Monday, August 17, 2015

Galactic Information Weekly Aug 16th-22nd 2015, Card Of The Week

August 16th-22nd 2015  Galactic Information Weekly

Solar activity is returning to low levels following a brief flurry of minor flares from sunspot AR2401. Solar wind flowing from the coronal hole could reach Earth on Aug. 16-17. Solar flares should be at a low during this week which means energy levels will be lower too. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have physical energy, but it will be a good time to incorporate some other forms of natural energy into this week. It will also be a perfect time for meditation. Also with this lull in solar activity there should be an increase in UFO sightings. The Galactics are putting this through to us as important information, because they know many of us have our heads up to the skies. So this will be the week to be on the lookout. I also want to mention about the moon on August 29th. It will be the first of three supermoons for 2015. The moon will be at its closest approach to the earth and may look slightly larger and brighter than usual. I am mentioning this because many of you who practice magical workings can plan now so you will be ready. Also the Galactics have informed us that there will be a large increase in spiritual activity. This is due to some energy they’re sending down to work with the Super Moon. This all will be starting this week, and gaining strength all the way up until to 29th. They want us all to know that this is energy which we can use for anything we like. The only thing we have to do is focus our energy upon whatever we want it to aid. For example psychic awareness, spiritual cleansing, spiritual protection, boosts in the connection for channeling sessions, manifestations, magickal workings, etc. As for the boosting channeling sessions this will be a wonderful week to begin connecting with whatever entities or guides you consult. There will be increases in the connection during this week. This is a very powerful time for us all here on earth. No matter where we came from before this incarnation, we are all here now. The Galactics want us all to know that they are there to assist us. For all of you regular stargazers out there this entire month has been beautiful for viewing the Milky Way. If you haven’t already noticed, then look up to the sky in a dimly lit area to see. The view of this area will be very bright and beautiful for most of us on earth. This week the moon will be in the waxing creasant phase leading into the waxing quarter moon on the 21st. This means that the energy from the moon will be good for laying a foundation in your life. This will be the start of emotional changes for many of us, but this should be in good ways. This is a time of regeneration. Anything you do to strengthen your body is much more effective during this time. Your body will absorb more easily of both good and bad. So keep your mind and heart pure and positive.

Directly Channeled Messages:
Urion- Collective message from Galactics
If you have not felt our presence as much this past week it was because the main starship or the mother ship left for a while to go for a mission in another galaxy by way of portals. They’re back this week so our presence and your energy will be back to normal and much higher. We also want to specify that this week there will be a lot of energy coming through. A lot of this energy will be coming from the new moon on August 14th. There will be left over energy from that leading into this week. This will be a good week for all the people out there who channel us to receive our messages. Our frequencies will be almost level with yours. This is because the energy from the new moon will be leveling up your frequencies to closely match ours. Those who connect with spirits, this will be an ideal week for that as well. Spirit Keepers should feel a closer connection, and those who are in tune with their guides will also feel this. It will be a good time to meditate this week. Use this week to help yourselves grow in your spiritual work. There will be a few portals open this week. The names we are giving them in your language are AR92, PR20, and 8137. These will be high energy vibrational portals. It will bring in much high energy vibrational entities such as spirits and beings from other realms. This will be a wonderful week for stargazing because there will be a lot to see in the sky. There will be shooting stars. You will also see a peak in what you call UFO sightings. We are working on something, but this has to be subtle and patience is required. All who receive transmissions, uploads and downloads will be happening at night under the stars. So prepare yourselves to receive these by protecting yourselves spiritually and preparing yourselves. Every night this week will contain a new upload or advancement. Energy shifts may seem a bit uneasy and uncomfortable for those who are extra sensitive to such things. This is due to the portals which are opened. Spirit activity will be frequent, and this is the reason for the energy shifts. It may affect your emotions on a certain level.

Card of the Week: Energy Oracle
Cornucopia: Wishes Fulfilled
     An abundant harvest and great blessings are waiting for you, and you may even find all of your wishes fulfilled. This cornucopia of gifts from the Universe can come in the form of financial riches, job fulfillment, romantic love, or all of the above.
     When you receive the Cornucopia upright, you know that you’ve done important work and it’s about to pay off. The seeds you’ve planted in your energy and in your life are ready to be harvested in some significant ways. Get ready, for a great feast of abundant value is being prepared for you now, and Spirit is applauding all of your effort.

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