Friday, May 13, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update May 12, 2016 Part One

Galactic Federation of Light Message:
May 12, 2016 Update
 Part One

         This is a worldwide message. We are here and we are concerned about who's side your government is on. We have been trying to convince your government along with the governments of other countries to come out and admit our existence to you all. They have refused and have been putting extra eyes in the skies to assure that we don't make ourselves know. Your government is in contract with some galactic beings but these beings mean to do harm and take control of the human race. We are here to help protect that from happening but it is very hard to do when your government sees us as the bad guys. We do have some recruits here on earth. These are a select few who we keep in touch with. They are of the human race. These people are what your world call star seeds or star children. They are who we contact and give our messages to, to get out to everyone. There is a war coming soon and your government is preparing a special group of individuals to fight the very ones that they are in contract with. It hurts us to know how the outcome of this war may be if your government doesn't open up their eyes and see the big picture. If only they would give us a chance to prove that they have sided with the wrong side, but they won't.

        Our only hope for a better outcome of this coming war is the star children that we have been in contact with. They will be given instructions on what to do and how to stop these other galactic beings. Although we can't show ourselves and make ourselves known right now. We will have no choice but to let the world see us sooner then you think possible if the earthly governments don't admit to our existence soon. We mean you no harm and we love all of you here on earth. Most of you here on earth are star beings and have been since your existence. If more of you would open up to other spiritual aspects and beliefs instead of just following your traditional beliefs you all will see how much of a connection you have with us. We are all connected in some way with each other. But since a lot of you only think and believe that the only beings you should believe in is God and Jesus you are not allowing yourself to grow to your true spiritual self. If you all would just try to be more open it would help us connect with more of you and maybe we can work together to make your government see how much we mean to help you.

        We know that even when this message gets out a lot of you will believe in it and more of you will not believe in it. This message will come as a fake or a hoax to most of humanity. It saddens us to know and see how many non believers there are out in the world. If we would ask most of humanity if you believe in aliens or UFO's they would respond "NO" because they don't believe in anything that they can't see, hear, or speak too. But if you ask those same people if the believe in God and Jesus they would respond with a "YES". But ask yourself when was the last time you heard, spoke, or seen either God or Jesus. If its so easy to believe in them why is it so hard to believe in us. Just like most of humanity we do know that both God and Jesus exist. We just ask that you be more open to our existence. For those of you who do believe in us we want you to know that we know who you are and we are always watching over you. We hear your calls. We hope you all can believe in us more someday so we can connect with you and show you things that we feel you should know and see. We love you all and we will be in touch again very soon. Cosmic love to all!!!!

Special Message:

One the night of July 4, 2016 between 9:30 - 10:00 pm. All should take to the sky and look for the constellation M92 (or near that general area) also known as Messier 92 or NGC 6341. This is a cluster of stars located in the northern constellation Hercules. We hope you all are able to look to the sky this night.

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