Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Rainy Day Experience

        Hello!! This is going to be a very random post. But I wanted to share with everyone the picture to the left. This is of Rehoboth Beach Delaware on September 29, 2015. My husband Dwayne, my cousin Xander, and I went to this coastal town to walk the boardwalk. We went inside I small little shop which had a lot of metaphysical items in there. They had a bunch of beautiful stone beads and trinkets for alter tables and even some jewelry. We enjoyed the shop, even though it was a bit pricey and the owner was a bit of a witchy grouch of a man, haha. But we found a few odds and ends, two of which being Rainbow Ore raw unpolished stones. They were so amazing, and I could not pass them up. Well it was only until we were about to check out when we realized it was pouring outside. This picture merely shows a small portion of what it looked like. As we began to exit the shop we placed out phones in a bag and headed out into the rain. Yeah... sure... we could have stayed inside and waited out the rain, but what's the fun in that!!  As we walked as rained unleashed from the threateningly grey clouds above we noticed everyone was shielding themselves from the rain. Yeah, we were completely soaked from head to toe. Each step made a squish  squish. But the point in me sharing this is the reason why we decided to step out into that rain.
        Dwayne and I had been having a rough few days, and Xander had been having some personal issues with close family. So we each needed a nice spiritual cleansing, and I believe each of our spirit guides placed us there at that moment to experience what we did. At first it was awkward, but it didn't take long before we were casually walking down the sidewalk stepping through large puddles as people laughed and stared us down like we were crazy. We went down some small lanes and enjoyed the wet autumn flowers which were even more aeromatic in the rain. It was a cool rain, but wasn't anything too bad. It was very refreshing, not just for our skin, but for our souls as well.
        Here you will see me looking wild eyed, haha. In this photo the rain had literally just stopped, and we were at the bathrooms getting some paper towels so we could take some photos. This was a moment which we had to document, because of the energy it gave us. That rain on that day touched more then mere flesh. It touched something deep down, and showed me what it truly means to be a human. It showed me how people long ago used to power through whatever they had to do no matter what the obstacle in front of them. Above all it showed me how simple it is to find peace in your life, if only you're willing to step out and take that leap away from the safe shelter. To me, this is what it means to be Wiccan. Living among the elements, and not worrying if you look beautiful. Not worrying if the rain will smudge off your makeup (mask). Not worrying if you look like a complete nutcase.
        To me that day showed a reality that we can each choose to live in. So many people now days want to stay where it is safe from people's judgement. People would rather hide rather than to have a little fun. When will our insecurities stop? When will us humans stop worrying what other people think, and when will we be able to get back to purely loving ourselves, and others around us. This is the symbolic steps we took that day in the rain, and those drops of aqua taught me a lesson. Embrace the elements, embrace my true calling, bring my Wiccan beliefs into everything I do, and above all follow my heart no matter what.


Cosmic Blessings,

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