Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Card Of The Day: Adventure Of Cats Inspirational Oracle

Card Of The Day
Cats Inspirational Oracle
Adventure (Siberian)

        Siberians are large, powerful cats with strong muscles, which make them surprisingly agile. They are independent creatures that love to roam. They also have very sweet faces and a devoted nature, and are always ready to come home after an adventure. It is said that Siberians lived in Russian monasteries, looking like guards sitting atop high beams. 
        This Siberian, looking deceptively pampered, scampers outdoors for a romp through the neighborhood. confident in his strength and not worrying about danger. Deciding whether a cat should be an indoor or outdoor pet is important. The additional exercise is a benefit. However, responsible owners must take into consideration the cat's nature and possible dangers, such as other animals, traffic, abuse, and theft. 


        Recognize your strengths. Acknowledge your need for new experiences. Be smart about possible risks but don't let fear keep you from enjoying adventures in life. Go out and enjoy all the good things this world has to offer!

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