Friday, May 13, 2016

Galactic Federation of Light Update May 12, 2016 Part Two

Galactic Federation of Light Message:
May 12, 2016
 Part Two

        We are touching base on the topic of terrestrial living. Many are among you who are not earth born. Some are called Lightworkers or Starseeds. They're the one's who're for the betterment of human kind. This is so your race can ascend into the higher dimensions. Right now earth is approaching a peak of time. So many are living in between now and ascension. But there are others among you who're persuading your worlds governments to hide the truth. This is holding back progress that is needed for the global awakening. They're in hiding and in contract with the hidden government to aid in their agenda. This is something all needs to know. You're not alone. But they would like to see you all quarantined to better have their hold. We do not call you to panic. We call you to awaken. Take steps to progress into higher spiritual knowledge. The DNA levels within humans are ever changing. This is a slow progress, but is needed for the awakening. Living in higher levels require less density and more vibrations of energy from the core. We are aware of the struggles. We see you and are near but the time of mass knowledge and disclosure of hidden agendas are near. If your governments won't enlighten you then we will.

        There is a barrier around the earth which needs to be lifted for full global ascension. This means connection with higher powers and less with control of the mass population. But with this released that means less hold for the controlling few. Earthly politics ultimately don't matter in the higher dimensions, but in the 3rd dimension it does. This is why the United Nations lie. They've had proof for ages. Know that soon the time approaches. Why do you feel drawn into media hype? Why does social media have such a hard hold? It is the newest form of brain washing. It is to lessen the vibrations and ascension in the individual. Break free from the hold. Do not let it rule you. Communication with your fellow race is clearly needed, but this form of brain washing creates an illusion that you're connecting when you're not fully connecting at all. It is a distraction from all things true. The ancient humans had awareness, but the modern humans have to re-find it. It is within. Grow, share, love, embrace, and awaken. We are near. Be aware of the blocks and conditioning your governments are placing on you. Break the hold by truly realizing your potential and your own divine connection. Blessings to all.

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