Sunday, October 25, 2015

Following The Spiritual Path

          For those of us on a spiritual path of some kind it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Sure there seems to be a lot of responsibility, but it doesn't have to be unpleasant. Many people hear the term "spiritual work" and feel that this is indeed work. Most people associate work with negative emotions, and being somewhere or doing something which you don't want to do. But for me I do not see my spiritual work as work at all. I feel it is more of a blessing or a duty. For example recently we had some issues with our Dark Secret Creations Etsy shop being down. This really upset me, and I was genuinely upset to be in the predicament which I was in. I could not reach some of my clients, and those who contacted me were very distraught when they couldn't find our shop. Our shop was down for an entire week, and I was very saddened because I could not help those people. I couldn't help them, and that made things so bad. When I found out that while the shop was down they could not even send us an Etsy message I felt even worse!! It was then that I realized how deep my love for my spirituality runs. It wasn't really about the money, it wasn't about those lost sales, it was about those people with very important questions and burdens who were seeking out some assistance and I could not help because they could not reach me. 
        I recently realized all of that and I came upon the realization that this was my full calling, but just because I am a spiritual worker does not mean that I cannot have other goals. In my journey here I have come to realize that sometimes when people think of a psychic, medium, etc. they think that their gifts are their entire life. They see spiritual workers as only being able to do that. It is my understanding that some find it very hard to balance their spiritual lives with the rest of their lives. Yes, I admit, these kind of gifts can be a bit time consuming, but it doesn't have to be stressful and it doesn't mean that you cannot have other things to want to accomplish. 
        For example I have many goals for my website, and I also have many goals for this website. The other aspects of my spiritual calling I also have goals set out for, but this is only one fraction of what is going on inside my head. There is many other things that I would like to accomplish. For some reason I have always wanted to be a waitress, and one day I will get a job doing that. I have worked in restaurants, but never as a waitress. I also want to continue my path of being a writer. I have many book ideas floating around my head. They are each screaming to be written. I would like to see a mountain, and visit other places. The list goes on. But recently I had someone mention to me that they think they have to place their spirituality aside, because they want to pursue other things in their life and they cannot find a balance. 
          To people like this let me say that you are not alone. Many people find these issues within their spiritual journeys. This is a common problem for people just starting out, but its not just an issue for beginners. It can be for people who have been on their spiritual journeys for a long time. There was another I came across before who mentioned that she had to place her spiritual work aside because of certain demanding emotional issues in her life. It is fine to take a break, and it you are one, then do what you need to do to get back on track. But I have also found that people who drop their spiritual journeys sometimes find it hard to pick back up. Life is demanding, but you wouldn't find a Christian dropping their religion just because they were having bad times. Its all about faith, and faith is for everyone and not just churches. Faith is within Wicca, Paganism, Nordic Beliefs, Shamanism. Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim Beliefs, etc. Faith is something that is beautiful, and we all need a reminder to have faith. There has been many times in my spiritual journey when I needed a hard slap in the face from faith, haha. It hurt but I got the hint. So to save you all that slap in the face, try evaluating how much faith you have in your own abilities. It will do wonders for you I promise!!

Cosmic Blessings,

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