Thursday, March 17, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update March 17, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update March 17, 2016

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          In the past few days we have seen some good energy raises happening. New dna coding uploads are available and energy waves will also be available. This will help with the rise of energy vibrations across the globe. However, this will affect only those who are open to those energies. If you find yourself caught too much within your ego, lower self, lower vibrations, or are constantly around those of lower vibrations without protecting and cleansing yourself, you will likely not feel too much of these energy spikes. But knowing this can help you forewarn yourself, so cleanse now to make yourself available to the good things coming through for the last half of March. We wanted to bring through information on something that happened in the early hours of March 16th, 2016. Sunspot AR2522 erupted and brought through some very beautiful energy. This eruption was considered minor, but it was a very beautiful sight to see. It was proven to affect the energetic protons streaming past earth. The elevated as a result and this means good things for us and our energy vibrations. This eruption will sustain the heightening of energy vibrations for the remainder of the month and possibly moving into April. There could be more energy spikes coming through. 
          The Galactic Federation Of Light also wants to bring through some information about the solar winds of earth. The earth is moving through a stream of solar winds. This is making auroras around the northern parts of earth brighter, but it is also aiding with the heightening of global energy vibrations. They are trying to prepare for spiritual awakenings and ascensions. There is also a comet approaching earth bringing through some implants within the comet’s surface. These will be unleashed as it approaches closer. This will be in the days leading up to and on March 21st, and the comet is named 252)/Linear. In terms of scientifically speaking this will be the fifth closest comet to approach on record. The normally dim comet could become an easy target for stargazers. Not everyone on earth will see this though, but that doesn’t mean that the unleashed energy from it won’t be available to all. This is such a good event that it could cause a minor meteor shower. These may be slow meteors on or around March 28th to the 30th coming from a place near the star Leporis. It is confirmed that there are more asteroids also to come. There is a total of about 20 for March alone. This is a good thing spiritually speaking. This will aid in having people feel more connected to the heightening of energies. This will help with raising vibrations to help with the global ascension into the higher dimensions. Mainly this will be felt on an individual standpoint. This means that each person will feel the effects in a different way. Some may experience heightening’s in psychic awareness and intuition, some may feel more physical energy; some may feel motivation, calmness, and spiritual or emotional energy. It will depend on your current point along your personal path of awakening and ascension.

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