Thursday, September 24, 2015

Personalized Astrology Horoscopes

       Do you read your horoscope often? Have you noticed that sometimes it is correct, but other times it seemed to be for someone else? This is because most horoscopes are written based on an entire zodiac group. For example, I'm a Cancer. So I go to read my horoscope and the predictions in the horoscope are written for all Cancers in the world for that specific time frame. That is all well and good, but you know as well as I... Not all people of the same astrological sign are the same. I am very different from other Cancers, just like they are all very different in their own ways too. This is the reason why sometimes the horoscopes are not so correct. But they are fun aren't they? Well I have been thinking of a way to get people the fun horoscopes which look into their future, as well as personalizing them to suit each individual client.
        I came up with the reading in the picture above. This is a Personalized Astrology Horoscope. It is unique to each person, accurate, and personal to your focus area and current needs. The following options are available... One Week $10, One Month $20, Six Months $30, One Year $40. So why should anyone consider purchasing a personalized astrology horoscope? Basically because it will be much more in depth to your own personal needs. With each horoscope purchased, it comes with up to three questions which you can ask about anything, your desired focus area, as well as unlimited follow up questions if you're confused. Plus if you are unsatisfied for any reasons we give you a free reading!! But I promise you will NOT be sorry you purchased this reading from me.
        Below you can find a direct link to the listing for purchase through my Dark Secret Creations Etsy Shop. But I do want to take a moment out to let you know a bit about me, and how I learned about astrology and how to do horoscopes. From a young age I was interested in horoscopes, and knowing the future. I had a yearning to learn more about the stars, and how they affect our lives. As I grew older into my teenage years I read my horoscope frequently, but then began to realize how it sometimes did not apply to me. This really upset me, because I didn't know why. Was this only me or did everyone feel this way? So I set out to learn how to do these things for myself, and I am happy to say that I am at a level now where I can share this gift with others.
        So if you are interested in this reading go check it out. I promise you will leave with more clarity about your current life and situations. Also be sure to browse around the shop, and see what else I have to offer. My husband and I have a bunch of neat metaphysical items such as jewelry, pendulums, PDF books, psychic readings, spell cast services, enchanted items, metaphysical tools, and much more!!

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