Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Galactic Federation Of Light Channeled Message September 2015

Galactic Federation Of Light
Channeled Message
September 8, 2015
Channeled Through Melody

        We have many messages for humanity, but not all can be expressed at this current moment. It is apparent that humanity continues along the path of awakening. It is through awakening and the pursuit of truth where the global ascension will take place. All those who embrace this will be a part of something wonderful, and all those who embrace it can help usher others into this new reality. We use the word new, but it is not new to us, but we know it is new to all of you. We can tell you that this awakening is for the betterment of mankind, and we want mankind to help bring themselves into the higher planes of being. It is through this subtle method we have been using to ascend some of you. That way those who are awakened can help other’s to their new way of life. This will be on a global scale, and much is going to happen in the years to come. We are preparing humanity for all of this. For this I tell you, your world knows contact with alien races, but the public does now know. We wish to bring global peace and knowledge to all of mankind, not just some. The lies of those withholding will not be able to last much longer. For it is through this awakening, people are beginning to realize the deception which they have been brought up into.
         The deception has been through media, certain religious sectors, government, and much more. It is this we are breaking free, and it is within each of your minds we are continuing to undo the wrong they have done. Your civilization is in a transitional period. Think of it like a paradigm of change or at an impasse. There are many outcomes, but only one will reign, and this is the one of love and light for all. We seek to bring your world peace, and knowledge of the celestials above you. For we see you gazing up in your skies yearning for more. We see you heading to your daily jobs waiting for the clock to strike its ending time. We hear your calls for adventure and understand your quest for more. We come to tell you that more is here, and it is all a matter of reaching out and grabbing it. Through our awakenings and ascensions we will be teaching all of you how to reach out and grab that which has been in front of your face the entire time. Many of you wish to know how to contact us, and how to live in the higher perspective and in accordance with the higher purpose. It is at this time I must tell you to separate yourselves from relying upon technology as your sole form of information and inspiration. Many let their lives pass by as their heads are in there cellphones, and television and computer screens. This technology can be good, but humanity is beginning to rely upon it too much. 
        We need for all of you to remember that the answers lay within the teachings of old. You must go within to find your true truth, and you must seek in solitude that which cannot be heard with the naked ears and seen with the naked eyes. We want to teach all of you to go within for your spiritual wisdom, and hear our call for you are still connected with us. You are all incarnations on the planet earth which makes you earthlings, but we tell you that you are first and foremost starlings or star beings. Is your body not merely flesh and bone, and are you still yourself if you lose a limb? It is in these ways we are beginning to have humanity realize their full purpose, and this is one of love and light. We end this transmission now and wish to send greetings of love to all. Continue along your quest and journey for the truth. Until next time!!

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