Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Items Available!!

Hello everyone!! I haven't been posting on here quite as frequently, because I've been very busy with my husband Dwayne. We've been making and listing up a bunch of items in our DarkSecretCreation's Bonanza Shop. All of the items below you can find as well as metaphysical goods, magical tools, psychic readings, and much more. Hurry over there and check out everything we have. If you view the website on desktop version of the site the catagories page will be to the left or you can simply scroll through all the items and see what catches your eye!! We ship internationally and domestic, and assure that all items are packed safely. We also say a blessing before we send the item to you to protect it from negative energies that it may come into contact with along its journey from us to you.

Unisex Collection

The Unisex Collection features pieces that can worn by both the male and female genders. We even have a couple of his or hers sets available as well. 

For The Ladies

We also have a great many of pieces for all the lovey ladies out there. We have so much to choose from I am sure you will find a piece that is right for you, a friend, or a loved one. 

Tree Of Life Collection

All these fine pieces and more can all be found on our Dark Secret Creations Bonanza Shop. We have a selection of men's jewelry, as well as a few pieces for children or young teens, and a Christmas Collection with pieces dedicated to the lovely holiday. Below is the link to our shop. 

We also have Dowsing Pendulums!!

We also have Pendulum Boards