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Galactic Information Weekly, September 6-12, 2015 Plus Card Of The Week

 Galactic Information Weekly – September 6-12, 2015

September 9: 
Piscid meteor shower

The Piscid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on this date so be sure to check to see if it is visible in your area, but it should be visible in most of North America. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from Sep to Oct. The maximum rate of meteors expected to be visible from a dark location is around 10 per hour (ZHR). The Moon will be 26 days old at the time of peak activity, and so will present minimal interference. This event will bring some calming and cleansing energies. I believe that we have all been going through some things lately, and this week will bring some welcome changes in our spirits. This entire week will be like a clearing to make way for the night of September 13th as well as the rest that is to come next week.
          Now I know this is actually for next week’s update, but I have to inform all of you now so that you can prepare for the night of September 13th. Where ever you are at in the world, know that the cosmos and the Galactic Federation Of Light will be showing themselves and gifting us with some beautiful things on this night due to the celestial events occurring on this night. They’re taking advantage of the new moon and the Partial Solar Eclipse to help us to receive all the new wondrous energies that they have. It will be a special night, so plan to be outside on September 13th.

September 13 - New Moon.

          The Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. So stargazing on this night will be amazing, and there will be a lot of extra energy to be felt, as well as some increases in sightings from the Galactics. They want us all to feel their presence, and this is a perfect time to go connecting with them and the higher powers.

September 13 - Partial Solar Eclipse.

          A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers only a part of the Sun, sometimes resembling a bite taken out of a cookie. A partial solar eclipse can only be safely observed with a special solar filter or by looking at the Sun's reflection. The partial eclipse will only be visible in southern Africa, Madagascar, and Antarctica, but that doesn’t mean that this celestial event will be lost to all who cannot witness it. Many portals and changes will take place as a result of this Partial Solar Eclipse. There will be uploads and codes downloaded for us to receive as well as increases in energies. This will come through as an increase in psychic powers and intuition as well as bettering connections with meditation, visions, channeling sessions, etc. So be sure to connect with the higher powers and the Galactics. They will be showing some amazing things on this night, and I for one am looking forward to it!!

General Information:

         FILAMENT ERUPTION, POSSIBLE EARTH-DIRECTED CME: A magnetic filament snaking across the sun's southern hemisphere erupted during the late hours of Sept. 4th, and it
may have hurled a CME toward Earth. The plasma formed the core of a CME, which SOHO saw racing away from the sun on Sept. 5th. The CME is not heading directly for Earth, but it could deliver a glancing blow to our planet's magnetosphere on Sept. ~7th.
          RED AIRGLOW OVER CHILE: On Sept. 1st, an astrophotographer hiked into the Atacama Desert of Chile for a deep exposure of the Milky Way. He got that and much more. There was a stunning display of red airglow; it surrounded the Milky Way like a celestial bulls-eye: Airglow is aurora-like phenomenon caused by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Human eyes seldom notice the faint glow, but it can be photographed on almost any clear dark night, anywhere in the world. What is curious is the color red that emitted from it. Normally it is green. So if you are a regular stargazer or are in tune with the worlds beyond this world, then you will know the amazing sights that are to be seen. This is one of many, and it can be taken as proof that there is much more out there then the eye can see.

Galactic Collective Message
From: Crylon

Take our heed we know what you have been through. Earth is very important to us and those who call this place home are too. But we want to send this reminder this is very important. As much as you are earthlings you are starlings or star beings more. The separation between worlds is a very thin vale. We remind you that you are a part of everything. And there is not one of you that are separate from the greater reality. Our knowledge of things to come is very strong. It is our attempt to prepare. We are working in correlation with the warriors of light. This is not light as your mind perceives it. You will come to realize what we mean in the days, weeks, and months to come. If you are from the light of which we speak it does not mean illumination. This is light in a broader sense. Light in our terms means knowing, connection, the pursuit of good, the pursuit of love, and an advancing in all productive ways. Each one of you on earth at this present moment has this knowledge within you. And each and every single one of you know matter you status or level you are on. Whether you have ascended or not you have this light in you. It is our quest to reawaken that light which has been dimmed by ways of the dark ones, closing humanity off from the truth. Your journey is now, and the ascension in to the light has come. This week will be cosmically quiet. This is a cleansing on a global scale. The 13th will be a very powerful day. Unlike that that has been seen in quite some time.

Card Of The Week:
Goddess Of The Moon
Intuition, Going Within

This card shows an eternal spirit holding the bright, reflective moon and standing in front of the crystal clear waters of a sparkling waterfall. Her arms are stretched upward, receiving the light of the moon, the light is inspiration. This card is all about intuition, the ability to receive insights from your soul’s point of view. Receiving the card upright tells you that you have the power to get intuitive information on all types of issues, and now is the time to use it. The Goddess of the Moon brings you all sorts of information, from the mundane to the spectacular. For instance, you could get the urge to take a different route home from work and find out later that you've avoided a three-hour traffic jam. Or you might have an idea for a great invention, a stock investment, or a spellbinding novel. This card could also indicate a significant blossoming of psychic ability and mediumship, even on a professional level. You’re always blessed with this ability to connect, but this card is telling you that now is the perfect time to open up. Get ready for the amazing inspiration this brings.

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