Saturday, May 14, 2016

Galactic Federation of Light Update May 13, 2016 Part One

Galactic Federation of Light Update:
 Part One
May 13, 2016

          This is just a friendly reminder that this month of May and next month are very powerful months. During these two months there are going to be a lot of uploads and transmissions taking place. These uploads and transmissions will have some small effect on your emotions and energy levels. If you associate yourself with or around lower energies you will find yourself getting upset, angry, and frustrated a lot faster and more often than usual. If you have high energy levels you will be more relaxed and calm. Things won't be as worry-some for you during this time. There will also be some shifts in the energy and atmosphere during the rest of this month. There will be four portals opening very soon. The dates of these portal openings will be on the nights of May 25th and June 8th, 14th, and 20th. The portal opening on May 25th will be located in the constellation M84 a.k.a. Messier 84 or NGC 4374 and is in the constellation Virgo. The portal opening on June 8th is located in the constellation M50 a.k.a. Messier 50 or NGC 2237, 2238, 2239, & 2246. It is home to the Rosetta Nebula, The Christmas Cluster or NGC 2264 and The Hubble's Variable Nebula or NGC 2261. The portal opening on June 14th is located in M90 a.k.a. Messier 90 or NGC 4569 and is also located in the constellation Virgo. The final portal opening on June 20th which happens to the first day of summer, the summer solstice, and a full moon is M37 a.k.a. Messier 37 or NGC 2099. It is a cluster in the constellation Auriga. These portals will bring different energies through as each one opens. They will be opening off and on throughout the month of June and should be closing within the first week of July.

        Also during the month of June the uploads and transmissions are going to be much more powerful and last much longer. They will get more powerful as the portals open. These uploads and transmissions are more of a global cleansing for all. We give these very powerful ones a few times a year to keep the universe in balance. These are our gifts to you because if we didn't do this then all will be unbalanced and terrible things could happen within the universe that could cause natural disasters to happen on earth. Those are the things we are trying to prevent from happening. To all of you who call on us we want you to know we hear you and try our best to answer you but it is hard when your government is hiding us from you. Also keep your eyes to the sky on the nights of the portal openings. These night will be the best nights for us to show ourselves. We always try our best to give our Starseeds a show every now and then. We will be looking for you as we know you will be looking for us. To all of our Starseeds that we are in contact with the months of May and June will be a very good and powerful time to call on us and connect with us to receive our messages, answers, and guidance. We look forward to connecting with you all. We hope you all enjoy our gifts to you. We love you all and will be speaking with you again very soon. We have a lot of messages to get out. Cosmic Blessings & Light to all!!!

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