) increases. A time is approaching when even more will be revealed. Be blessed and send blessings.”

Shaman’s Oracle Card: Hunter of Abundance

          Abundance means wealth in all its forms. The ability to provide for family, tribe or nation can come at a high price, but when the rewards are reaped we rejoice. For our ancestors it meant access to food, shelter, and warmth. Yet encounters with the Hunter of Abundance teaches us that today abundance is not only sufficient provision for those in our care, but also another kind of plenty: that of creativity and emotional stability, and a profound sense of spirit and love for all. It also means taking only enough for our needs, rather than our over-consumption.

          This week expect: Plentifullness, certainty, love, well-being, creative motivations, strength of purpose, discovery of things hidden, resourcefulness, as well as sharing and spiritual sufficiency.

          Thought to consider: You are the hunter of abundance. Wherever you go, you forage for the richest stores of good things, the utmost bounty that will encourage stability, strength, growth, and comfort within you. When you find these things you bring them home to bestow upon you who asked. The Galactic’s presence on your journey proves a purpose. It is an overflowing of fruitfulness and riches of spirit, heart, and mind

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