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          My name is Melody, or otherwise known as SecretMae. I created that name for a mix of a few reasons. One. My favorite movie is Titanic (one of my favs.) The line I love most is when older Rose says "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets." So I took the word Secret and added it to my nickname, Mae. Mae comes part from my childhood and my grandmother. Her middle name, along with all of her sisters, were named Mae. So since I never got to meet her I decided to stick with the 
childhood name of Mae Mae, but only use one Mae. Interesting? Hmm I'm not sure. 

        Anyway, more about me is... I love to write. I remember being close to three years old with paper in front of me and a writing utensil in my hand. I was scribbling on that blank white paper, and my urge to fill the white with something was outstanding. I would ask my mother if I had created any words. As I grew older I found new hobbies and things I liked to do. However, the love I felt for writing was and still is a part of me. Now in adulthood my writing is a part that defines me. Everyone who knows me can tell you I hardly leave my home without a notebook. I also love to read. The written word is amazing. It is so powerful in my opinion. It is near magic how a book can transport you to another place. 
          I have a fiancĂ©, named Dwayne and no children yet. I live on the East Coast of the United States along the beaches of Delaware. I am a very spiritual person. I meditate daily and normally don't confine myself to one word when it comes to religion. I believe in God and Jesus with all of my heart. However I also practice Wicca. I do this is very natural and earth bound ways that are of old. I consider myself a Child Of God and a Being Of Light.
          My writing genre is romance, fantasy and adventure. However, I get many ideas and they are from all genres. Poetry is a passion of mine as well, and I love all types of poetry. I have published one book so far titled Heartmine Destiny. I am very proud of it. Although being a professional author is a dream worth achieving, my love for writing is much more than money. It is about the feeling that is created and makes one feel free. It is about dreaming the thoughts and putting them on paper. It is about story telling that reaches back centuries. 
          I am also co-owner of two online shops. Moonlight Jewelers specializes in Handcrafted One Of A Kind jewelry. And Dark Secret Creations which has a mix of Metaphysical, Spiritual, Unique items. It also has a wide range of "psychic" (I dislike this word lol) readings. I work with the highest energies and with only the light so no worries. If you would like to visit our shops please click on the links in the menu above.

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